Warning! This podcast episode is 100% self promotion! DO NOT listen to this episode to get educated. Unless of course, you want to learn about the BIGGEST ADA SHOW SPECIAL EVER! Mark Dilatush and Josh Jenne use this episode to explain what all the excitement is about and how everyone can take advantage, even if they can’t make the ADA meeting.


Sign up for your show special here: http://newpatientsinc.com/promo/ada-2017.html

  • What is in the show special? It will be announced on September 1st
  • Who will benefit? All of dentistry
  • Where is the ADA this year? Atlanta, Georgia
  • Do I have to be at the ADA receive the show special? No! Simply sign up for a voucher
  • How to find us at the convention? Booth 2755

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and Welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by DentalWebContent.com and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Mark: Hi, everybody. This is Mark Diltaush from New Patients Incorporated. We have found a day that Howie is not in the office. We decided to have a podcast without Howie for all you people who are saddened by this event, send Howie an email at [email protected] and tell him how, how terribly he was missed for this podcast.

Replacing Howie is a guy named Josh Jennie, who how many of our customers have ever been exposed to Josh’s winning smile. Josh Jennie is New Patients Incorporated’s, marketing director, manager. He is responsible for the marketing and the direction of all of our own marketing, trying to convince dentists out there that we are the real deal. We’re not you know, we’re not. We’re not the folks who show up with a wooden covered wagon, and a horse that walks into town and sell you a snake oil. So, Josh, welcome to the podcast.

Josh: Hey, it’s good to be here.

Mark: How? How long have you been in Las Vegas?

Josh: Oh, 2007. So, 10 years?

Mark: Wow, you said that like it was 50 years?

Josh: Ah, it feels like 50 for me.

Mark: It feels like 50. And what’s the temperature there today?

Josh: Oh, geez. It’s between 100 – 120 Okay, I don’t really know, though, cuz I sit in the air conditioning all day.

Mark: Okay. All right. I’m just checking get in there when we can because in February, you guys do the reverse.

Josh: Yep.

Mark: So, Howie not in the office. So, everybody’s kind of more relaxed. Because you know, anybody that knows how he knows what a taskmaster Howie is? Right?

Josh: Yeah, he’s got the whip going 24/7.

Mark: He is the beast. So. So we decided to help folks, we’ve decided to use this podcast to help folks unravel a little bit more about our ADA special. Now normally on a podcast, you wouldn’t use this space, you wouldn’t waste the space and waste you would lose listeners because it’s basically sounds like a gigantic commercial. Right? Okay. I would agree with those people. So, if you are one of those people, you should stop listening to this now.

If you’re one of the people that did not stop listening to this now and your kind of have your curiosity piqued, and what the heck is this at a special thing that Mark’s talking about? The only reason we would use podcast time to explain it is if it was worthy of explanation and a big enough deal. That really everybody listening to these podcasts should definitely take notice. We have a page on our website. It’s the ADA promo page. If you go to that page, on our website, you’re going to find a series of animated videos, the videos tell a story. And ultimately, when are when is the story going to be complete? What day Josh?

Josh: September 1, 2017.

Mark: September 1, 2017. Okay, that is a date that you should remember, September 1, 2017. Now on that page, or the ADA special page on our website. Here’s a form. What is that form for?

Josh: The form is for special voucher that you can receive. That’ll give you that’ll give you access to our ADA show special. You don’t have to actually be at the show special to claim the reward that will be announced on September 1.

Mark: Okay, so there’s, a you just said a big mouthful.

Josh: Yeah,

Mark: So, if it’s the ADA shows, if we call it the ADA show special. What you’re saying is is that people do not have to be physically present at the ADA to claim they’re their savings.

Josh: Correct.

Mark: They can be at home. They could be in Ecuador. They could be anywhere. As long as they let us know they want the ADA show special. We will become their agents. And we will submit their voucher for them. Okay, that’s important. What are, what is this animated? What are these animated little movie snippets all about, what are they doing?

Josh: We, like we said earlier, we aren’t revealing what the show special is until September 1. But in the meantime, we have our five part series called license to drill. It’s an imaginary world where Mark and Howie our secret agents trying to infiltrate NPI to find out what the what the show special is. And they each episode we drop a few hints. Right now it’s you know, it’s July 5, this podcast will probably come out next week on the 10th. And then episode three will cross our fingers come out on the 17th.

Mark: So far, the main clue that’s been divulged in the first two. I mean, let’s face it, the first in the series was Hey, we have an ADA special.

Josh: yup

Mark: Okay, the second episode was about reviews and online reputation management. Right?

Josh: Yes

Mark: That was the big clue. Um, alright, so each one of these you’re going to divulge a clue an additional clue. There might be three or four things in this ADA show special then?

Josh: Yes.

Mark: Ah, okay. All right. If I go online to the ADA show special page at our website, and I fill in the form you said it puts me in first come first serve order. If I want, if I decide I want to get the ADA show special.

Josh: That is correct.

Mark: Okay, so, but how? I don’t even know what the heck is in it.

Josh: Yes.

Mark: Okay. When am I going to be able to know or are you going to show me What’s in it?

Josh: Yes, September first. The, you know that episode five will release. Everyone can see the epic conclusion to license to drill. And then and then right there on the page there. There will be the details of the special I don’t want to drop too many hints about it.

