Controversy! In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss duplicate content on dental office website.



Podcast highlights:

  • What’s real and what’s not?
  • How many ways can you describe dental implants?
  • SEO for dentists
  • Effects of geolocation
  • Dentistry SEO
  • Cookie cutter vs. unproven
  • Website companies
  • Dentists who want to write every word on their website
  • Google’s algorithm

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Hello, everybody. Once again, welcome to our podcast. I’m Howie Horrocks. That guy over there is Mark, Dilatush. Hey, Mark.

Mark: Hi, Howie Horrocks, how are you?

Howie: I’m good man. So Well, today, we would like to I think, talk about something that’s pretty darn controversial. And we’re going to do it because well, we can and it needs to be addressed. So what will the subject I’m alluding to is duplicate content on dental office website, and the good and the bad, and the ugly about that. What would you say about that, Mark? Is that controversial enough?

Mark: Yeah, I mean, I, I guess, I guess I think it’s, it’s not really hard to understand. So let’s, I mean, let’s just make sure everybody understands what’s real, and what’s not what’s not real. Um, okay, so when you hear the word or the phrase duplicate content, normally, you’re going to hear it in a discussion in a derogatory manner, you’re going to hear you shouldn’t have any content on your internet properties, that’s the same as any of your other internet properties, or anyone else’s internet properties, because Google will penalize you.

Howie: Right? That’s

Mark: pretty much what people use, as I don’t know why they use it. Because nobody, all right here, here’s the deal. There are probably, I don’t know, 25 or 30 different ways that have been proven effective to discuss the benefits of dental implants. The other 9000 ways don’t work. So you’re left with about 25 or 30. And if you have 1000 customers, math will tell you that there’s only so many ways that you can talk about a certain subject, I just use dental implants as an example.

Howie: Well, and that’s a good example. Let me interject something here as a copywriter. I mean, that’s challenge. Yeah. How much can you say about, you know, corps de bleaching? I mean, write a lot about it. But at a certain point, you’ve said it.

Mark: Right, at a certain point, I mean, you can change the paragraphs around, you can put paragraph one in paragraph two’s position. Paragraph two in paragraph one position, and paragraph three, right?

Howie: Change the adjective from dazzling to brilliant.

Mark: Exactly, exactly. So, so Okay, so. So we have this product called Dental Web Content. And in it, basically, it’s the world’s largest library of proven effective advertising content, basically, okay, and subscribers log on. And they grab pieces of proven advertising content, and they customize it, either themselves, or they asked us to customize it, or it’s required that we customize it, and we send them an email and give them their customized content, you know, a day or so later. Okay, so that that’s not news. I mean, we’ve had dental web content now since, what, last June Howie?

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: Okay. So. So here’s, here’s what we’re hearing from competitors, people who sell dental websites, people who sell dental SEO, people who sell whatever, they’re selling something. And unfortunately, they didn’t think of dental web content, and they don’t have 27 years worth of proven effective. Advertising content, right. So they have they come out with these things like duplicate content, duplicate content, you’re going to cripple your dental website SEO. Well, okay. But that means, you know, how Google determines duplicate content. And none of them can say that, because none of them know how Google defines duplicate content.

As a matter of fact, if you log on to Google’s will, a website, they have many, many, many, many articles that say exactly what we’re about to say, they’re not going to penalize you for duplicate content. Not unless you have duplicate content on 100 different websites. In other words, if you create one set of content, and then cross link 150 Dental websites together to share the content, then you have then of course, Google’s going to penalize you because you’re spamming their system. But if you define core deep bleaching as dazzling in a sentence on your dental office website, and some doctor from Oregon to geolocation is 2000 miles from you. On his website, it also says that core deep bleaching is dazzling or provides dazzling results. Trust me, Google is not going to care. Okay, they have more to do with their time. Okay.

Here’s where this all comes from. This all comes from competition, driving uncertainty in the market. Now, let me tell you about a couple of other dental office website companies who are also in the marketing space. Guess what they did? They immediately subscribe to dental web content. Okay, they’re out there on they are subscribing their customers. Because here’s what happens if you’re if you’re a website company or dental website. Now we’re a dental marketing company. So we come at this differently than a web dental website company would come at this. We provide all marketing services, we have a world class internet department, but we also provide services for every media type.

Okay, so we’re coming at this a little differently. We, our content on dental web content is there for everyone to use and customize. See, there’s the there’s that word again, Howie, it’s the same thing we used to say about our mailers, right, remember our old discussions about what’s better cookie cutter or 100% untested? Unproven.

Howie: Right

Mark: We would teach that to our audiences. What about direct mail, and that’s exactly the same thing applies here. Within a web content, content, okay. You download it and either have us customize it for you, or you customize it and make it your own. It’s adding a sentence, it’s adding a name, it’s adding your practice name, it’s adding a phone number, that’s a unique 10 digit number only to you. Ok. Google is not going to care. They are making this up. And I know it, I know they’re making it up. Because dental website companies who see what we’re doing are subscribing their customers to our website. Dental website companies get requests for website page changes all the time, don’t we have we we get we get tons of them. Right?

Howie: Yeah, yeah.

Mark: Our customers it’s constant our customers call us and it might not be for a good reason. It could be for a bad reason. And it could just be because the doctor woke up and I don’t know, had an extra shot of espresso with their coffee and said, “You know, I need to change my implant page.” Well, if you have a few hundred website customers, and they’re giving you a few hundred content requests every month, that’s a drain on your human resources.

