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Use these dental videos on your dental practice website, social media, waiting room, and more to showcase the benefits of your various services.

  • Dental Implant Videos: Benefits of replacing missing teeth with dental implants
  • NIT Device: Details how this FDA-approved oral appliance can prevent migraine pain without drugs.
  • Ultrasonic Scaler: Explains benefits, such as removing plaque and tartar with greater ease and less scraping
  • Children’s Dental Care: Video encouraging parents to attend to their child’s dental care before important school photos at any time of year.

Review Cards


Help your patients help you! Hand out this review card to satisfied patients so they have easy instructions for posting a dental office review. High-res PDFs are ready to be customized with your practice information, then printed and trimmed in-house or at your local printer. Four versions:

  1. Post a review on Google
  2. Post a review on Yelp
  3. Post a review on Rate-a-Biz
  4. Post a review on Dr. Oogle

Post Cards: Recare


Add your logo and contact information, and send to patients who haven’t been in for their regular cleanings in a while. PDFs are in  high-resolution. Print in the office or send to your local printer. Comes in three versions:

  • Blue version #2
  • Green version #2
  • Beige version #2

Post Cards, 6×11


Download the printer-ready PDFs and add your practice information to the front and back. Include your indicia or add stamps after printing.

  • Open to New Patients, Family Focus: References new patient specials
  • Consultations are Free: Explains free consultations are offered by your practice
  • Referrals: Postcard encouraging referrals.
  • $300 Off Whitening Offer: Get new patients with a $300 off of whitening offer
  • Take-Home Whitening: Explains the benefits of take-home whitening.

8.5×11 Trifold Brochures


High-res, printer-ready PDFs just need your practice information. After that, they are ready to print and hand out.

  • Gum Disease: Describes dangers of and treatments for gum disease
  • Family Dentistry: Describes family dentistry

Pinterest Posts

Download any of these JPG files and pin to your Pinterest boards. Available for other social media as well.

  • Fastbraces 1
  • Fastbraces 2


  • Invisalign
  • Dental Implants

Want to use these items for your practice? Become a member today at dentalwebcontent.com.