In episode 9 of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie explain the launch of Dental Web Content, an online portal for dentists that has a library of proven and effective content for dental office advertisement.



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Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Hello, Mark, how you doing today?

Mark: Hello, Howie. How are you doing?

Howie: I’m great. I’m great.

Mark: It’s hot in the shade.

Howie: Yeah, right. What’s your favorite topic for today?

Mark: My favorite topic for today is the much-anticipated launch of Dental Web Content.

Howie: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Mark: Dun-da-dat-da-da. I don’t think people realize we started on this journey two and a half years ago. One day, in my retirement, perhaps I’ll write a book on this process. Yeah, two and a half years. Lots of development, lots of headaches. Lots of challenges, but lots of victories. And we launched dental web content to the VIP list. Tuesday, June 14.

And it is now June 20th. Right. Right. So, six days into it? Well, I’ll start from the beginning. If If people who are listening to this, this is a podcast. So, people who are listening to this may not even know what Dental Web Content is. So, let me let me start there.

Dental Web Content is a seemingly endless library or media center have proven effective dental office advertising, that you can just log in, preview it, select it, and use it. And when I…there’s really two main database areas of the media center, and you can consider them left and right up or down whatever in your mind.

There are the two main search areas are media type. So, let me give you some examples of media type. Dental internal marketing, internal single topic, postcards, letters to your existing patients. Single emails, the emails you send with no revenue well and smile reminder and demand force. There’s lots of that content. There are also postcards. So, if you need to do an external postcard campaign, there’s several, I think there’s a couple dozen designs on their individual postcards for individual niche services, individual brochures for niche services. There is there is endless online and offline dental marketing material. But the media types range anywhere from press releases for you to email, the local radio station all the way up to TV ads, and everything in between. and that’s for offline.

For online, here’s a shortlist: single page websites, web pages, dental social media content, Facebook ads, with the graphics and the headlines and the words. Actually, the system has a help screen behind that’ll teach you how to do Facebook dental office advertisement. All of the traditional video you could possibly imagine for every dental subject. Animated web video, if you’re not familiar with what animated web video or animated video is. You probably seen it a couple times on TV and a commercial. It’s where the guy is drawing with his hand. And he’s drawing he a scene as he is speaking, we have two different kinds of those animation videos in two different voiceovers for I think 85 of the most popular.

So, there’s about 400 to 600 different variations of the animated dental videos for website on Dental Web Content. Basically, if you promote dentistry, everything’s right there. Everything you need everything that’s been tested, it is sitting right there, you subscribe, you click on what you’re looking for, and you go use it.

Now, on the other side, I just went through dental media types, all those types, print ads, radio, TV online, offline, everything’s on the left, over here on the right, are your marketable attributes. And you say, well, what’s a marketable attribute? And I say, well, there’s categories dental services, conveniences, technologies, public relations, assets, and price.

So, let’s say you wanted to go find some dental marketing material, for whatever reason, you would search the database one of two ways, either, you know, what you want to talk about, let’s say you, you know, you want to promote sleep that you just don’t know, in what medium you want to promote it. So, you say I so now you click sleep apnea first. And it brings up all the sleep apnea content and all the promotion medium. So, there’s a promotion medium list in front of you. So, you say Oh, yeah, I could do an external mailer. I could do internal promotions or offline, I could do internal online dental office advertisement, I could do Facebook, I could do social media posts. And here’s and here’s this other ad that I can use, click, click, click, click, click dropping in your backpack.

Anything that gets customized goes to us and then to you. Anything that doesn’t need to be customized goes directly to you, you are basically done. It’s all sitting right there ready for you to use. Now, some of it you can customize, personalize with your name and your Of course, your Google Map and your phone number. But if that takes literally seconds, and you get to go promote dentistry, in a way, way that actually elevates the perception of dentistry in the marketplace. So that’s, that’s DWC and nutshell, yeah, yeah.

Howie: good points. I wanted to bring up another angle on that or emphasize something and that this is a, this is content that has already been run through the gauntlet public scrutiny for the most part,

Mark: Right.

Howie: It’s other words, that’s a fancy way of saying it’s been tested. Now we’ve at NPI, we’ve been testing dental marketing materials for 26 years, right. And as we’re saying, we have the largest library of junk, that doesn’t work. existence, right. But none of that is in the Dental Web Content. We’ve taken all that content, edited, updated it, we’ve added tons of new content. And it’s all based on the proven tested methods that we’ve been very familiar with over the years. So, that is a value to you in that you’re not necessarily going to try this, try that blah, blah, blah, and hope something works, you’re going to have a lot more than just hope.

Mark: Yeah. And on the other side, Howie, I can say that, nowhere in our library, will you ever find bloody gum implant case? Or even a cartoon picture of scrolling titanium into your job?

Howie: Yeah. That too.

