What’s this? It’s the holiday season, and we are giving away four free gifts for marketing your dental practice.



Here are the gifts:

1. [Book] Unlimited New Patients, Volume 3

2. [Score Card] Marketable Attributes Score Card

  • A card for planning your marketing. Use this card to find out what your practice should be displaying in your marketing assets.
  • This score card shows what patients actually care about, discovered 20 years of client results and millions of dollars of independent consumer research
  • Can be found here: http://www.dentalwebcontent.com/marketable_attributes.html

3. [7-Hour Video Series] New Patients Inc. Marketing Summit

4. [Marketing Plan] Have a Marketing Plan Created for You

  • Get your FREE plan, created by one of our experienced advisors, here: https://www.newpatientsinc.com/survey/
  • Establish your new patient goals
  • Includes radius analysis around your practice, looking for high-quality new patient targets
  • A reasonable budget will be created
  • Recommendations to make your practice more marketable
  • Specific deployment instructions

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and Welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by DentalWebContent.com and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Well, hello, everybody. Once again, here we are with our podcast and we’re glad to have you on board. And with me today is my partner and friend Mark Dilatush. How you doing Mark?

Mark: Hey, Howie. Ho, ho, ho.

Howie: Ho, ho, ho.

Mark: Tis the season. It’s coming around the corner.

Howie: It sure is. Mary honking ho ho.

Mark: There you go. Right. Exactly. Have ho, ho, ho means something different in Las Vegas, doesn’t it?

Howie: Well, yeah. We don’t need to get into that

Mark: We won’t get into that. All right. What’s the subject of our podcast today?

Howie: Well, in keeping with that, ho, ho, ho spirit, the real kind not the Vegas kind, I thought we’d give stuff away.

Mark: Give stuff

Howie: Yeah

Mark: Give gifts for all of dentistry?

Howie: Yeah, yeah.

Mark: Okay, well, maybe

Howie: Listening can get these gifts,

Mark: Right, we have a few thousand followers to our podcast, by the way, for all of you listening. You take the time to download this. And listen, each week, or whenever, whenever you catch up. Geez, I wonder if there’s any binge listeners. That just hit my head. Anyway, um, we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, if, if this helps educate you. And this helps you in marketing your dental practice properly. And if this gets one more new patient in your practice, that you help save their smile, their image, their self esteem, their confidence, maybe even save their lives. Right? Then it’s all worth it. Right?

So in that spirit, we want to give away everything that we can give away to all of you. And we would encourage we would encourage all of you to share this with any other dentists that you might know during the holiday season who might maybe it’s a start up a new acquisition, maybe they’re you know, maybe they’re making a transition in in or out of insurance, whatever. Anybody any other dentists that you know, who might value these gifts, just send this send this podcast over to them on so Howie, what are we starting with? We have four to give away the four that we’re giving away are.

Howie: Yes, we’re going to look at, well, our most recent book in the unlimited new patient series, it’s a it’s been available for free download for a little while, but maybe not everybody knows about it. This book, we put this together a while back, it’s kind of the summary of everything. Most everything we’ve learned over the last, what 26 years or maybe 27 years now about how to promote your practice to attract high quality new patients into it and screen out the shoppers and the dead beats and really, it’s an education on the subject of marketing your dental practice. That is a real one coming from the real world and we wanted to present that to the dental world. And now you know, we sell the book for a whole bunch of money, but now we’re giving it away.

Mark: Yeah, well after a while. After a while people who the early adapters buy him up. And then, you know, the folks who didn’t get a chance to buy him up. Sort of like watching a a good movie from three or four years ago that you missed in the movie theater.

Howie: Yeah, exactly.

Mark: So um.

Howie: What do what, what does somebody in our audience have to do to get the book? Can you tell?

Mark: Oh, okay, well, that’s probably the easiest. You can go to new patients Inc. com or you can go to dentalwebcontent.com under dentalwebcontent.com, you’re going to see resources, free downloads, and then you can just click on the book. And then under new NPI, it’s under products, if my memory serves.

Howie: Yeah

Mark: I’ll check that say something snappy Howie.

Howie: Yeah. I think that’s what it is. But at any rate, you’ll eventually get there if you persist with it.

Mark: Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s under education.

Howie: Education. Yeah. Well, that’s where it should be actually

Mark: where it’s should be. Right. So yeah, the book is, is basically a 200 and, I don’t know, 7 or 10 pages, somewhere around there of updated information, consumer research, all the marketing mediums, their values, how to use them, how to how not to use them. It’s just filled with practical, usable, immediately deployable information, no matter who handles your marketing, so it doesn’t have to be new patients Incorporated. It could be anybody.

