In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we reveal Dental Web Content, an online portal that contains over 26 years of tested dental promotional products. We also discuss why we created Dental Web Content, why we believe that dental practice marketing should be based on the benefits of dentistry, and why we do not believe in promoting based on price.


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Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: All right, Hello, everybody. We are going to be talking about a new subject today. And it’s called And here’s my friend and business partner, Mr. Mark Dilatush, Mark.

Mark: Hey, Howie, how are you? Hello to all the listeners. I’m sure you’ve seen a million things about Howie.

Howie: Oh, yeah, yeah,

Mark: It’s a website that you will subscribe to. And you will be able to upload the content whenever you need it. Whoever needs it for dental practice marketing, it could be maybe the business administrator, who’s maybe doing some posting money on social media channels or a blog for the practice. It may be your website designer needs a new web page for implants that, you know, you just finished your courses on implants, and you can offer them in your practice.

Now. It could be you might need a press release. Or it could be an internal promotion, maybe a brochure to for senior, senior based dentistry, whatever, whatever you can imagine. Whatever makes sense, and whatever has been tested, effective is going to be in this media center, all the way up to animated web videos for almost limitless dental topics. They’re all going to be available to all the subscribers, and it’s going to start middle third week of June 2016. We’ve been at this now for about two years. It’s mostly the content, recovering, statistical analysis, updating, cataloging, and getting the obviously the technology backend all put together. It is really been an undertaking on the part of New Patients Incorporated, creating this new division called

Now Howie and I are the owners of New Patients Incorporated. So, one of the questions might be, why did you guys do this? New Patients Incorporated is a marketing firm exclusively for dentists. Why would you want to share the content that you’ve invested in, you know, for 26 years? And we do have millions in testing. Why would you do that? And the answer is, is that some dentists are great matches for New Patients Incorporated. And some dentists want to do things on their own. Some dentists want to have five or six different people do things for them.

But the bottom line is, is that really no matter if the dentist is doing it themselves, or they have five or six people doing it for them, or they have NPI do it. Everyone needs effective dental marketing materials in order for it to work. That’s the bottom line. That’s the common denominator. The common denominator is, it doesn’t matter how great your dental practice marketing guy is, get the content that he or she puts in front of the general public is untested and stinks. You’re wasting your money. Right Howie?

Howie: Exactly

Mark: So, so we built Dental Web Content, it’s kind of like, well, it’s kind of like an e-commerce store like a, I don’t know, like an E, an Amazon store Really?

Howie: It’s, it is Just like Amazon

Mark: it’s well. Yeah. But it’s a subscription base. So, you know, when you check out your fishing rod, you don’t have to pay an extra eight bucks for shipping. Right?

Howie: Right.

Mark: So, it is and it isn’t, it’s just you know, once you’re a subscriber, then you know, you’re a subscriber.

It’s more like a live, it’s really more like a library. And for the young millennials out there don’t know what a library is. I’m probably dating myself. But a library used to be a place where you’d walk in and look around and see books all over the place. And the books will be catalog by fiction and nonfiction, in other words, categories and you would walk over to the category you wanted. And you would look in alphabetical order subcategory for the book you wanted or the author you were looking for. Or you would go to what’s called a Dewey Decimal System, cards, index cards and this enormous catalog box to find the book that you were looking for the row the shelf, and so on and so forth.

Well, what Dental Web Content, that’s, that’s what you’re subscribing to, you’re walking into an enormous media center with stuff all over the shelves for every conceivable dental service, convenience, technology, public relations, asset, everything you can imagine having to do with dentistry in every new category possible. Internal promotions, traditional Video, Animated Video, single web pages, email, or postcards. Almost every possible media category is sitting there as well.

You’ll walk in and you’ll look around and go, Well, what do I need to that. And you might say to yourself, Well, I need something for my Facebook page. Video’s good for that. Let’s go over to traditional video. You go over the traditional video and you hit the subset for I don’t know, sleep apnea, and outcome six different traditional videos on sleep apnea. You grab it, and you put it in your backpack. And that triggers Dental Web Content team to customize the video for you and deliver it, and you’ll get delivery of that within about 48 hours. And once you get delivery of that, you just put it on your blog, put it on your website, put it on your social media, you can put it anywhere, it’s a URL, copy and paste it in.

