In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss how to make your dental practice stand out and marketable attributes that you may be overlooking. These attributes not only make you stand out from the crowd, but are also features that your potential new patients care about. Find out your practice’s marketable attributes with our marketable attributes score card.

Find out your practice’s marketable attributes with our marketable attributes score card.


Podcast Highlights

  • Being the family dentist in town
  • Hobbies
  • The big “about the dentist” mistake that most dentists make
  • Should you REALLY advertise your continuing education (CE)?
  • Being human
  • Lectures, teaching, published works
  • Being the teacher vs. the student
  • Doctor street cred
  • Location, location, location
  • Creating familiarity
  • Charity work
  • Military service
  • The alphabet behind your name — should you put it there?
  • Your meet the dentist page
  • Testimonials and being a hometown dentist
  • Utilizing social media to display these attributes

Podcast Transcription:

Hello and welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the founder of New Patients Incorporated along with me once again is my friend and partner and the president of New Patients Incorporated Mark Dilatush.

Howie:  Well hello everybody, once again, welcome to our podcast. Hey Mark, how you doing?

Mark: Hey, Howie. I’m doing fine. I fished in a monsoon on Saturday.

Howie: You went fishing?

Mark: I did. In a monsoon, it was constantly raining. We were having a nor’easter.

Howie: Oh boy.

Mark: I know.

Howie: Where was it, at the Hudson, or?

Mark: No, up in Candlewood in Connecticut it the nor’easter jogged out to sea thankfully, so we didn’t have 25 to 35 mile an hour sustained winds with rain beating in our face we just had the rain fell gently on top of us for nine hours.

Howie: Oh, gosh. Okay.

Mark: Yeah, I am not complaining. I am not, not a complaint.

Howie: You’re addicted. Okay. But anyway, what we’re doing today – how to make your dental practice stand out.

Let’s talk about ways that a dentist or a dental practice can stand out and be different, since that’s a key component of any marketing strategy is, you know, that’s one of the things that people ask, you know, what, why should I choose you over these other guys down the street? Why are you different? As a dental practice? And then what, you know, what sort of things can you use in your marketing to display your difference? What do you think?

Mark: Yeah no, we get it all, we get it all the time. Dentists get it all the time. They see all they see whatever comes in the mail at their home. And they see that, you know, outside of the picture and the color scheme, they all pretty a Google map, they all pretty much look the same to them. Um, deals are the same or close. So it kind of makes everything look the same. And dentistry, especially the top half of dentistry is trying to differentiate itself.

So the idea of asking the question, “how to make your dental practice stand out?” Or “how do I make myself look or appear, or have a perception of being different?” “How do I do that?” And today’s podcast is really, you know, some of the hidden ways that almost everyone listening to this, I’m sure. everyone listening to this can benefit by using one of the several examples we’re going to give. I can’t imagine that there’s anyone any dentist listening to this that doesn’t have one or more of these following attributes.

Howie: Yeah, yeah, a lot of them are kind of hidden. Like, you have to think about it a while that, you know, they don’t immediately just pop out. So.

Mark: Yeah, one of the first and obvious ones and ones that we’ve used for a while before I started before we start getting too deep into this, this is for all the dentists that do their own marketing. And for all the dentists that may not even use NPI, they could use a different marketing firm. You know, one of the ones that we’ve used very successfully over the years is, um, the image of the dentist, the dentists spouse, and potentially the dentist family, maybe even the dentist dog.

Howie: Oh, yeah.

Mark: In a picture, professionally posed, but not professionally dressed. I mean, everybody’s dressed nice. But not, you know, over the top suit and tie, scrubs, you know, that kind of thing. They all look they look like a family in a nice little setting. Maybe a park, maybe even a park next to where your office is.

Howie: Yes.

Mark: People can get that message in the picture as well.

Howie: Or, or in front of a landmark that’s recognizable by others in the town.

Mark: Sure.

Howie: It’s another setting for a nice casual picture.

Mark: Yeah, you should be fine. As long as it’s not a bar, right?

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: But the point is, is that you know, that this is a marketable attribute that you yourself may certainly possess as a really good chance you do. And it may be something that you’re not exploiting, is the realness of you as a family person that resonates enormously well with the female consumer in the top half of the dental market who’s looking primarily for an increased level of trust and an increased level of respect before she moves forward to read more. Or go to your website and read more, or what have you, she’s going to invest the time she needs to know that the person that she’s going to invest the time in is worthy. And one of the ways you can do that is to show her basically your family.

Howie: Yeah, yeah. It’s very powerful, actually.

Mark: Yeah. You know, on the um, along those same lines um, you know, a little, a little humor doesn’t hurt. When you’re writing your bio for your website. You know, you know, “in in his spare time, Dr. Smith enjoys, trying to figure out how to get his golf score below 3 digits,” right?

Howie: Yeah?

