When Mark and I are doing our live presentations we usually, at some point, like to take a fun little survey of the audience.

We ask them a simple question: “How many of you would like to see an increase of 20% on the return on investment of your marketing dollars, WITHOUT spending any more on marketing than you already are?”

Of course, all hands go up.

We then say something like; “We can tell you how to do that in three simple words – ‘Answer Your Phone.’

FACT: 19.6% of new patients calling your office in response to your marketing DON’T get to talk to someone. Years of call tracking results tells us this could be happening in your office.

You are wasting your marketing dollars simply by not answering the phone.

When do people call the most?

Do you have your phones covered on Fridays? During the weekday lunch hour? On the weekends? Be honest – probably not.

When do you think a busy working mom has time to call a dental office to make an appointment? Answer: Fridays, during the weekday lunch hour and on the weekends! Precisely the times you are likely sending their calls to voice mail!

So figure out how to have your phones covered 7 days a week. That may be difficult but it’s not unsolvable. You can pass the task around to your staff. An incentive program (for example, 5 bucks for each appointment made outside of office hours) would help you gain compliance.

Now, if you have missed calls during office hours this can tell you that your front desk is overwhelmed and needs help. Even if it’s only for a couple hours.

You work hard and pay big dollars in order to get the phone to ring. Don’t waste that money by not answering or having internal problems that prevent you from answering.