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Podcast Highlights:
  • The power of online reviews
  • The “sweet spot” rating that you want
  • Avoiding missed calls and missed appointments
  • Call centers?
  • Online scheduling is not the boogieman
  • Online scheduling that actually integrates with practice management software
  • Social media use
  • Dental Web Content

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Well, hello, everybody. Welcome once again to another podcast. And guess what today is?

Mark: What’s today Howie?

Howie: what do you think Mark? its called big reveal day.

Mark: big reveal?

Howie: Yes.

Mark: Like those. Those reality TV shows?

Howie: Oh, yeah, yeah,

Mark: yeah, we’re. I think we’re hip now.

Howie: What are we bigly revealing?

Mark: Bigly, we are bigly revealing. Alright, so let me let me go all the way back. So as everyone listening to this knows, we’re, we’re a full service dental marketing firm. And we do basically everything. Everything that makes sense, when some people get confused, when we say everything, we only do things that makes sense, statistically, to promote dentistry. So one piece of that was kind of driving us crazy, which was, you know, we would deploy whatever, website, mail, print ad, magazine, whatever we were deploying on behalf of a client, we would hook a call tracking number to it. And we would look at the calls, listen to the calls. We would see missed call missed call missed call missed call, missed call missed call. And that would drive us crazy.

Another scenario, and I’ll go back to the missed calls in a second. Another scenario is we have perfectly good, wonderful clients, on where we didn’t really control their online, their online content, but we did control their offline content, and we would deploy for them. And we would see that they were getting less of a result than someone who we were deploying in a, you know, very similar market, similar demographics, similar doctor patient ratio, supply and demand, that kind of thing. We could never really put our finger on why is the office a getting more of a result and office b if most of the other things are consistent and equal. And, you know, that led us to the power of reviews and online reputation. So

Howie: that was a long time ago.

Mark: that was a long time ago, is probably I’m gonna say four and a half, five years ago, when we began to notice on our results spreadsheets, a disparity between similar like kind markets, even in the US, I mean, we work in five countries, but we’re talking about just in the US, and that’s normally doesn’t happen Normally, we can predict within about 10 to 15%. What’s going to happen before we put money on the street. In these cases, they were we were getting variant, you know, variant degrees of results. And that when we see that we don’t like that, right? We like predictability. Actually, that’s what we that’s what we’re supposed to do. Right? It’s create predictability.

Howie: So we’re not all that spontaneous kind of anything.

Mark: No, no. So we’re looking at it, we’re going on what are these people that are getting great results have that the people who don’t, there aren’t getting great results for the same basic effort? In the same basic market with the same basic marketable attributes? What is this other office have that this other second office doesn’t have? And the answer was when we really dug, the answer was a better read the total number of reviews a better review score and a better overall online reputation. So that basically what that meant was, they were paying attention on to, you know, about four or five years ago, reviews were, you know, kind of a cool thing. But they weren’t really mainstream well over the last four or five years that not only are they mainstream, they’re basically mandatory.

Now, you better have some kind of a Google business page, if you have a business of any kind, let alone a dental office, and you better have some reviews, and those reviews better be pretty good. And you better have a score somewhere between 4.6 and 4.8, which is the sweet spot, because nobody believes that 5.0 is anyway, so. So those are the so we looked and we said oh, OK, so now let’s go find a solution for our customers. And, and there are several, there are several really good solutions out there on our, our criteria was, had to be affordable.

Number one, because you know, it’s not our job to spend client money, it’s our job to get the most for whatever money they spent, right, we’re very, we come at this very differently than most people think we do. So it has to be very affordable, it has to be very easy for the doctor and staff and maybe even almost hands off. And we know from the patient’s standpoint, that if it’s hard or difficult, or you make them do more than one or two steps, then you’re going to lose compliance to the effort. Okay.

Howie: That was a problem early on with reviews is it was too complicated.

Mark: It was

Howie: and for many products, it still is

Mark: right? It is right. It is it’s just Yeah, it looks nice, seems nice, it’s green, and blue, and yellow, and whatever. But if it takes you and your team too much time, or it takes the patient too much time. Um, it just doesn’t get done nearly as much as it could. Okay, so we looked and we reviewed and we interviewed software developers, and I mean, we probably went to two and a half years of R&D, research, our own development, and then interviewing potential partners. And we came up with NPI Crusader as the best tool for our customers to use. And so that got us into the review and reputation management side where now client B who was falling behind client A in similar markets with similar external offline promotion, volumes, deployment strategies, almost everything similar on.

