Video is one of the most underutilized mediums in Dental Marketing. So, what makes a good dental video? How should you use video, and what should your videos say?



Podcast Highlights:

  • Types of videos
  • What makes a good home page video?
  • Establishing trust and respect
  • Video placement
  • Communicability
  • Length
  • What should your video say?
  • Marketable attributes video
  • Silent videos
  • Where to use these dental videos
  • Animated videos
  • What to do if you aren’t good in front of a camera
  • Animated dental video length
  • Video quality
  • Quality scripting

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Hello, everybody. Welcome to our second podcast of the New Year. I’ve got my good buddy Mark Dilatush on the other end of the line. How you doing? Mark?

Mark: Good. Hey, let me ask you a question. As we get you said, this is our first of the new year and this is the second or

Howie: Yeah it is

Mark: Are we going to go through all the way to 52. Right. Now, Hi, everybody, this is our 52nd podcast.

Howie: You’ll never hear another word about it. On the next one,

Mark: I’m just teasing gonna.

Howie: Anyway, I thought we might want to look at is the subject of dental video and how dentists can make use of it. In his or her dental practice and all the various forms and shapes that the video might take. What do you think? I think that’s a good topic.

Mark: Yeah, I think it’s an awesome topic. I think it’s a I think it’s actually an underused media type. I really do, I mean, it’s there. There are several different kinds of dental video you want to let’s do this. Let’s just identify the different kinds.

Howie: Okay, I’ve got one here,

Mark: Right?

Howie: On your homepage of your website.

Mark: Yeah, there you go. That’s a that’s, that’s a great, so let’s let’s go through the homepage, website dental video. What makes a good video and what should the content of that be? Should that be a blood bloody implant surgical site video

Howie: Oh yeah,

Mark: Nah. no, first, the first, the first thing that you need to do with your dental office website visitors. The first thing you need to do with any advertising is to establish an elevated level of trust and respect.

Howie: Right?

Mark: And video, does that better than a picture? Better than a bio? Better than a written word? Wouldn’t when you agree, Howie?

Howie: Yeah, and that’s precisely the reason we started filming our clients, you know, 10 years ago. And, and, and just for that reason, I mean, you can only do so much with photos and words, you can do a lot with photos and words, but to establish a level of familiarity and trust with the with the person who which is usually woman who lands on your dental office website that takes video, they want meet you they want to see you and understand what kind of person you are.

Mark: Right? So yeah, so one of the keys that you would take away from that is, if you are going to create dental videos for website homepage, create one of the dentist introducing themselves and welcoming the visitor traffic to their website.

Howie: Exactly.

Mark: Another thing you might glean from this conversation is don’t bury the video under our team. Meet the dentist. Are you sure? Okay. Yeah, put the video right on your homepage.

Howie: Exactly. That’s not to say you can’t have a meet the doctor team video on that page, too. That’s fine. And

Mark: Of course,

Howie: The second most visited page of any debt dental office website is Meet the Team page.

Mark: But don’t hide the dentist intro video. That’s my point.

Howie: Exactly.

Mark: Right. Put it on your homepage. It’ll be very interesting. After you do, you’re going to look at your Google Analytics and you’re going to see how many visitors versus how many people watch that video. And those numbers are going to be very close together. Okay, especially the number of new visitors to your website, who also watched that video. 100 of those who come to your to your website, 98 of them are going to watch that video.

Howie: Yeah, yeah. That’s what that’s what a mom wants to find out. You know, she’s going to considering turning over her kids, her husband and herself to a medical practitioner here and she wants you know, then there’s going to be sharp instruments involved, and there’s going to be all kinds of things involved. She wants to get a good look at you.

Mark: Exactly. And for our listeners out there who may have last names that could be confused with someone not from the US. This is important. If your name is the villa Botswana, Dr. Davila, Botswana, I just made that name up.

Howie: Okay.

Mark: But as a human being as a dental consumer, you wonder if you can communicate with someone with that that with that name. Don’t you Howie? Yeah, yeah. Okay. Uh, Dr. Davila, but Swanee? Maybe from America, may have been educated in America may speak Absolutely. 100. perfectly understandable English. And probably knows more English than you and I combined. Okay. But the dental consumer would never know that if all they saw was the name. Exactly. See what I mean. Right. So the more foreign here’s my point, the more foreign your name sounds, even though it depends on obviously doesn’t sound foreign to you. Okay, but the more it would sound foreign to a dental consumer. The more you need that homepage video to allow them to see if they can communicate with you.

Howie: Yeah, it has nothing to do with anything racial. It’s simply a communications issue. Right. We found that out many, many years ago to, to our good cheer. That had nothing to do with that. It was purely Can I understand him or her? And can they understand me?

Mark: Exactly, exactly. So that’s a homepage dental video. So they have about a minute and a half? Or should it be an hour long so that they can talk about all the CE they’ve taken for the last 20 seconds?

Howie: Let me see. What’s the

Mark: Yeah, no, obviously, obviously, the answer is about a minute and a half,

Howie: Max,

Mark: Max, and how you’re the one who writes all the scripts and all the words for all the work that we do for our clients. So I defer to you? I’m really how much can you say? Right?

