In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie continue their discussion of common mistakes they see dentists make when marketing their practice. This episode focuses on custom vs. cookie-cutter dental marketing Ads.



Podcast Highlights:

  • Understanding how your promotions look and sound
  • Is originality preferable to something that isn’t?
  • Left-brained and right-brained dentists
  • Why going with something new is not a dental marketing Ads campaign… it’s a test
  • Why cookie cutter does not mean bad, and the original does not mean good
  • The right amount of customization in an ad
  • How most practices don’t have the time or money to do testing
  • The battle is NOT cookie cutter vs. customized
  • The power of templates
  • Evidence-based dental office marketing
  • How the population perceives your practice based on its marketing

Making mistakes, analyzing them, and then making efforts to avoid those mistakes in the future are the healthy signs of running a dental practice. While not learning from dental advertising mistakes and repeating the same mistakes can be very costly for you. Here we discuss the mistakes dentists make while customizing their dental marketing ads for different types of dental advertisements and deciding how their promotions will look and sound.

Left-Brained and Right Brained Dentists

Mostly there are two types of dentists, right-brained dentists, and left-brained dentists. A right-brain dentist is someone who wants his ads to be 100% customized and new to the world. These kinds of ads are ideal for attracting your target audience in such a way that draws them to take action without offering a discount or any financial incentive.

Left brain dentists want to advertise with the stuff that is already working for other practices, but with little customization.

Understand Going with Something new is not an Ad Campaign. It’s a Test!

Creating 100% new and customized ads are little more than a test. That will be very expensive. So, you must track the results of different dental marketing ads to find which ads worked for you and which didn’t. After the testing, you can focus on using ads that worked well to bring you calls and new patients. These kinds of dental advertisements are ideal for dentists with a big dental marketing budget and need something new and original that has never been seen before in the human world.

Understand Cookie-Cutter Dental Marketing Ads

Cookie-cutter marketing dental marketing ads are the ads that have already been tried and tested to provide the results. So, these types of ads are mostly preferred by left-brained dentists who don’t want their marketing team to do marketing experiment with their money. These dentists have a limited budget and believe testing is a waste of money because they have already hired a marketing team.

The battle is NOT Cookie Cutter vs. Customized

No matter which method you choose for your dental office marketing, the main motive of both is to bring calls and new patients to your practice. Using the combination of both advertisement types can be a great way to save money while attracting new patients. We call this the Sweet Spot. It allows you to use already tested principles, layouts, images, and tested every aspect and piece of dental Ads, and then combine it with the customized part where you prioritize the marketable attributes to meet your marketing goals. So, the answer to the question, which is better 100% custom or 100% cookie cutter; the answer is, neither or the answer is somewhere in between.