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Marketing Plans for Dentists

Every dentist everywhere should understand the basic fundamentals of building a sound marketing plan for their dental practice. The key components of an effective marketing plan for a dental office are a combination of proper marketing budget calculation, careful allocation of portions of the total marketing budget into specific promotional mediums (prioritized in a least risk first format), and the timing and volume at which you plan to use those mediums for the purpose of promoting your dental office.

New Patients, Inc., specializes in marketing for dentists, and has since 1989. Our marketing agency builds marketing plans for dentists in the US, Canada, Australia, England, and Ireland. Having our marketing company build a marketing plan for you is simple. Just click this link [link to online survey] and answer the online survey of questions about your dental practice. In 4 to 5 work days, you will receive an extremely detailed dental marketing plan, via email.

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Internal Marketing for Dental Offices

Marketing services you provide within the four walls of your dental practice isn’t just about the internet, mail, the print media, or one of the mass media choices. One of the least expensive, easiest, and most predictable ways to use a portion of your marketing budget is to simply make sure the majority of your dental patients understand the benefits of all of the services offered in your practice. Many times, your existing patients only really understand the services they received. They don’t really know about or understand the benefits of the other services you offer. Properly marketing dental practices isn’t just about getting the word out to the masses. Your own patients are a fantastic source of high quality new patients! Some worthwhile internal projects to consider might be referral brochures, welcome packet brochures, general practice brochures, customized reception room video loops, specialty brochures (about one or a group of particular service offerings), and single dental topic mailers that go out to all of your patients according to dental topic rotation. Do not ignore internal promotion. It is a key component in successful dental practice marketing.

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Website Design Services for Dentists

Advertising your dental practice on the internet is like owning a windowed storefront on Main Street. But the street is lined with nothing but dental practices! When a local consumer searches for and finds a list of dental websites, that’s what it is like to them (the dental consumer). They get to browse and window shop before making their decision.

So how do you get them to walk into your store insreadof choosing one of the others?

Building a truly effective and competitive dental website requires expertise and years of experience in five distinct areas. To build a truly competitive dental website, think of it like combining a dental marketing company, a dental website design company, a social media marketing company, a dental search engine optimization company, and a promotional video company – all together.

In dentistry, you will certainly find single companies that do one, maybe two of the five. But nobody in dentistry puts an internet strategy forward like New Patients, Inc.

NPI (New Patients, Inc.) is all of those companies rolled into one. Our internet division is world class. We are:
→ A dental marketing agency - that knows what makes dental consumers take action
→ A dental website design company – with award winning graphic designers
→ A dental SEO (search engine optimization) company – that will compete with anyone
→ A social media marketing company – that knows how to exploit social media
→ A promotional web video producer – which converts more website visitors to phone calls

If one of your dental marketing ideas is to build a solid internet strategy for your dental office, NPI can put it all into action, either at a step by step pace or all at once.

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Mobile Website Design Services for Dentists

The web isn’t just about your desktop or your laptop computer. Consumers can’t really look up things for personal reasons at work – big brother (their employer) is watching! Therefore, a dentist can expand their reach when promoting dentistry and the services they offer, if they take advantage of what almost every other dentist is ignoring – the rapidly growing mobile search market!

As part of our clients’ overall dental office marketing strategy, we implement mobile web designs every day. Our mobile web designers follow the same exact tested principles as the rest of our website development department. If you read what was beneath the website tab, you know there are 5 key elements of expertise necessary to be truly effective when building a main practice website. Well, the same is true when building an effective mobile website. Our mobile website designers are responsible for getting the clients of our marketing company an average of 20% more internet traffic from within the same market.

If you are not currently advertising your dental services to the mobile surfer, this is almost certainly an opportunity in your marketplace which you should not ignore.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization & Google Marketing Services for Dentists

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The result of good SEO is getting dental websites (.com or mobile) to show up before AND more often than your competition, within the first page of a Google search (or other search engine), for the MOST key words and phrases that consumers use to find a dentist in your area.

