Newsletter Templates

Download these ZIP files containing text and images. You can copy/paste and drag and drop them into your email newsletter template. Instructions are provided. Newsletter subjects uploaded are:

• Dental Implants. Part# 10968
• Invisalign Clear Aligners. Part# 10969
• Sedation Dentistry. Part# 10970

Cosmetic Dentistry: Trifold Brochure. Part# 10972

Download the high-res, printer-ready PDF, customize with your practice info (logo, name, address, phone, and website), and print copies to hand out to patients and prospective patients about obtaining their most beautiful smile.


Videos that discuss the various benefits of their subject. Customize with your practice information and use on your website, waiting room, or social media.

The Wand. Part# 10973. Traditional-style video describing the benefits of The Wand for painless anesthesia delivery.

Powerprox Six Month Braces Technique. Part# 10974. Traditional-style video describing the Powerprox Six Month Braces technique for fast, discreet teeth straightening

Nitrous Oxide Sedation. Part# 10975. Traditional-style video describing nitrous oxide sedation.

Second Opinions. Part# 10989. Video that discusses offering second opinions at no charge.

ZOOM! Whitening Products. Part#10993. Video discusses ZOOM! Whitening products for brilliantly white smiles.


Flyers discuss various benefits and how certain diseases can be prevented and treated. Flyers are in high-quality PDF. Customize with your practice logo, information, and print on site or at your local printer.

Gum Disease. Part# 10976.
Flyer describing the benefits of laser gum surgery for gum disease treatment.

Quality Dental Plan. Part# 10978.
Flyer describing how Quality Dental Plan can save money for patients who don’t have dental insurance.

Back to School. Part# 10990.
Remind patients and families that now is a great time to get their kids checkups scheduled, and to bring any school forms to the appointment with them.

Post Cards:

6×11 size, discussing the facts about their topics and treatment options. Download the printer-ready PDFs and add your practice information to the front and back. Include your indicia or add stamps after printing.

Gum Disease. Part# 10979
Discusses the facts about gum disease and how it can be treated.

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease. Part# 10980
Describes laser treatment for gum disease.

Quality Dental Plan. Part# 10981
Describes how Quality Dental Plan can save money for patients with no dental insurance.

Pinterest Posts

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Gum Disease. Part# 10982
All-on-4-Implants. Part# 10983
Six Month Smiles. Part# 10984
Quality Dental Plan. Part# 10985
Dental Implants. Part# 10986
Sleep Apnea. Part# 10987
Back to School Craziness! Part# 10991
Custom Sports Mouthguards. Part# 10992