Howie: Well, yeah, that that’s one of the reasons we wrote the books.

Mark: That’s right

Howie: Service everybody in the US and Canada and Australia and so forth. You know, there are plenty of good, great dentists out there who just don’t have the education to do their own marketing, but they’re involved in doing their own marketing and might as well get a guide to guide them and help them out.

Mark: Alright, so the stats, the gift number one, these are all free gifts, guys and gals. Okay, so there’s nothing you can send us a card if you’d like. But these are all free gifts. Um, the second one would be

Howie: This is the well we’ve talked about this in fact, I think we did a whole podcast on this the marketable attribute scorecard.

Mark: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s, that’s the secret sauce recipe.

Howie: Well, yeah.

Mark: Remember, remember the McDonalds ads? Remember from those two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun, man.

Howie: Exactly. Right.

Mark: Right. So one of one of those pieces was the secret sauce. Of course, everybody now knows it’s actually ‘Thousand Island salad dressing’.

Howie: Don’t tell me advertising doesn’t work.

Mark: That’s right. That’s right. But it was McDonalds claim to fame for I don’t know, probably three or four ad cycles, right?

Howie: Yeah, yeah.

Mark: So, our secret sauce you can go into again, you can go into under education. You can go on newpatientsinc.com. You can also go under dental web content, under Resources and free downloads. It’s the marketable attributes scorecard. Here’s what that is, this is, um, wow it’s worth millions. It’s only it’s just a small Excel spreadsheet, but it’s worth millions. And here’s where the value comes from.

It comes from 20 some years of our client results telling us what consumers want and don’t want. It comes from our own investment in our own internal testing of what works and doesn’t work. And it also comes from our own and bad an independent consumer research where and completely outside firm asks, the I’m sure you’ve all done these surveys in the past through somebody.

But these online surveys that you get, they ask you all these random questions about a certain product or a certain industry and what you think about this, that and the other thing, so that the independent consumer research tells us on what dental consumers want and don’t want in a dentist, and or a dental practice. So the market a blog should be scorecard are the price technologies, conveniences, services and public relations assets that you possess, in order of importance by score.

Okay, so anytime that you promote anything, anywhere, outside of maybe a website, you’re going to have limited space. Well, even a website has limited space, because you want to limit it, you don’t want it to be an endless website. So what you do with advertising promotions that have space limitations is you have to prioritize what you brag about, right? You can’t brag about everything, you have limited space. So the marketable attribute scorecard basically tells you numerically what to promote, and how to mix those promotions together in each category to gain the highest score.

Howie: Right. And what you said was just right on the money, Mark, you know, it’s governed by real estate that you don’t have all the room in the world. But it’s also governed by, you know, I mean, you can brag about something that your audience doesn’t care about.

Mark: It happens all the time.

Howie: It would be very valuable to know that they weren’t listening

Mark: Right

Howie: talking about x.

Mark: Right. Right.

Howie: What will they listen to? And that’s Yeah, again, that’s what is arranged in a quantitative format, in this marketable attribute scorecard.

Mark: Right. And that’s when, when, when our marketing to our average advisory department, the group of people in our company that actually build the marketing plans when they’re done building the plans for marketing your dental practice, they send the marketable attributes from the dental practice over to the designers who have the scorecards, and our designers. That’s how the designers know which of those marketable attributes to put within the space that they’re designing. That make sense, okay. Our designers can use it. Your designers can use it, you see what I’m saying? Right? So and you’re and then that holds true for web designers as well. Right? So we’re even SEO people, right? So it’s a very useful tool. And, so you can go ahead and just go on to dental web content, resources, free downloads, it’s the marketable attribute scorecard.

Howie: Great

Mark: What’s our next gift, Dan?

Howie: Well, what’s behind curtain number three?

Mark: Yes.

Howie: I know you remember this Mark. Some time ago, we went into the film studio,

Mark: We’re always in the film studio.

Howie: Yes. And it was very hot.

Mark: Yeah, that was

Howie: we spent hours and hours and hours. And

Mark: here’s how that went. Hey, Mark. Hey, Mark. Let’s, let’s do our marketing summit only we’ll film it. Oh, okay, Howie, that sounds like a great idea here. Why don’t you come in August? Why not? Okay, well possibly go wrong.

Howie: Okay. Well, you know, January might have been better, but did what we did.

Mark: So, yeah, it came out good.