Mark: Just something, you know, the little self-effacing humor never hurts. Um, you know, or gardening, you know, trying to find out how to actually make a rosebush. You know, um thrive, or whatever, whatever, you know, little quips like that um too many times we log on, or we look at how the dentist or their marketing firm or website developers have written their bio, and it’s kind of obvious when you look that the dentist themselves wrote the bio. Because

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: looks like they’re trying to impress every other dentist on the planet. Which really isn’t the point. Okay.

Howie: No, it’s the opposite of the point.

Mark: Right, right. Yeah. “Look, how many CE hours I took, you know, 210, when the next guy over is 230.” Right? So it becomes this big gamesmanship between dentists, when it really shouldn’t, it shouldn’t be anything about really, it shouldn’t be anything about the dentist um against, you know, not against dentists, but it shouldn’t be anything about competing with other dentists, it should be about, you know, making you a real life human being.

Howie: Yeah, exactly. Another one that often overlooked, is I know, with many of our clients, many of them have given lectures, they’ve gotten up in front of other dentists and taught various techniques. And, and they’ve also maybe published articles that they’ve, you know, in some of the dental media, those things are, are very valuable, if you can share those with your audience. Because what it does is it you know, the, it establishes a trust, it’s like, who would you rather go see, the guy who, you know, taught the course, or the guy who took the course? I mean, it’s kind of like that thing in the consumers mind, you know? And if you can say that you’re a teacher, you will immediately have a higher level of trust in your in your target audience automatically.

Mark: Yeah, street cred.

Howie: Street cred, there you go.

Mark: Yeah. Yeah, that’s, that’s a good one. Another one that’s often overlooked. And it’s it goes into the category of maybe potentially trying not to overstate the obvious, but one of them is location. You know, we have these offices who are either right next to grocery stores, or right next to elementary schools, or right next to big corporate facilities, or what have you. And the doctor will throw up a Google map with a little balloon on their website and say, and or with a star in it, and it says “we are here,” and it doesn’t really mention anything else, when it really should, it really should mention that you’re, you know, a 10th of a mile from shop and save.

And directly across from the Boeing corporate headquarters, and just down from Millard elementary school, right? Try and bring the neighborhood into how all this does is create familiarity. And familiarity breeds um a response. Right? So don’t overlook the obvious when you promote your location. Because it could be very valuable to you to anyone who shops for food, anyone who may work at the Boeing facility, and anyone with a child who has to drop them off five days a week at Miller Elementary School. Imagine how convenient that would be to any of the thousands of moms who frequent those three locations near you. Okay, so that there’s another one, don’t, don’t overlook it, you all everyone listening into this is at a location. So all of you can use this

Howie: Exactly. Another one that you might sometimes are reluctant to talk about this sort of thing, but I don’t think they should be and that’s their charity work. Lots of lots of our clients donate their time, their skills, their energy, to their communities, and that should be recognized and should be talked about it, again, it establishes a higher level of trust in your target audience. You know, you’ve got to be a good guy, if you give away your time and efforts to your community.

Mark: I bet you the guy doing the $29 exam or the $1 exam special is not hasn’t gone on a mission trip to New Guinea.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: Right. Or done a candy buyback program or done smiles from the heart or done any of them numerous things, you know, wonderful things that our clients and other not in our non clients, you know, other dentists do. Um, they tend to keep it to themselves, because they’re, you know, they’re modest. And that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with modesty. But my goodness, if you want to differentiate yourself, you know, there’s a nice, easy way to do it and still be modest. You know, Dr. Smith and the team in New Guinea, a picture of them helping the locals with their dental health last summer. That’s all.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: Pics, right? How do you don’t have to? You don’t have to tell them how much it costs and how long you were there. And, you don’t have to do that. You just you know. Just, again, humanizing. Here’s another one. And this dovetails into that age old question of actually, we just did a podcast called, “If your offer is your best foot forward you have no feet.” Remember that one?

Howie: Oh, yeah.

Mark: Well, here’s another one. Um, there’s, you know, there are offers on on our work too, you’d have to kind of look for them, you have to learn about the practice before you get to them. But they’re there. And sometimes the offer is very simple. It’s, you know, with your new patient exam, and x ray will donate $100 to the local animal shelter.

Howie: Right.

Mark: Right, doesn’t have to be you giving them money, or you taking money off. It could be something that they want, they really seriously want their name associated with. Right? Sometimes you go into restaurants that run a charitable cause. And they’ll have these little stars that they taped to the counter and has people’s names inside that have given money, you know, to this cause. That’s all really that’s all the public needs. Some people will make the decision to choose you just based on that. The fact that you you’re not the cheap dentist in town, but you do support the local animal shelter. Oh my goodness.

Howie: Yeah, absolutely. That that’s really nice. We’re going to take a quick break here everybody. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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Howie: Okay, we are back. We were talking about how to make your dental practice stand out.

Mark: Oh, hold on Howie look, show of hands everybody listening to this who would like us to change up our commercial. Everybody rose their hands. So we’re going to change up our commercial.

