Halloween is just around the corner! And what’s a better way to get kids interested in their oral health than by making the dental office a fun place to go? Kids come with parents, who can eventually become new patients themselves. When you make your office a fun place for kids to have their dental work performed, parents will follow and tell other parents, coaches, and friends at other activities.

Halloween is a kid’s favorite holiday, second to Christmas and Birthdays. So, how do you take advantage of Halloween? We put together the following Halloween pieces for you to use in your practice. Each piece is targeted at moms and kids alike.

Memba & Gumbo Videos
Part #s 11004 & 11005

These videos feature the Pachyderms of Dental Web Content, “Memba & Gumbo.” These videos go great on your dental practice website, social media pages, operatories, and reception areas.

Other Halloween Videos:

Part #s 10610, 10611, 10612, 10613

Boosted Facebook Posts

We also have content created specifically for boost posting on Facebook. You can make the most of the following ad pieces by targeting using age-specific, gender-specific, household income specific parameters. Take a look at the following:

Part #s: 10610, 10611, 10612, 10613

Pinterest Content

Part #:  11042

Check them out in the Dental Web Content library!