2014. NPI adds VP of Operations

Mark and I decided we needed someone to run Operations. Someone not named Mark or Howie. Running our corporate HQ in Vegas, we were being stretched a bit too much.

We interviewed quite a few candidates. Some were outstanding, some not so much. We narrowed it down to two. Both were stellar but we had to make a decision.

We dug in a little deeper with one candidate and it became an easy choice. Her name is Heather McCarley. Why did we choose her?

Because of her courage.

What’s courage got to do with it?

She had a job in the corporate world with a large financial company in Indiana. She’d been there for 23 years. She didn’t love the job but it put food on the table for her family. At one point there was a disruption in her life, several in fact, and she decided to change everything.

So she packed up her kids and belongings, and headed out west to Las Vegas with no job waiting for her.

As she told us this incredible story Mark and I looked at each other and we both knew we had our new VP of Operations. She had guts, that’s for sure. And that’s just what we needed.

Also in 2013. Ahmed Reza started a new dental digital marketing company called Dental Web Now. More on that later……