Howie: Okay, we’ll do that.

Mark: Okay, okay. I had my hand up. I want to change our commercial.

Howie: Okay.

Mark: All right. So what else? What are some of the other hidden things that everyone listening to this is not exploiting? I guess maybe exploiting is too harsh of a word. But everybody, everybody gets the idea.

Howie: Yeah. Using. I you know, this does, obviously doesn’t apply to everybody. But if you if you have any prior military service.

Mark: That’s a huge, that’s an enormous one.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: That’s enormous.

Howie: Mentioning that in in your bio area or on your web page. Yeah, that’s, that’s big time that that gets you a lot of street cred right there.

Mark: Street cred is worthwhile.

Howie: Yeah. Yeah, um, let’s see, what else.

Mark: What else do we have? We also have, um, oh, any professional connections? I always kind of wince when I see Dr. Dr. Bob Smith, FAGD, MM, CC, Nick Bow, holy crap, whatever.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: And, you know, and you’ve heard Howie and I speak about what you know, your meet the dentist page, and how it’s not supposed to be um, you know, it’s not supposed to be a sprint to see who can accumulate the most CE hours. But being affiliated with the, almost everybody has a list of affiliations. And you don’t have to say much about the organizations just list them. Member of list list list list list. They help, they really do help, especially if it’s branded in familiar organizations. I know, you might think it’s not but the American Dental Association is a branded recognize name. Your state Dental Association, I’m sure is a branded and recognized name. Um, as might be Invisalign. You might be a certified Invisalign partner.

Howie: Oh, yeah. Um, that’s a branded, and very recognizable name. So. In fact, they’re running a big national TV campaign right now.

Mark: Exactly, exactly. So you don’t overlook those. You know, we’re trying to uncover the things that are that are right in front of you that you might overlook just because you think they’re not important. We’re just trying to bring to light their importance.

Howie: Here’s another one I just thought of, if you’re a hometown guy or gal.

Mark: Oh, there you go. That’s, a good one.

Howie: You know, if you went to school there, or you know, graduated from high school or whatever. You know, people like to do business with people that you know, are from where they’re from.

Mark: Yeah, you can even extend it off to your, your, your father or mother and maybe they were active in the church or the community or maybe they were former mayor, or maybe here’s one, maybe you were in Texas, and you were a high school quarterback.

Howie: Oh, big.

Mark: Yeah, you’re gonna you gotta pack practice for the rest of your life, if that’s the case. So, obviously, it depends. It depends on where you are, and and obviously, your family but yeah, no Howie that’s a great one. Um.

Howie: And if your name is Colt McCoy, and you live in Texas, boy.

Mark: There’s another one, right? So, um, but you get the idea, you know, grab whatever you can, can get your hands on, on that. Any other community involvement, as well, I mean, anything like that, even if you’re a five k runner, or a marathon runner, or any of that stuff that shows you out in the community, supporting whatever cause, okay? It all, it all works really, really well, to just just make you make you appear, make your perception of you and your practice to be a little bit different that you can do the same thing with your staff, by the way. You know, there’s no reason why, like one of our we had a staff member who was what was she, a St. Bernard rescue?

Howie: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Mark: Amber? I mean i think that’s kind of, you know, kind of eclectic. Right? I mean, you know, rescue being a dog rescue is, I’m not gonna say it’s common, but it’s pretty common, but being a certain species rescue is kind of cool. I didn’t even know you could do that. Like, I didn’t even know you could say, well, “I’m only going to rescue breeds.” Right?

Mark: You know, anything like that, that you can put into your into, I’m not saying, you know, put it into a Facebook ad or a mailer or anything like that. But you can certainly expand upon the normal drivel that people put on dental websites. Absolutely do it, you can absolutely fill your social media with it. These are examples. Now that now that I’ve opened up Pandora’s box, these are absolutely perfect examples of what to build for your Facebook. These are the things that no marketing company can do for you, is to build little stories. “Did you know, did you know, that Mary is is a rescue home for St. Bernard’s.

This is how it works, blobbity blobbity bloom, there’s this week’s Facebook post, or blog post, and then just cross post it to your social media properties. That’s it, you’re done. You don’t need anything else besides that. Every four, four weeks or so throw in a dental topic, and you’re good to go. Actually these public interest stories, all of them, are all perfect dental, social media fodder. Anything to humanize you, and to allow the audience to learn get a little bit of a deeper look inside your soul, are good things.

Howie: Yeah. Well, I think I think we’ve covered that one for today.

Mark: Yeah. Well, thank you, Howie.

Howie: Yep. Glad you’re back on job and hopefully next weekend you’ll have a fishing rod in your hand again.

Mark: Well, now we’re going up to see the grandchild though. That’ll be fun.

Howie: Oh, that’s good. All right. Well, thank you, everybody, for listening. We appreciate it. And we will see you soon. Bye now.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our podcast today. You can find more podcasts on our YouTube channel, on Stitcher, and iTunes, also on our websites and