Unlimited New Patients, Volume Three is released

We started tracking statistics like mad men, when Mark arrived. Volume Three brought forward those statistical lessons. It also brought forward the results of our consumer research project, and the blueprint for a do it yourself dentist. Our goals were to help them understand how to organize their thoughts, their marketing plan, and adjust their expectations based on reality.

Connecting the dots

Nearly everyone who purchased volume three initially, were previous customers of Volume One and Volume Two. All we had to do was send them an email and tell them it was available. Volume One and Two didn’t really cross over into practice management. Volume Three was our first attempt at making a connection between practice marketing and practice management in the mind of the audience. Things like capacity, answering the phone properly, and the realities of insurance plans were all part of Volume Three. Connecting those dots allowed the readers to absorb the material but use it specifically for their situation.

Here’s how we do it, you should do it this way too

The reader is walked through the exact steps our team uses when analyzing a market area. We help them determine which segment to promote to, how to target, how to prioritize, and come up with the same game plan we would.

We separated the media types and discussed the pros and cons of each. The reader also learned the risk and how to reduce the risk of investing in each media type. Volume Three really is a step by step educational guide.

And, once again we had a dental bestseller.

The update to V3 is released

We released the update to Unlimited New Patients Volume Three in the fall of 2018. This is important because digital marketing really became prevalent between 2011 and 2018. More and more dentists were pouring more and more money into digital marketing. They needed to know the who, what, and when related to digital marketing.