This is Mark Dilatush writing this chapter of our story…

Howie and I first met Ahmed Reza at a DentalTown meeting. He was promoting his company, CallSumo. He was wearing a Sumo suit. You know, it is difficult to take someone seriously when they are wearing a Sumo suit. But Ahmed seemed like a really nice guy, had a real nice call tracking/monitoring product which interested me, and we agreed to keep each other informed of our plans moving forward. I think this was at the 2013 Dental Town meeting.

Our paths cross again

Two years later, I was attending the ADMC (Academy of Dental Management Consultants) meeting. Ahmed was there, I believe as a sponsor or daily visitor. I am not quite sure. During a break, we struck up a conversation about dentists, tracking results, the challenges, the solutions, and Ahmed asked me if I wanted to do a recorded interview he could use on his website. I said sure! So we went to a quiet area of the hotel and Ahmed set up his camera. If you don’t now Ahmed, he has to have the coolest, latest, greatest, edition/version of anything electronic. So, he pulled out his brand new camera from the brand new box and put it on his brand new tripod. He plugged it in, hit the button, and away we went.

Best intentions

We just free styled 20 minutes of great conversation. Neither of us missed. No cuts needed. No editing needed. We were on a roll. Surely dentists would value our combined wisdom from this recording. Until 20 minutes into the podcast, he noticed it wasn’t really turned on! We laughed. He had to leave (or I did, I don’t remember which). There was no time to get the camera right and do it all again. But something happened that day. I think it’s called mutual respect. At the time we had no idea what seed had been planted, but 4 short years later, and here we are.