Mark: Okay,

Josh: there may be four or five thing products involved

Mark: things

Josh: things

Mark: Okay

Josh: items.

Mark: Well, okay, so September 1, so between September 1 and October, when is the ADA 19th to the 21st. Between September 1 and October 18. People can actually see these products.

Josh: Yes.

Mark: Uh, okay. All right. So does the form that they fill in, does it put them in a first come first serve order?

Josh: Yes, it does.

Mark: Okay, so. The first come first serve order is not just ordering, it’s actually being the first to schedule some time to look at everything according to your convenience.

Josh: Yes.

Mark: Okay. All right. All right. This is actually kind of its kind of exciting, kind of dramatic, a little bit of mystery involved. Um, alright. Everyone now knows, as of this date, whatever today’s date is July 5, 2017, that new patients incorporated is going to try and pull off the largest ADA show special in the history of dentistry. Between now and September 1, we are going to leak the contents of the products and services that we are going to offer that will be part of the ADA show special now on September 1. Aren’t we also going to divulge the terms? Like what is it cost? If anything?

Josh: Yes

Mark: How long do you use it? If any limitations, there on how long? You know, whatever? We’re also going to divulge the terms, right?

Josh: Yes.

Mark: A dentist or their team member will know exactly which products and services and exactly what if anything they cost whether or not it has a contract or not all that stuff is going to be divulged as well, right?

Josh: Uh huh.

Mark: Okay. Wonderful, because I’m getting people are seeing your promotion. I mean, Josh is promoting it. You’re promoting it primarily on Facebook, right?

Josh: Yes. We have a we have a Facebook group where we discuss dental marketing, it’s the dental marketing mastery community. I believe a lot of our viewers are already in there. But if you’re not just look up dental marketing mastery community on Facebook. Mark, Howie, a lot of our advisors are there. A lot of folks are asking questions about how to market their practice. And other dentists can chime in or advisors chime in. it’s a really great place.

Mark: Alright, so that’s where you’re currently promoting it. But, um,

Josh: well there and through, you know, targeting and Facebook advertising.

Mark: Okay,

Josh: email,

Mark: Facebook. Okay, so yeah, cuz I’m starting to hear dentists calling me Mark, what the heck is this? Right. And, you know, which is kind of shocking if you’re a marketing company, and you have the customer potential customer calling you asking you what this thing is, right? Like your marketing didn’t work, right. But the bottom line is, is they did call. And that’s so people are starting to get engaged in this and they’re starting to get a little bit of the excitement or a little bit of anticipation. Now the Clue Number one is out there.

Josh: Yep.

Mark: Can you divulge Clue Number Two?

Josh: Yes. Clue Number two is actually up on our website. And now it’s it has something to do with online reviews.

Mark: Oh, no, no, that’s, that’s, that’s really Clue Number one.

Josh: oh

Mark: yeah.

Josh: Clue Number two.

Mark: Yeah, yeah. Don’t, don’t make them wait. Make them wait.

Josh: Alright.

Mark: So, okay, so this was a here’s what I know, for this is for all the audience. I have been in dentistry for 27 years. And I’ve never seen a company or even heard of a company try to pull off what we’re going to pull off at the ADA this year. I don’t know what dentists or a dental team member, who would not benefit from what’s in this ADA show special.

And I can’t believe we’re going to have the terms that we are going to have. But we’re pulling it off. And we would love for everyone listening to this. too. If you are going to the ADA anyway, grab your voucher. Because it puts you in first place. First come first serve order if you order it. And we plan on getting hundreds of orders, okay at the show floor. You don’t want to be order number 199. It would benefit you to be order number seven. Okay, just grab a voucher, put it in your mailbox under NPI and just leave it there.

We will reach out to you put you in the demo schedule. You send us your best day and time.We’ll get you on, we’ll make sure you and the whole team are comfortable with everything we’re showing you prior to the ADA and if you don’t want to take advantage of it, that’s fine. But I can’t imagine any dental practice not wanting to take advantage of this show special.

Now if you are going to the ADA, we will be in booth 2755. This is a new, it’s a big gigantic quad booth will have probably 12 to 14 of us from the NPI team there. If you’re already a customer, please come over and grab a hug and probably a smooch on the cheek. And no, seriously. I mean, that’s the way it is when we you know when we run into our customers, right? You know, meet Julie, you can meet Wendy and Megan and Josh and me and Howie and everybody involved with the men most of us at the NPI team will all be there.

We would love to see you. And then even if you don’t get your voucher, you can always show up at the booth. Look at all the products, take them for a test drive, you know, turn them upside down. Be sure about your decision to take advantage of the ADA show special and then either do it or don’t do it while you’re there.

Josh: We’re by the food too. So

Mark: We’re by the food. Oh,

Josh: Yeah.

Mark: Everybody’s gonna see us at least twice a day.

Josh: Yep. And if you don’t want to, I mean, you can swing by and have lunch with us.

Mark: Yeah, just stop by and say hello, we’d love to meet you. For this podcast, thank you for those who kept listening. And for those who didn’t, you’re going to miss out. We will be back as soon as Howie gets back, which is probably in about two days. The following Monday from this year. We’ll be back on schedule with our regular podcast. Thanks, everybody.

Josh: Have a good one.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our podcast today. You can find more podcasts on our YouTube channel, on Stitcher and iTunes. Also on our websites, dentalwebcontent.com and newpatientsinc.com