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: Minute and a half?

Howie: Yeah, you know, it’s the same problem that you have when you’re composing a radio spot or TV spot, it’s the real estate, you know, you can’t go You can’t tell the whole story of the practice in a minute and a half or 90 seconds, or 60 seconds you can

Mark: Right,

Howie: Don’t try

Mark: Right but, what can you communicate?

Howie: What you can communicate is that you are there you’re welcoming, welcoming new patients, including them, the one who just landed on your site. And there are a few key marketable attributes that we have that you may not fully grasp right away, but here they are, and you can go down and mentioned two or three and mentioned that your very insurance friendly. And, you know, you’re right across Street and post office and in the family, entire families welcome and, you know, look around and call us if you have any questions, that kind of a thing

Mark: , right? That kind of thing. Right? Or, or? Or you may have great hours, right?

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: basically, the bottom line is, is in the in the intro video. When you script it, you prioritize the script based on your priority marketable attributes.

Howie: Exactly.

Mark: So one might be a service, one might be a convenience, one might be price, one might be technology, you got four things to talk about, you hit the entire gamut. On for those of you listening to this, if you go to our website, to our resources, there’s free downloads, there’s a marketable attributes scorecard, the scorecard will tell you what matters most and least to the consumers. Go ahead, it’s free doesn’t cost anything.

So you can script your video that way. Talk about those three, you’re four things. Well, what else? Could you possibly What if you could schedule on your web? What if the patients could actually schedule their appointment on your website? You might want to include that in your video. You might want to, you might want to reference, the hundred and 46 great Google reviews you have that are sitting on your website as well.

Howie: Yes,

Mark: so. So all those things can be done in about 50-60 sec. Not excuse me, 60 to 90 seconds. And then that’s all you need. Right? If I as long as I can meet the dentist, see that they’re just a regular human being. I can communicate with them. They look understanding, they look like they’ll listen to me. Yeah, they’re nonthreatening.

Howie: Right. And then and then further if if the say the, the consumer is looking for a specific service, or to solve a specific problem, like, you know,

Mark: loose dentures

Howie: Yeah, loose dentures, for example. So you know, and it just so happens that implants is a very marketable attribute, according to the marketable attributes scorecard. So she might click on that video, and or that page of your website and pops, Dr. Jones, again, explaining all the wonderful things that they can do with implants and Implant Supported dentures and that sort of thing. So you have a video on each page. You don’t have to have it, you can overdo this. You don’t want to 57 videos, necessarily, but you want one, or each market will attribute page that you have on your site. Right, Mark?

Mark: Yeah, absolutely. That’s why when you go to our sites, you’re going to see those priority marketable attributes are on a page of their own. Yeah, we don’t put all the marketable attributes, all the marketable attributes in a 12 foot scroll.

Howie: Yeah, no.

Mark: So right. Well, that’s, that’s one way to use video.

Howie: Yeah. What are some other ways?

Mark: We have the most common ways I’m sorry, Howie, go ahead.

Howie: No, that’s okay. I was just gonna say what we can there multiple uses for video. Go ahead.

Mark: Yeah, I think the next most common is having a what I call a silent video in on a on a flat screen, on the wall facing the chairs. Four of the patients who are seated and maybe they’re waiting 90 seconds, right for their next for their appointment.

Howie: Right No more than Well,

Mark: nobody listening to this podcast. Ever let’s any other patients wait in the reception area,

Howie: right. But just in case,

Mark: just in case, okay. Obviously, we’re being facetious. But this is a wonderful, wonderful opportunity. You are subliminally communicating at us. Basically, it’s a slideshow, let’s say 789 or 10. Somewhere in there have your most prominent marketable attributes, the ones that are most of the highest score on those score sheets. Mix it up, technology, services, conveniences, price, mix it up, have to have these pages slides for each one of those and then just loop them through. without sound. It’s just silent. And a slide comes up. Did you know slide comes up? Did you know and I’m sitting there waiting for my dental appointment. Go you know, you know what? I didn’t know.

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: you know? Yeah, my mom has just last week my mom was complaining about her slipping dentures and I see this slide comes up goes, did you know we can fix slipping dentures? Well, no, I didn’t know. Thanks for telling me.

Howie: Right. Right.

Mark: When I go into the diet into them the opportunity to for my appointment. I’m going to go talk to the doctor about my mom who was complaining last weekend a better slipping dentures because you know what I didn’t know.

Howie: Right

Mark: And you know why? I didn’t know. Because nobody ever told me until I sat in your reception room.

Howie: And that could be true of a patient that’s been a member of the practice for 10 years.

Mark: Absolutely.

Howie: We’re not just talking about new patients here. No, I had no idea the doc could help my husband out with a snoring.

Mark: Yeah, there’s another one. There’s another one. So kind of obvious, right? So I talked to a dentist and they say well, what do you think about veneers? Dentist smiles. Of course I love veneers, right?

