If you are considering using dental radio ads to attract patients to your practice, you might benefit from our experience. Here is what we have found to be the best formula for dental radio advertising, giving the best results.

What we’re presenting here is the ideal. Of course, you may not always be able to achieve the ideal. But this is something to shoot for. The closer you can come to this formula, the better your results will be.

And making this happen may take a little time for you to set up, which means you need to start on this way ahead of time you plan to run the spots.

Putting aside the subjects of frequency and reach for a moment and just considering the spots themselves, based on our experience the best format for dental radio ads is this:

  1. The station serves the exact demographics we’re looking for.
  2. The spot is a testimonial/endorsement type spot from the most popular personality the station has.
  3. This personality is also a patient of the practice or at least has visited the practice and experienced it in some fashion so it can be an actual personal endorsement.
  4. The ad run consists of 4 or 5 different spots each focusing on a different aspect of the practice’s services.
  5. Each spot has the same opening, e.g., “Hi, (popular personality) here to tell you about MY personal dentist, Dr. John Gentle of Advanced Dental in Smithville.”
  6. Any music or jingles are of course the same from spot to spot.
  7. The middle of the spots each feature a different patient benefit. For example sedation, metal free dentistry, implants, two visit makeovers, etc.
  8. The close of the spot is nearly identical, just as the opening is, for each.

The identical parts of each spot bring about a familiarity over time. And the different parts will communicate a range of benefits that hopefully will be of interest.

When you are negotiating the media buy, you want to say that you’re interested in a personal endorsement/testimonial spot series from the top on-air personality that they have. Try to get him/her into the practice for a complimentary full case, partial case, or just whitening, or at the very minimum a tour of the office and some face to face time with you personally. That way he/she can be truthful when giving the personal endorsement.

These kinds of arrangements are done all the time. You’re NOT asking for a trade out (e.g., “we’ll do your case, you give us free spots”) – they won’t do that (usually). What you’re saying is “we want to buy spots but we want them to be authentic. So we’d like the guy or gal reading the spots to have personally experienced what we do for all our patients.”

If you can accomplish the above your radio will be much more effective.