As we discussed under the website tab, search engine optimization of your dental practice website is one of the 5 key elements toward an effective overall internet strategy.

If you equate your dental practice website development to building a windowed store front on the internet, you can equate good SEO as bringing your storefront in view of more people traveling down the street. The more people that view your store – the more chance you have of gaining new patients.

There is a lot of confusion in the dental market regarding websites, mobile websites, SEO, social media, and even using online video for marketing dental practices. Some of the confusion is simply because, for the most part, you have different companies handling different aspects while attempting to build a cohesive and effective overall internet strategy.

At New Patients, Inc. – we do it all. With NPI, you can implement everything in one month, or, take the next three years to implement everything. There will be no confusion and you will never have to start over. You simply take the next logical step toward dominating your local internet market.

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Social Media Marketing Services for Dentists

Social media marketing for dentistry is a hot topic these days. Many dental practices have set up social media accounts for their dental office. Properly exploiting the power of social media for a dentist isn’t just about having a blog or a FaceBook page. Those are important initial first steps. The big initial payoff with social media for dentists is how their social media platform impacts the organic positioning of their website, or links to their website.

The second big payoff with social media for the dental office is when you connect your existing patients to your social media platforms. There are also pay per click advertising opportunities for dental practices within social media platforms.

Regardless of your entry point into social media marketing for your dental practice, be assured that New Patients, Inc. knows how to set it all up, how to make it easy for you and your team to interact on your Social Media Sites.

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Web Video Marketing for Dentists

Using online video to market your dental practice is extremely powerful if done correctly. Just like building a website from scratch, producing truly effective dental marketing video content for a dental website, requires a very specific set of expertise and experience. Almost anyone can produce a video and put it on a website. But, without proper scripting, length, direction, editing, compression, rendering, and installation – you end up with the exact opposite result than the result you intended. The result you are looking for is to convert more website visitors to phone calls. A properly done set of website video will accomplish that objective. An improperly done set of website video will actually reduce the number of phone calls.

Be assured, that New Patients, Inc. knows what dental consumers are looking for when meeting their new dentist for the first time. We know what the consumers want to hear and how it should be conveyed. We know how long (or how short) a consumer will view an online video on a dental website.

Producing highly effective dental advertising video for a dental website is one of those things in life that you simply should not try to duplicate on your own. Do it once. Do it correctly. And watch the number of new patients from your website double, on a consistent month to month basis.

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Direct Mailer Marketing for Dentists

What can we say about the way NPI does direct mail that hasn’t already been said by thousands of dentist in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK? The way we do direct mail marketing for dentists is successful in 96% of the markets we serve. In even the most competitive environments, given time and consistency, we can get you a very solid return on your investment through the mail.

And, you don’t have to be the dentist in your area that offers the best “deal” either!

That’s right! We promote the benefits of today’s dentistry, your conveniences, your technologies, and your public relation assets. We almost never use price as a primary motivator in any of the dental advertising for our clients.

There is a difference between a dental advertising company and a dental marketing company. NPI is a dental marketing company. We understand the business of dentistry. We understand the two tiers of dental consumers in the market. And, we know how to attract the right patients to client dental practices.

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Print Media Marketing for Dental Offices

New Patients, Inc. works in all forms of print media and has for over two decades. The print media can be split into several groups. There are newspapers, magazines, community newsletters, and other local print media outlets that you would pay to advertise in. But did you know that you could also publish your own magazine, all about you, at a reasonable cost? Yup, we’ve done that as well. We know how to determine which print media gives you the best chance at success. We know whether to place an ad or deploy an insert where applicable. We know how to track response rates. We know when to stay and when to go.

In short, if print media exposure is part of your marketing plan (and it should be for most of you), New Patients, Inc. knows how to squeeze the absolute most out of your print media dollar.

