How long have intra oral cameras been available? Would you believe 27 years? That’s correct. The first cameras were introduced in 1989. So you might be thinking that it’s not worth promoting that you have an intra oral camera in your office. After all, they are everywhere and patients already know all about them. So why bother mentioning your camera in your dental clinic promotions? Sounds perfectly reasonable.

And I would agree with you. Except then we’d both be wrong.

A few years ago we commissioned a prestigious business school to do an extensive study of dental consumers. We wanted to know what they actually knew about dentistry, what their attitudes were about the subject and in general what their “dental IQ” might be.

We already knew dental consumers were woefully uninformed about dentistry but what this study revealed shocked even us.

Less than 20% of respondents had heard of an intra oral camera. Over 80% had no idea what it was.

How about digital x-rays?

According to Wikipedia, the world’s first intraoral X-rays imaging sensor was introduced in 1987.

I’ve got ties older than that!

Again, our study showed that the vast majority of dental consumers didn’t have a clue about this technology or what it could do for them.

Here’s the takeaway from this: The technology in your office, while old hat to you, is brand new to the dental consumer. Don’t shy away from promoting the benefits of your dental technology because you think it’s not cutting edge or new enough to interest anybody.


To them.