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: Like now what do you like about veneers? You know, and I know what they like about there’s they’re fairly easy, fairly predictable, high, you know, high margin, dental services and the dentist. What Dentists really like about it is the change in the change in the patient’s face. Once they smile for the first time then they see their veneers, right?

Howie: Yeah the wow factor

Mark: Yeah, the wow factor, right? If you talk to you if you really study this out. That’s Dentists love that right?

Howie: Yep.

Mark: Well, what if you had a slide that says we can fix gaps in your teeth?

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: Without orthodontics?

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: Hmm. I did not know that.

Howie: So I did not know that my doc did that.

Mark: Right. There you go. Right. I did not know that. My doctor did that. And you don’t have to call yourself the almighty cosmetic dentist. You’re just a dentist to fix gaps and teeth without ortho.

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: Right. So anyway, so another use of great use of dental video very inexpensive to produce on would be a flat screen in your reception room. You can use them in your opportunity computers, a screen savers as well, if you want, that’s fine. But anyway, it’s just a very low key very old, true professional, totally subliminal, okay, but you’ll see the difference. Patients are going to come up to you and go, you know, what about this thing I saw, and you’re going to recognize where they saw it. Right. So that’s another use of video.

I think that’s the most common I think, is on the website. I think the second most common is in the reception area. And I think the next building momentum. Use of video is on social media. And you can use your intro video on your website on social media, you can use segments of your reception room video for social media. What we have found is the animated videos work really well for communicating the benefits of dentistry to a general audience.

And animated videos are, you may have seen them on commercials with the hand drawing things or writing words out or maybe characters with a voiceover and they’re talking about certain subjects. That’s what an animated video is. They have proven to communicate general topics to the general audience really, really well. And dentists like it, because, um, what we found when we were filming, Dennis is about 50% of them are really good in front of the camera. And 50% of them are absolutely terrible in front of the camera. Okay, so, the dentist who aren’t so good in front of the camera, you’re probably never going to coach them into being good. Right? But you don’t want them to lose out on this video craze.

So that’s really where the animated dental videos come in. They communicate the benefits of the dentistry you provide without you having to be in the video. Right?

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: So your brand the front of it to your office, your brand the back of it to your office, you have a centralized message about a single topic about dentists and it could be anything. It could be your insurance policies, it could be Halloween candy buyback, Florida could be dental implants, could be sleep apnea, it could be any subject you want, right. And these are about you know, 40 to 60, maybe 70 seconds long, right? So when you do post them on your social media they get, they get watched, they get liked, they get shared, but which is really what you’re trying to do. Okay, so um, that’s a that’s a growing section of the overall topic of video. Now we have a whole I don’t know, I don’t know how many we have on dental web content. Now how we probably 500?

Howie: No, I would say at least

Mark: I’d say at least 500 of these

Howie: producing more every day.

Mark: Yeah, women were cranking them out. So then a web content is a subscription based website, where you get, you know, low monthly subscription, you can go in there and get any content you want on any subject about dentistry you want at any time you want. It’s on demand. So those animated web videos are very, very popular with the subscribers on our dental web content site. So video is anything else that you can think of that we use video for Howie?

Howie: Well, I was I wanted to make a note, you know, we’ve been flying our clients out to our film studio here in Vegas for many years. And the reason that that we do that is so that we can control the quality.

Mark: Oh, yeah,

Howie: You know, we’ve got this million freakin dollars and that, that film studio. And we do that just so we can control the quality and the sound and you know, the brightness and everything has to be just right. Now, if you’re a dentist who’s going to take a video or have somebody use their phones taking video, I mean, we’re not we’re not saying don’t do that. But we’re saying you have to pay attention to the quality because a badly done video can actually drive people away. So yeah, just keep that in mind. Well,

Mark: Yeah, I’m going to I’m going to say, yeah, I think I know what I think. I think the scripting is as important as the video quality, I really do.

Howie: Yeah

Mark: I mean, wow, we’ve seen some really, really head shakers, you know, videos on homepages on wet dental websites, I’m OI, you can absolutely grab an iPhone and take a video, everybody can just be very careful of what you’re saying. Be careful of what you’re saying how long you’re saying it, or how long the entire video is, and which subject you’re talking about. So that’s why I that’s what we said at the very beginning. Just download the marketable attributes sheet.

Check off the marketable attributes that you possess, and that score the highest on the sheet. Make sure you grab one or two out of each category. And that basically becomes your, the beginning of your scripting. And then just write down your words. Practice your words, and then let somebody take a video with an iPhone. Right? That’s, you know, that’s okay. Right. So anyway, um, that’s video.

Howie: Yeah, there you go. That was fun.

Mark: Snappy close, Howie.

Howie: Well, we’ll You know what, Mark, we just found out that, you know, we have some clients in foreign countries that have been listening to our podcast. So we’re very grateful that we have a growing audience out there. And we thank all of our listeners for tuning in. And, you know, we’ll, we’ll see you again soon here real soon. Thank you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our podcast today. You can find more podcasts on our YouTube channel, on Stitcher and iTunes. Also on our websites, and