So dental office website companies are saying to their customers here, subscribe with these guys. Grab your content, and either put it in yourself, or will charge you a fee to put it in for you. Now those dental websites, companies understand what we’re doing. And they’re not saying it’s bad, it’s bad. Okay? guys and gals, there’s duplicate content everywhere, look at your own dental office website and go to what I don’t care what page and what service I’m

Howie: Sleep apnea

Mark: Sleep apnea. Okay, just go search sleep apnea on five different dental websites. And believe me, the messages will be very close to one another. Google’s not penalizing anyone for text that’s the same or similar on two different websites. They’re not doing that. So don’t listen to it. Okay. It’s just fear. They’re just trying to stop sales, or I honestly don’t know why I don’t know why any dental office website company would be afraid of dental or any? Yeah, website company would be afraid of dental web content. They could just subscribe their customer pulled down the content, build your dental office website and be it would be faster for them.

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: I don’t know where this is all coming from. I just know. It doesn’t apply. It doesn’t apply. Now. If you said to me, Mark, what’s best? What’s the best practice? If I had the DWC and I was I was still concerned about that, about duplicate content. Okay. Even though I listen to this podcast, even though I understand pure logic, and I understand Google’s not out to get me, all right, I still have this little tiny feeling that maybe duplicate content matters, okay? Then download the content from dental web content and either make it your own or build around it.

And I we actually have this on the website, we teach people that the proven content in the in the in the DWC website is the hamburger the pickled of mustard, relish ketchup of your hamburger. And if you want to right, the top part of the bun and the bottom part of the bun just so you have a really nice hamburger, that’s all yours that’s all customized for you go for. But here’s what we know. We know there’s lots of dentists out there who don’t want to be bothered doing that. And in those cases, we do it.

Howie: We don’t have the time, ordinarily,

Mark: who were high, right. And then we have lots of anal retentive dentists who want to write every word. But they still need to see what works. And what now we don’t show them what doesn’t work. But we they need to see what works in order to fold their own words into the same message right Howie.

Howie: Right, exactly. I mean, we could show them what doesn’t work, but it would a much bigger library

Mark: right, right it costs a lot more money than $87 a month, right? cost us a hell of a lot more to figure it out. So here’s really duplicate content, the people who are talking about duplicate content, don’t know what Google’s algorithm is. But if you log on to Google and you Google actually, it’s kind of silly. But if you Google, Google duplicate content. Google itself has an enormous library of do’s and don’ts, best practices, and so on and so forth. And clearly it says don’t link to duplicate content across multiple sites and spam their algorithm of course, but that’s not what we’re doing.

We’re often proven advertising concepts. content, video, traditional video, social media posts, Facebook posts, Facebook, boost posts, find ads. Oh my gosh, radio vision. Any advertising you possibly imagine is in this library? Yeah, if the thousand different dentists use our radio scripts for radio ads, there’s going to be 1000 more productive dentists out there. Is that a bad thing? No. If 1000 dentists download our one of our web pages on dental implants and learns how to promote dental implants on their website. And they and maybe they customize it, is that a bad thing? Or do you want them going around making all the mistakes we made in the library of crap that doesn’t work that we’ve already paid for?

Howie: Wait, what are you thinking?

Mark: Which one do you want? Okay. Or do you want to go to a mark dental marketing company? We’re a dental website company that tries to sell you on this concept of uniqueness. Okay, let me let me tell you what the concept of uniqueness costs because we have millions in uniqueness. And we don’t use any of it. We’ve already bought and paid for uniqueness. Okay, uniqueness is overrated. I’m not saying in duplicate content is great. But I’m saying it’s a start. You put the icing on the cake, posted to your social media, put it up on your dental office website, using in your print ad use it wherever to promote dentistry, and you are 1000 miles ahead from those detractors. Copy Howie?

Howie: Yep, yep, totally agree. All right. Have we beaten that horse into the ground?

Mark: Yeah, I think so. Okay, well, you know what, I do have a short announcement here.

Howie: Yeah, go ahead.

Mark: Alright. So I’m not sure how many people are aware of this. But you’ve probably never seen us in an American Dental Association annual meeting before? I think we’ve done one. Haven’t we Howie?

Howie: Yeah, we did one.

Mark: Years ago in Vegas, we had like one booth. And we were kind of off in the corner by the by the dumpster that took the lunch meat at the end of at the end lunch.

Howie: Right it smelled really good there.

Mark: I know I know. And, you know, kind of near the restrooms, too. So it was it was like the worst possible position, the smallest possible. So anyway, so we’ve grown over the years. And so this year in Atlanta, at the American Dental Association, we’re going to be in booth. It’s a quad booth 20 by 20, and booth number 2755. And we’re going to work for the rest of the year to build the audience because we want to meet everyone that listens to our podcast, I can’t believe we have thousands of people who listen to our podcast.

And so if you’re going to come to the ADA, know, you don’t have to make a physical note right now just jot down a mental note that mark and how he would love to shake your hands Say hello. Um, and we’ll be at the ADA in a big way this year. So we hope to meet all of you.

Howie: Yeah, that’s, that’s exciting. We’re looking forward to it. A lot. A lot of prep work to do first, but yeah, we’ll be there. Okay, well, we’ll wrap this up for today. Thank you out there for listening. We really appreciate it and we’ll be in touch very soon. Thank you.

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