Ahmed Reza builds a team and Dental Web Now

Out of pure demand from dentist friends, Dental Web Now began. Mr. Reza has many dentist friends. They heard about his proficiency with technology. Specifically, with marketing technology. It didn’t take long for the word to spread throughout their referral circle. Quietly, with zero advertising dollars, Dental Web Now was managing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of digital ad buys each month.

Then, DWN grew even bigger

Wanting to provide a full spectrum of digital marketing tools to dentists, Mr. Reza added the backbone (servers, security, HIPPA compliance) and the people (WordPress developers, Google Ad analysts, Social media advertising experts, and search engine optimization experts). Once again, without any advertising at all, the company kept growing from the nucleus of existing customers. It just kept growing and growing….

But let’s remember the type of man Ahmed Reza is

Yes, he is a devoted father of 5, and according to his wife Ameena, a good husband. But what do we know about Mr. Reza? He is a serial entrepreneur. Specifically a technology entrepreneur. So after developing a really good call tracking app, a platform to monitor hundreds of thousands in Google Ad accounts, a wonderfully efficient website development portal, what do you think he did?

If you guessed wrote artificial intelligence monitors for the Google Ad accounts, you would have guessed correctly

The man never sits still. He puts his headphones on, has three monitors in front of him, two keyboards, two pointing devices, and he is in harmony. It’s like watching one of the masters build music. He is at home, in the center of his universe, when he is building software.

Some of you are impressed

But there are a few dentists reading this who manage their own Google Ad accounts. They know. They are intimately familiar with the importance of identifying and turning keywords and phrases which are wasting money – OFF! Those dentists just got off their computer and are calling our office right now. While they are at work, they would like humans and an AI platform watching the result of the keywords and phrases which are costing them money!

Ahmed Reza built Dental Web Now from the ground up. Client results made it grow early on (sounds eerily similar to how NPI started). Mr. Reza’s devotion to utilizing technology to drive those better results, is what ultimately made his firm so attractive to us when we were looking to become more technology focused.