That’s the basic foundational framework of Dental Web Content, but it still doesn’t tell you why Mark and Howie did it. So I’m gonna although off on my own little tangent here. Actually, that’s, that’s pretty much what I do this whole time, is I just put on little tangents. Alright. Howie and I are really passionate about dental practice marketing based on the benefits of dentistry. Not necessarily based on how low of an exam fee and offer right Howie? Yeah, exactly. And we’ve watched Dentistry Today basically degrade itself through its advertising message and an accelerated pace over the last 15 years. Would you agree with that? Howie?

Howie: Go ahead. Oh, yes. 20 years maybe.

Mark: Yeah. And, and we are living proof. You need to look any further than new patients Incorporated. For proof that dental practice marketing based on the benefits of dentistry works. Because if it didn’t, we wouldn’t exist. If promoting the benefits of dentistry did not work. new patients incorporated would have gone belly up two decades ago, because we’ve never really promoted dentistry based primarily on price. And we continue to grow and grow and grow. We just had a client sign on for the 19th straight year and grow. So how is it possible that you can promote dentistry based primarily on the benefits of the dentistry you provide? Just most dentists don’t believe you can. We are living proof you absolutely can. And what we wanted to do before we take that last go kart riding the sky. Right Howie?

Howie: Yeah

Mark: That last tee shot from the bright green tea box. Really what we want from the Dental Web Content investment of time and money. Yeah, it’s Yes, we did it for business reasons to of course, all right, we’re businessmen. But really what we want. In the end, is we want dentists to be successful. Promoting dentistry, based on the benefits of dentistry, not just price.

Howie: That’s right

Mark: We can have, like right now new patients incorporated puts about 14 million impressions on the street each month. And you might think, only cow, 14 million impressions You guys must have about my thousands of customers. No, we don’t have thousands of customers. And 14 million impressions a month isn’t that many impressions. We want half of dentistry, using our content, for their own purposes, to promote their own practice in their own market the right way, the way that’s going to elevate the perception of dentistry and not degrade it. We want to do that in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia. And then beyond. That’s what we want.

We want dentistry to turn the table and maintain the independent practice owner. And that’s the way you’ll do it. The way you fight. The dentists who are promoting dental practices based on price is you go after the top half of the market, and you promote properly on the benefits of dentistry. And so that’s if we needed a higher moral purpose for creating Dental Web Content from the owners. That’s why we decided to invest it. Because that’s ultimately is much better for dentistry. Definitely better for the clients. And oh my goodness, the impact that we would have on patients who I give you a pretty classic example is, you know, a sleep apnea patient who can’t stand there.

See, pap thinks it’s the only alternative they have. And they’re just and they keep having these problems. But through our work, they recognize that a dentist can actually help them, they seek out the help they get the help. And maybe we actually help save a life. You know, so there’s a there’s a much higher moral purpose behind the DWC then, you know, just wanting you know, another division of our company. Howie, you have anything more meaningful than that to add?

Howie: Yeah, no, I just that you up on that we’ve always had sort of a missionary quality about us. And this company, and, you know, a long time ago, we decided that that dentistry was really cool. And, you know, why should? Why should the profession hide the miracles that you guys and gals can do? I never understood that. You should be shouted from the tops of the roofs.

Mark: Right

Howie: Now, yes, you have to do it professionally. You don’t want to look like a clown. But my god, there’s no downside, to promoting the benefits of what you guys and gals do every day. You can actually perform miracles and change people’s lives. I know that you know, you can say well, that’s not world peace or the end of hunger. Yeah, it isn’t. But it’s pretty damn good.

Mark: Here you go. There you go. So anyway, that’s a little bit of an intro to Dental Web Content. What it is why we built it, and its availability will strike. June, June 15, to the 22nd somewhere in there, you know, give me five or six days on either side of those dates. [email protected] has VIP tickets. If you want one, just email and tell them to send you the VIP ticket. The VIP tickets get you in for a lifetime subscription discounts, which is really cool. Subscriptions are going to range anywhere from $67 to $147 a month. You can learn more about that on DWC Facebook page, and you can learn more about that through [email protected] Howie you got anything else?

Howie: No, that Facebook page again is exactly what? Dental Web Content?

Mark: Yep, Dental Web Content. Just go to Facebook and search Dental Web Content and I pretty much guarantee you we’ll be the only one there.

Howie: Yeah. Great. Thanks, everybody.

Mark: Thanks, everyone.

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