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Radio Advertising for Dental Offices

Marketing dental services via the radio typically requires a significant investment. Initial selection of the station(s), programming, and setting up the most advantageous ad rotation is absolute key. Having prerequisite mediums in place (like a strong website, active mail campaign, and effective print exposure) is also to your advantage. Once everything is set up properly, very careful scripting is required. It almost never makes sense to have one radio advertisement. Most dentists will want a series of ads to rotate through the airtime. If you are considering radio to market your dental services, go into this media with the right ads, the right rotation, the right station, at the right programming times. Doing these things right will definitely tip the scales of success in your favor.

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TV Advertising Services for Dentists

Marketing dental services via the television typically requires a significant investment. Initial selection of the station(s), programming, and setting up the most advantageous ad rotation is absolute key. Having prerequisite mediums in place (like a strong website, active mail campaign, and effective print exposure) is also to your advantage. Once everything is set up properly, very careful scripting (of the ads themselves) is required. It almost never makes sense to have one television advertisement. Most dentists will want a series of ads to rotate through the airtime. If you are considering television to market your dental services, go into this media with the right ads, the right rotation, the right station, at the right programming times. Doing these things right will definitely tip the scales of success in your favor.

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Alternate Media Marketing for Dentists

If it helps, you can define alternate media as any dental marketing opportunity that does not already have its own category on our website. Dentists have been bringing us their dental marketing ideas for two plus decades now. Some of these opportunities have proven to be very successful in gaining additional new patient flow. Most, we advised against for various reasons. However, this doesn’t mean you give up on alternate media. When alternate media is identified and done properly, it can produce a marketing home run! Largely because no other dentist is the particular marketplace is paying any attention to it. Some examples might be church bulletins, senior citizen housing complex newsletters, HOA (homeowner association) newsletters, building (usually hi-rise) newsletters, inside-out signage (usually ground floor on busy street), transit station signage, etc. The point is, keep your eyes and ears peeled for alternate promotion opportunities in and around your particular dental practice. When you find one that works, they can be pure gold!

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New Patients Inc - Meeting Planners & Public Appearances

If you are responsible for choosing speakers for your next association event, the topic of effectively marketing dentistry will most certainly pack the room! Just survey your members. How to attract new patients will undoubtedly be the #1 request! With Howie and Mark as presenters, you have no worries. We have already written several popular books on the subject and provided CE content to thousands of dentists. There is nothing commercial about the content of our programs. Feel free to speak to any organization that has ever had us speak at their events. We have provided 2, 4, 7, 8, and 14 hour (over two days) programs. We can tailor a program to fit your schedule availability. If you would like to take a sneak peek at Howie & Mark providing online content, just send an email to We have a series of one hour CE segments online (7 in all). We would be happy to give you a promo code so you can view the content. Or, just call Howie & Mark. The best way to reach them is 866.336.8237.

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Why Choose NPI for your Dental Office Marketing

Unprecedented Consumer Research & Testing Figuring out what works and what doesn’t work is an extremely expensive and exhausting process. If every dentist in the country were to duplicate the testing and tracking we have done – you’d all be broke! NPI has been testing (using our own money – not client money) every conceivable variable in every promotion medium in the US and Canadian dental markets, since 1989. We also commission (pay for) completely independent, professional, large-scale consumer research on a regular basis.

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Dental Marketing Books

You might be a dentist that likes to learn everything they can about a subject before making important decisions for your dental practice. If that is the case, we are going to strongly encourage you to read our latest book (Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3). There is no text anywhere like this installment of our series. We will guide you through the basics of establishing sound marketing plans for the rest of your career, all the way through the advanced promotion opportunities the internet has to offer. Whether you are just starting your career, or you consider yourself an advanced marketer of dental services in your area – Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3 will be a book you read more than once and a book you refer to often as the remainder of your dental career unfolds.

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Marketing Summit For Dentists

Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush have produced a 7 hour (seven, one hour segments) continuing education series called the Dental Marketing Summit Series. The online series is available now on DentalTown, in their online CE section. You can go directly to the courses by clicking this link. The series is produced in full video as opposed to the PowerPoint/audio option. If you are not currently a member of DentalTown, you will need to register first. Registration to DentalTown is free.

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Meet the New Patients, Inc. Team

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