There are four things you really need to be aware of when you start a dental marketing campaign.

Other dentists may not like what you are doing.

The anti marketing crowd is getting smaller every day but there’s still a few left. If the dentist down the street thinks the miracles of modern dentistry should be kept a closely guarded secret, our advice would be NOT to argue with him/her. Simply say that you will cease dental marketing if they will pay your rent, staff salaries, put your kids through college and build up your retirement account. Most will then shut up. Or they’ll start marketing themselves (which ultimately benefits everyone – including you – by raising the dental IQ of the community).

State Dental Boards may not like what you are doing.

You are ultimately responsible for making sure that your designs will pass muster with your state dental board. The problem with State Boards is that all 50 of them have different rules. And all 50 of them change their rules at the drop of a hat. We’re not trying to alarm you, we are on your side. Just to ease your mind a bit; since 1990, we’ve had exactly three clients who have had dental board trouble and each was easily resolved. And, as it turned out, in each case the complaint was filed with the Board by a jealous competitor! See # 1 above.

What gets the public to pick up the phone and call is almost ALWAYS different than what you or your staff “think” will work, or, what you or your staff “like.”

You are about to embark upon a dental marketing plan. When the word gets around – LOOK OUT! Everyone, from your spouse, staff, friends, colleagues, people you vaguely remember from dental school, and even the janitor, will all suddenly turn into dental marketing experts.

They will want you to try this, say that, use this photo, try that slogan, “only target rich people,” “do what Larry Rosenthal does,” and on and on. Their opinions usually come from little experience but carry great weight, especially in their minds.

Everyone will be sure their way is the only way. They will be little you should you balk at their uninformed advice. They will regale you with reasons you should listen to them and no one else.

Follow their advice and you will likely fail.

That probably sounds pretty harsh. We’re normally not harsh guys until someone starts messing with the potential success of our clients. Don’t fall into this common trap. You’ve hired us for a reason. Let us do what we do best!

Patience is a virtue that ALL of our most successful clients possess.

We are confident that your NPI Advisor has guided you through all of the numbers in your market – your targets, the competitive analysis, a bit about why we are successful at what we do, and what you can expect from your specific dental marketing plan.

We are also sure that your NPI Advisor cautioned you about expecting wildly successful results too quickly, and do that for a good reason. And, we have worked with dentists in wonderful markets and dentists in not so wonderful markets. Our most successful client stories are normally told by dentists in not so wonderful markets.

Every one of those success stories carries with it a similar characteristic – those clients demonstrated the patience necessary to receive the big payback.

So, our last piece of advice would be; follow in the footsteps of some wildly successful dentists. Give us the time necessary to get you there.

–Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush