1998. Unlimited New Patients Volume Two is released

Remembering how hard the first book was to write, compile and market, it’s no wonder I put off book 2 for seven years.

Unlimited New Patients, Volume Two started out to be an extension of Volume One. More of the same cookbook type approaches to attracting high quality new patients. But this time I had 9 years’ worth of experience in the wacky world of dental marketing, instead of just two. Volume One is about 220 pages whereas Volume Two is 395.

Orders, orders, orders…..

The day of its release the phone started ringing and orders came flooding in from the website, fax (yes, everyone had a fax machine then) and through the mail. The very first to order Volume Two were some of the top doctors in dentistry. Most of them had bought my first book years before. I guess you could say these were the celebrity dentists; the public speakers and authors, the continuing education teachers as well as just “regular” doctors and practice management people from all over the world.

Name dropper….

OK, I will do some name dropping here of some of my early book buyers: Bill Dorfman, Howard Farran, Rod Kurthy, Rich and Dave Madow, Travis McFee, Woody Oakes, Sally McKenzie, Tom Orent, Kit Weathers, Mike Goldstein, Mike Maroon, Pat Wahl, Bill Dickerson, Chris Kammer and I’m sure I’ve left out a bunch.

We had another dental bestseller on our hands. It got rave reviews in the dental press. And, just like with Volume One, it brought us even more clients which in turn drove up the demand for our company services.

We continued to build and train a team in order to deliver expertise in every medium available. We brought on another graphic designer and a web development person along with some management help.

The demand for our services exploded but we were able to meet that demand.

Something else happened near the end of 1998 that would transform the dental world and also change New Patients Inc.