Now office B is catching up to office A. So over time over our, well, Howie you’ve been doing this for 27 years, I’ve been with you now for whatever 13-14 years. Over the evolution of this time, we’ve seen that, you know, in the old days, you could do one thing really well and get away with it without doing anything else. And nowadays, it’s all shifted to you better do a lot of things, right? They almost have to do everything, right. Okay.

So, reviews and reputation management is one piece of an overall marketing of an overall marketing plan. And it’s a very important piece, and it’s growing and important. So I mean, if you’re honest with yourself, everyone listening to this will tell you, you know, if you look for anything, a car dealer, hairdresser, Italian restaurant, or I don’t know, you look for anything, a hardware store anywhere near you, or where you are, in this, in this country, there’s a really good chance, especially if you’re female, okay, there’s a really good chance that you’re looking at the map and you’re looking at the reviews, and you’re looking for the review score and the total number of reviews.

You’re probably going to look at the top two to make your determination, then you’re going to look at the train wreck with the least reviews, just to make yourself feel good about choosing one of the other ones. Okay? And you’re not alone.

If that’s your behavior online, that’s the behavior of dental consumers online. So no matter how good your offline or online promotion could be, you better bet those moms in the top half of this dental market are absolutely looking at your reviews. I mean, there’s it’s almost one of those, you can’t avoid it, they’re going to look at them and they’re going to measure you against your peers. So that’s the reviews and the online reputation side of things.

That’s where that was born it was born about I don’t know how the exact date but I’m going to say probably around four years ago, we set out on the search because you know, we would do it ourselves if it didn’t already exists. And if it did already exist, you know, what are the products out there that are ready for prime time and in our best in their in their? in their class? So that’s where Crusader came from.

Howie: Okay, this might be a good time for us to take a little break and we come back and reveal the rest of the reveal.

Mark: Oh, okay. All right.

Howie: Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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Howie: Okay, we are back on big reveal day. Let’s keep revealing

Mark: Ah. big revealing. Okay, so. So now let’s go back in time another again for four and a half years maybe. And I’m telling you the missed calls, the missed calls, we saw on our call tracking reports. They were you know, almost 20% of the calls we were on, here’s how we looked at it from our perspective. Dentists pay us money. Dentists give us their marketing budget. And they say here you guys use my marketing budget the best way you know how that’s basically our job, right?

Howie: Yes.

Mark: We do that. And we see the calls. And the clients that missing them.

Howie: Yeah. That’s getting money down the drain. It just drives us nuts.

Mark: Yeah. drove us in? Well, I guess some people would call us insane. But it drove us crazy, me really crazy. So because the doctors, the same doctors will call us and say, Hey, Mark, I need more new patients who were like, Doc, just answer your phone. Right? But they would never solve the problem. So we went out looking for a better solution. So we said all right, so what are the possibilities? We know a call center. Well, if you’ve ever tried to put up your own call center, and tried to cover it for the hours are enough for the country, you will soon look at a spreadsheet and go wow, this is going to be an unbelievably long winded and expensive proposition.

So we went into the, into the online mode. And we said, well, why wouldn’t someone be able to just make their appointment? You know, from their website. We looked at the available platforms back for four so years ago, and we interviewed some people to have us do it on our own. We interviewed the companies that were already in the space or at least appearing like they were trying to get into that space because online scheduling or scheduling integration with practice management software and dentistry was I mean, people were they didn’t want to hear it. Right. And I’m one of those. Yeah, four and a half years ago, somebody said to me online scheduling, I was like, dang, the dentist in the world is going to allow you to, to manipulate his or her schedule.

Howie: Yeah, we used to stand up on stage, we were against it.

Mark: Right? Right. Yeah, we’re, we’re agreeing, you know, with those people who were smart enough to not listen to us and continue to build out their platforms over, you know, four years, three years, two and a half, two years ago. And then finally, the maturity of the products got to the point where they become unbelievably reliable, scalable, affordable, all the things that dentistry needed to implement real time online scheduling integration with their practice management software.

