It’s that time of year again. Time to begin the unscheduled treatment plan audit. How many patients have treatment diagnosed but haven’t moved forward? How many patients are overdue for recare? And, how many have insurance benefits remaining? Benefits we know don’t roll over to next year; with the exception of those very rare plans.

Our library at Dental Web Content can reach those patients with dental ads. Patients who have needed treatment or overdue recare with remaining benefits; patients who we know won’t pick up the phone to call the dentist.

Your patients’ lives are busy, just like yours. How many times are you late taking your vehicle in for its routine maintenance? Yet when you receive a call, postcard or email it becomes a higher priority for you. If you don’t tend to the routine maintenance or small repairs it becomes more costly.

We all know dentistry is similar, let it go, ignore the problem or routine care, the treatment becomes more costly, and today’s benefits don’t go very far. So do your patients a service, reach out to them. Begin with the following marketing content pieces and follow up with a personal phone call.

Market your dental practice before the end of year rush, you and your team will be better prepared to handle the last minute “my insurance is ending” calls.

  • Traditional Video may also be placed on your website and/or social media platforms:
    • Part #: 10942

Both types of dental videos can play on a monitor in the reception area and the operatory. The videos are 60 seconds in length.

  • Post Cards, yes they still work. There are many different patient contact platforms available and they serve their purpose; post cards and letters still work. Print the post cards on glossy photo paper, use a larger size than the smaller recare post cards most patients are accustomed to receiving.
    • Part #: 10802
  • Letters, print on pretty decorated seasonal paper or a fall color. Mail one now using fall paper, mail another at the end of October using Christmas, Hanukah or holiday paper.
    • Part #: 11079
  • We even have ads, full page and half page for your local newspaper:
    • Part #’s: 10815, 10816, 10817

Don’t see the content you are looking for? Let me know, I’ll do what I can to get you the content which fits your practice: [email protected]