Howie: Anyway. So the whole point of this is to tell you that we basically took unlimited new patients volume three, and the live shows that we used to do. We call them marketing summits. And we go all over the country and get up on stage and give these presentations.

Mark: These are coming back body. Stay tuned.

Howie: What?

Mark: There, they’ll be coming back, by the way. Still,

Howie: oh yes, yes. We’re going to do it again, because we love doing them.

Mark: Yeah.

Howie: And they were a two day events and two plus days, actually. And they were really fun. And we just got tons of great feedback about it. So we thought, you know, we can’t travel to every city in the country. Blah, blah, blah. So why don’t we committed to video?

Mark: Right?

Howie: So that’s what we did. In that, hot August afternoon, forever

Mark: It did. So. So basically, here’s what this is it this is in the live events, there’s no replacing the back and forth between us and the offices in a live event? You can’t take that right. So what if you remove the Hey Mark, and how we What should I do in this specific situation? Hey, Mark and Howie, my office in this specific market if you if you peel away all that human interaction from a two day presentation, you’re left with about seven one hour segments of basically instruction. I mean, there’s a few examples in there. But that’s seven hours of pure unadulterated marketing instruction.

Howie: Right?

Mark: Right. So, you can grab it in bite sized chunks, there’s actually seven they’re about one hour each and 56 minutes, an hour and three, whatever. They’re about an hour apiece, you can find them at newpatientinc.com under education, you can also find them at dental web content.com under resources and free downloads.

Howie: Right.

Mark: Now the sister to that, most people when they get into either new patients, either the when they get into the book, when they get into unlimited new patients volume three, and they get into about chapter two or three, they start saying well, how does this apply to me? How should I apply this? Right? And they get into the second? I think it’s segment number two in the video series where we go through in detail what consumers are looking for and what they’re not looking for. And that’s pretty much when dentists say okay, well how does that apply specifically to me in my practice in my market, is when they say you know, I need a marketing plan, basically. All right.

The fourth thing that we’re giving away is if you go to newpatientsinc.com. And when by the way we give, this is the one thing we give away all year. So we’re kind of, I don’t know, we’re giving away something we usually give away, but it’s still free. So it’s a free gift. But if you go to newpatientsinc.com at the very top, you’re going to see a read like a revolving iPad and it says complimentary plan for marketing your dental practice. If anyone listening to this iPad, to this podcast, wants or needs a marketing plan, analysis and a conversation about what specifically you should be doing with your marketing dollar. Those are free as well. everything, every part of the analysis, the actual documentation of it, the discussion of it, we don’t show we’ve never had we’ve never charged money for talking to people. So

Howie: No, no.

Mark: So this plan for marketing your dental practice is free. All you have to do is go to newpatientinc.com click the little revolving iPad answer 73,000 questions about your practice.

Howie: Now come on.

Mark: Take the take the full body scan and no I’m, I’m just I’m being a little bit facetious there. There’s 50 some questions though. So it might take 15-20 minutes, right. So we’re hoping over the holiday season. We know how busy it gets, it can get busy at your practice, I know this can be actually the busiest time of year, especially if you did your use it or lose it properly. Um, this can be the busiest time of year for some dental practices.

So a lot of dental practices will don’t have time to do any of this stuff. But if you do find yourself with some time, by all means take advantage of one or two or three or all four of these gifts. our listeners? You know you live you listen to us all year. And even if it’s something that you can’t use, or maybe you’re a customer of ours already and you’re listening to our podcast, um, you know send this podcast is to a dentist that you know that you know who might benefit from it.

Howie: Well, that’s a good idea. They can pass this along to anybody they like. Okay, the marketing plan of Mark work, we get that

Mark: newpatientsinc.com. And all you have to do there’s that complimentary marketing plan image at the top. All you have to do is click that and start to answer your questions.

Howie: Yeah, I believe you said that. I’m sorry. I fell asleep.

Mark: Thanks, buddy.

Howie: Yeah, anytime. All right. I think we’re we’ve wrapped up this podcast for now.

Mark: Yeah, everybody have a great holiday.

Howie: Yeah, absolutely.

Mark: Family, eat a lot but not too much, exercise if you can,

Howie: watch a lot of football,

Mark: watch football,

Howie: Seahawks.

Mark: Yep. Hug your kids and your grandkids and pet your dogs and all that wonderful warm stuff.

Howie: Alright, until next time, goodbye.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our podcast today. You can find more podcasts on our YouTube channel, on Stitcher and iTunes. Also on our websites, dentalwebcontent.com and newpatientsinc.com.