The choice was obvious, that if you’re listening to this, and you know me, and you know, how I speak, it’s, there’s only one there’s only one real time online scheduling integration routine with your practice management software, the rest of them are basically appointment forms. So that’s when NPI concierge came forward. So then we added, then we faced a problem, we faced a problem where offices, we had Crusader, we had concierge. And then offices, were saying, that sounds awesome Mark, but I’m spending 300 a month just to text and email my own my own clients, and I don’t want to spend another two or 300 bucks a month and we looked at each other and we said, geez, we need to do texting and email. So we added texting and emailing, which is basically Crusader plus.

Okay, so Crusader plus now allows us to bundle these together along with our newest product, which is dental web content, now dental web content, how we, what three and a half, four years ago, we saw dentists climbing on the social media bandwagon, and starting to promote their practice within social media, primarily Facebook, some Twitter, some Instagram, but mostly Facebook. And we said to each other, this isn’t going to stop this is going to keep growing. When it keeps growing, those people are either going to say the wrong message in their social media, or they’re going to have a library they can go to select effective advertising content.

And so Howie and I set aside the time and effort and energy to build a lot of money to build basically the world’s largest library of tested effective dental content. And it’s called dental web content. So there’s basically four products to this software bundle. And when we bundle them together, and replace whatever the practices using for emails, texting, confirmations, recalls those things, we can get these in offices at almost no additional cost. Sometimes it saves them a little money, sometimes it’s a little bit more for our stuff. But look at everything they get, you know, for the same three or 400 bucks. Well, here’s the ADA special. Here’s the big reveal,

Howie: Drumroll.

Mark: Drumroll. We have no sound effects. All of those things, the culmination of four years of development, meetings, consternation, failures, successes, is all going to come on it, we’re going to offer all four of those products for free until Oct, excuse me until January 1 2018.

Howie: For free?

Mark: For free.

Howie: As in zip?

Mark: As in zip. Now, the subscriptions to all four of those are free, there is a 199. One time only set up installation and training fee that goes along with this. But the subscriptions for all four of those products are unfettered and free until January 1 2018.

Now this is going to give everyone listening to this on unfettered access and testing basically, you’re going to use every one of these products is already tested, there’s thousands of people already paying money for these products. But if for you yourself your own little private practice, if you want to consider this a 70 day test, here’s what you need to do. Even if you are going to the ADA, even if you’re physically going to be on the show floor, I’m going to recommend you go to our website, go to the ADA special page and schedule a demonstration between right now and October 18. Cuz they’re here, here’s why. Because there is the interest in this is already in the hundreds.

On the show floor is going to be relatively crazy. And if you’re not going to the show, you still qualify. You just have to see all the products, make a decision, get on the list. and we your team of NPI advisors, on the person who did a demonstration for you, they will be your proxy on the show floor. The price of free is only good October 19th, 20th and the 21st. It’s not good tomorrow, it’s not good on the 22nd of October, actually, it’s not going to ever be good. Okay, outside of October 19, 20, and 21. So if you want to see the products between now and then, go schedule your demo. Give us a call, go online, we have guess what we have on our website, Howie. We have online scheduling, know, imagine that, right? So we’re going

Howie: to turn everything over to them.

Mark: I know I know, log on to our website and in click schedule my demo and they can actually see all the resources the time and that’s going to be available and they can make the time on you know, convenient for them with us and takes about 20-25 minutes, we can go through all the products, you can ask all your questions. And then you can make your decision if you want to take advantage of the free trial, then just get on which basically one signature on a piece of paper and we will process the order while we are at the ADA even though you might not be going.

So that’s the big reveal folks. I had I did share it with one I think there’s like three dentists in the country. And all three of them said Well, that’s a no brainer. Yeah, we said yeah, that’s kind of what we thought. Anyway, that’s the big

Howie: it’s a great way to test it’s a great way to test drive without costing you anything and you can test drive it for quite a while. And then you can make a decision on whether it works for you or not.

Mark: Yeah, I’m going to tell everybody right now that you you’re going to you’re going to stick with the online scheduling in the reviews and reputation management. If you have an issue it’ll probably be on the texting and emailing only because you already have it. And then there’s that comfort zone you know some people get locked into what they over to us. But I’m but the cost is for what you already pay even after January 1 for what you already paid just to text and email your own clients, your own patients on. this bundle will have everything you need. So give it very careful consideration.

Howie: Well okay, we are going to conclude this podcast now and we will look forward to seeing you all again next time. And be sure and go to our website and sign up for the show special. You’ll love it.

Mark: Thank you. Goodbye.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our podcast today. You can find more podcasts on our YouTube channel, on Stitcher and iTunes. Also on our websites, and