Mark: So, you know, so. And I say that, you know, I see it all the time, I probably have 1000 dentists that are my friends on Facebook, and I see what they post on their Facebook page all the time, and I just kind of shutter. So hopefully, you’ll get the benefit of the testing as how we suggest. And you’ll get the benefit of knowing that you’re not using something you’re not supposed to. That was my point with the bloody implant picture. I mean, I I know you want to show it off. But anyway, um, so

Howie: Resist…resist.

Mark: Yes. So anyway, um, so that’s, that’s DWC. And, and it makes your dental office advertisement life unbelievably simple. And it makes the life of the owner of the practice, it gets to the point where you can delegate a lot of your dental office advertisement to your business administrator. So, we launched this last Tuesday, and between last Tuesday, and today, it’s Monday, the following Monday. I just wanted to give you a little bit of an update I, we have a few we anticipated a good first week, there was a lot of interest in this. And we the performance is a little better than we anticipated. And that’s good. Um, I can tell you that the most popular products on the website with the subscribers are definitely the animated web videos.

I think they’re new, they’re unique. Nobody else does them. They’re, they’re there for your taking. We customize them for you and deliver them within 48 hours. And they’re all yours. You can use them on your website using social media, use them in your blog, you can use them everywhere.

Howie: Google wants them.

Mark: They index them quick if you name them properly. So yeah, so those are the most the most popular. The second most popular was the traditional video seems like everybody’s on a video rampage these days, that’s fine. It’s all there. And the third was social media post. I think we didn’t intend this to happen. But I think we’re what we thought was true is true. And that is if you are going to do your own social media, and you are taxed with thinking about something to say every week. In about six weeks, that gets really laborious because you don’t want to think about stuff every week.

First, you know, forever. Um, you know, it’s sort of like having somebody, really close to you, birthday every four minutes. Yeah, I mean, it’s hard. It’s hard. It is tasking on your brain. So, what dental web content does is it says, Well, here’s a, here’s everything you would ever want to set. Just go grab something, whatever you want to say. And it just it’s just there for you. So, it’s nearly endless. So, the third most popular download in the in this first week has been the dental social media content.

Now, up DWC does not it DWC stands for www dental web content. com. We the acronym PwC internal and nobody knows what it needs externally. So, I have to watch myself. I have to explain what it is. But we are not going to stop here. This is just the beginning. We’ve actually had our first request or content. I think it was from was it for tongue tie? Was it one of our customers wanted some specialized content on infants and being Tongue Tied.

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: Yeah. So, we, so here’s how it works. So, we develop the content, we give it to that that subscriber obviously, but then we put it in the media set. And we give it a name. And you can search on it, and YouTube can use it. So, over the years, it’s actually going to be this subscribers that shape the content. And we also know how we that dental technology is going to change. And we know that dental services are going to evolve. We know that. I mean, you know, how much stuff have we done on lasers over the year? Over the years? You know, before that there were no lasers? Right?

Howie: All right, there’s always some new technology coming out all the time,

Mark: always something new,

Howie: needs to be able to be explained to the general public and non-DENTAL PATIENT friendly terms.

Mark: Right.

Howie: And that can be done with any type of media that we have on their most especially the animated videos. I mean, what a hoot those are. You can sit somebody in front of their computer and have them watch that and they’ll know the importance of implants or regular hygiene or any number of dental topics.

Mark: Yeah

Howie: and it’s easy.

Mark: Yeah, see it’s I think that’s the kicker for it has to be I mean, we’re a dental office advertisement firm. At so and we understand what goes on in the background, it must be very difficult as a dentist to, you know, be the marketing person as well. Right? As the owner, right. You and I are marketing people, but we are the owners, but we’re not dentists. It is sort of like asking us to become a dentist in our spare time. Right? You know, so as we leave, we understand that would be a little difficult, right? So, trying to give you everything that we have all in one place all in, you know, and our expertise is on there, as well.

There are our books are our seminars, there’s an expansive Help system, with practical help with each one of these media types. And each one of these marketable attributes we’re building that out daily. So, this thing isn’t going to end this thing is going to get really big really fast. And we’re really happy with the launch. so far.

It’s interesting, what the first few people have requested of us and what they’re using the most. So anyway, that’s, that’s today’s installment of the mastery series. It’s an announcement on dental web contents, first week of life. Two and a half years in the incubation and the first week of life. So, we’re all, we’re all really thrilled back here that we, we knew we thought this is going to be really, really wanted and needed by dentistry. We really thought that, but you know, until you actually do it, you never really know. So, this last week’s been very satisfying. That’s

Howie: Actually mark. Actually, Mark, I think you’re being a little bit modest. You were talking about this probably five years ago.

Mark: We didn’t start working on it till about two and a half.

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: I don’t even so, if you have an opportunity, there’s you know, visit there’s five or six instructional videos there to walk you through what it is and how to use it. So, on and so forth. And until next time, we will. We’ll get to our next in our mastery series. So, Howie I’m enjoying the air conditioning.

Howie: Yeah. Oh, yeah, it’s on all the time. Thank you

Mark: All right.

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