How can Dental Web Content help Dental Specialists? In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we interview Julie Mitchell, FAADOM member with 20 years of experience managing dental practices.



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Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and welcome once again to the dental marketing mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and new patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the founder of new patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the president of new patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Mark: I get the pleasure of interviewing Julie Mitchell. Today, Julie is a fellow with a DOM. And she’s also happens to be the product manager for Dental Web Content, which is our new online media center, have tested effective dental marketing material. Welcome to the the podcast or the interview. Julie, how are you today?

Julie Mitchell: I’m good. Thank you for having me.

Mark: Good. Well, the topic of today’s discussion is going to be specialists and how specialists a gift or reward their GP referrals. And you were an office manager for how many years?

Julie Mitchell: 20.

Mark: 20 Okay, so in 20 years of being in an office manager in a GP office, how many cookie baskets how many pickle jars and, and ridiculous baskets of goodies that you receive from all the people that your GP referred to?

Julie Mitchell: Too many?

Mark: Too many. Okay. And you and I both know, many, many, many specialists, and we know many, many, many, many office managers from specialists offices. And their number one complaint after they give those gifts would be

Julie Mitchell: jumped to them as rewards for referrals.

Mark: Right. So they kind of look at him like, Oh, good. Another basket. This one’s green. The last one was brown. The next one will be blue. What else? Right. Okay, so it became kind of an entitlement, rather than a gift for a referral or a reward, right?

Julie Mitchell: Absolutely. Yes, it was. It was not a gift to reward for referrals. It was effective.

Mark: Right. So there’s the there’s the specialist, parried honest, and honest world surgeon or whatever specialist. They’re sending out shelling out. Hundred 50 $200 $400 for these baskets for each one of their GPS that are you know, the good the good referring GPS. And on the other end, the GPS are going on cool. And brown basket, another green basket, another red basket, another let’s get you know, it’s only Tuesday. Let’s get to work. So they don’t even really like no, no even valuable. They just, you know, they they eat what they like, and they give the rest of their staff probably right.

Julie Mitchell: Actually usually up 30 to get baskets.

Mark: Right. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Alright, so. So it’s not that this is a problem. It’s not a problem. It’s just an age old exercise that general dentists and specialists Dentists have been playing for. I’ve been in dentistry for 27 years, I’ve been playing it for at least 27 years, because, you know, none of us changed, right. So along comes this product called Dental Web Content.

Now, if you’re a specialist listening to this, and we hope you are dental with content is an electronic online library or media center, filled with proven effective dental marketing materials for every conceivable dental service, convenience technology, public relations asset in every conceivable media type, online, offline web pages, social media posts, social media ads, PPC ads, every form of mail, postcards, trifle every everything you can possibly imagine is in this portal. And general dentists subscribe to this portal. And they pull effective advertising content, and they use it to promote their practices, which in turn generates business for you. So here’s our proposal to you the specialist. The subscriptions are very, very affordable, their monthly subscriptions, they range anywhere from $67 to $147.

So our proposal to you, Doctor specialist, is to consider using the same money you’re using on cookies and wine and Lord knows whatever else you’ve ever sent over to that GPS office. Use the same money you’re spending there to give them the benefit of great dental marketing material, which ends up giving you more new business.

When was the last time you spent your referral reward dollars on something that actually brought you more business? That’s the question we would ask. And that’s what DWC does. Your you are actually giving the gift that keeps remember that old? What was that old saying to is the gift the gift that keeps on giving? Like the jelly club or the pickle club or whatever? I from the old days? Well, this is this. Yeah, this is this is truly, I mean, this is truly the gift that actually gives you back, you actually get your money back. And then so if you if you sign up your GPS, they will use content advertising content that actually has been tested. That will be more effective, and they will return the dollars to you. Yes, Julie

Julie Mitchell: contest that the content that FD never seen will help the gap drive new new patients to their practice, but also will help to reactivate some of their older patients people call them to crack with that building up building up of the GP practice. It only goes to reason that more business at the GP has more visits, he’s going to have to refer to his specialists, the end Adonis, periodontist, the oral surgeon, you have? Yes, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Mark: Yeah, how many? How much content? Oh, my, I can’t possibly ask you this question. Because I know you don’t know the answer. But the numbers large, how much contents in DWC on emergency treatment on on periodontal disease on dental implants on Implant Supported dentures. I mean, it’s, it’s nearly endless, right. So and we all and how much content is in DWC, which which we identify as internal promotion where the GP on a regular basis, educates his or her patients on the additional breadth and scope of treatment that they offer.

In other words, most most patients don’t know that their, their, their dentist offers x, most patients only know what that dentist has done specifically to them. So So continually educating their own patient base, even if they only use dental web content for that, it’s still going to bring the you know, the read the investment back, and certainly better than a box of cookies.

Julie Mitchell: Because when when when a GPS is marketing, just even just to his his establish patient base, and implement his regular patients of what he has, what services he offers. and educate those patients, it’s going to bring those patients going to want more services, more services want more people more of their friends and family they bring in again, it just it just drives more production or for business to the GP, which enterprise will visit to the specialist. It’s a win win situation all the way around the office manager, the GP and specialist.

Mark: So there you go, specialists out there. And actually, if I have GPS listening, go tap your, your buddy specialist on the shoulder and ask him to subscribe for you. You can always do that you can do that over dinner, right? Right for the specialist out there. Consider it consider, you know, so you don’t spend a new money you’re spending the same money you were spending. Consider shifting that over from food items or you know, the basket items, I’ll just call it basket items, shift that money over from the basket items to something that both of you would prosper from, and that would be a subscription to dental web content. So Julie, thanks for your time today.

I know you have live the contents of loaded up the DWC before we go live, will be going live to the general public on June 22. VIP week starts June 14 of VIP week is where you get preferred pricing for life. So Julie, how would they? You know what? Let’s leave them with an email in case they want VIP pricing. Why don’t you send an email to [email protected] and Josh will get you hooked up with VIP pricing. Thanks for your time, and let’s go back to work.

Julie Mitchell: Okay, thank you.

Mark: Alright

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