How do you redesign and rebuild your dental practice website? We interview Michael Barr about the subject.


Podcast Highlights:
  • What can you add to your website?
  • The Dental Warrior Blog:
  • What to look for
  • What to ask about
  • Creating unique and relevant content
  • How long an upgrade takes
  • Keeping organic rankings
  • What has changed in the last 18 years
  • The risks of getting too comfortable
  • Long tail subjects
  • Benefits outshine features
  • Adding online reviews
  • Using heatmaps

Podcast Transcription:

Hello and welcome once again to the dental marketing mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Well, hello, everybody. Glad you turned in, tuned in once again, this is Howie Horrocks over there is Mark Dilatush, but you know what today, Mark, we have a very special guest.

Mark: We have a special guest.

Howie: Awesome, special guest, we’ve known this guy for ever. And he’s a great dentist and a great guy. His name’s Dr. Michael Barr. Mike, how you doing?

Michael Barr: I’m doing great. Thanks for having me.

Howie: Wonderful, wonderful. Well, Mike, a lot of a lot of our listeners probably know you. You are the author of a book called “The Website Owner’s Manual for Dentists”, which is terrific book. I even read it myself. And you also, you also have a nice blog, a great blog called “The Dental Warrior”, so any of you listening out there to check, check Mike’s blog and his book out. It’s, it’s well worth it. So anyway, Mark, if you want to ask Mike a few questions.

Mark: Yeah. Yeah, the whole the, I want to ask Mike questions that are shared. For the audience we get I don’t know how many inquiries that come in here a week. But we’re, it seems like about five or four or five years ago, a whole bunch of dentists got new websites because a whole bunch of dentists with four or five year old websites are calling us right now.

And they’re asking us what they should do. So when we when we feel that, then we try to get an expert on to our podcast, and I can’t imagine anyone. I can’t imagine anyone more knowledgeable from a dentist standpoint of websites. I mean, Mike, when did you, I think you joked in the in the green room, you were joking about you know, you were the first you you built a dental practice website before al gore invented the internet, right?

Michael Barr: That’s right. Yeah.

Mark: Okay, so I mean, this guy’s had a dental practice website for

Michael Barr: since 1999.

Mark: Okay. 1999. And so you and your book, which Howie and I thoroughly agree with your book is a dentist web guide for a website guide for dentists. It’s, it’s how to build content, how to sound like yourself. Right?

Michael Barr: Right. Yeah. So yeah, the idea was that, you know, it’s not a book on how to build your own website, it’s, it’s kind of a Consumer’s Guide, you know, the four C’s of buying a diamond, this is kind of the same thing for websites, what to look for what to ask about, you know, what, what things mean, you know, what, you know, some of the terminology and of course, a big part of my focus is on creating unique content, unique and rough and relevant content that will, you know, effectively communicate the benefits of your services.

Mark: Right. Okay. So, so having done that since 1999, and I, I know you enough to know that you’re

Michael Barr: a control freak.

Mark: Well, Okay. Thanks.

Howie: Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Mark: Thanks for making me not say that. No, I know that you’re a tinkerer. You’re a technician.

Michael Barr: Sure.

Mark: Right. And you know, the words you actually enjoyed building your I mean, you enjoyed it.

Michael Barr: Oh, yeah, definitely. I built it from the ground up. And I tweaked it constantly for about so let’s see. 16 years or so 17 years, I tweaked it.

Mark: Right. Right. So for all the dentists out there who would rather poke a pencil in their ear then do that

Michael Barr: Yeah.

Mark: Right. You wrote a book. And recently, you went through your own dental practice website transition. And, and most of the reason we’re on the phone, on the phone or on this podcast today is to talk about that transition, because the dentists who are calling us are they’re asking us questions, like, you know, how long is it going to take to build my new dental practice website? They’re going to ask questions. Um, well, right now I have organic placement. Either I do, or I don’t have an SEO person currently.

But I am getting some traffic to my website, am I going to lose that positioning by changing my website over? They’re asking me questions, do I have to change my domain name? You know, they’re asking us all kinds of, and it seems to us that they’re kind of fearful of the transition. Now beyond those basic questions, they’re asking us other questions, which I think are more related to the reinvestment the money part. In other words, what am I going to get out of it? What’s in it for me? Right? Why am I spending this money? Why am I upgrading from the iPhone one to the iPhone eight, basically.

So they’re saying, Well, what else can we do now that websites are newer, they look more different. We can do more things with them. What are some of the other things that we can do with them? So let’s address each one of those because you just went through a massive transition with your dental practice website, which, you know, we were involved in.

Michael Barr: Yeah.

Mark: And I’m sure you guys you had, like, what were some of your fears before you did this?

Michael Barr: Right. So yeah, well, you know, might Yeah, my dental practice website was kind of the equivalent of shag carpeting and wood paneled walls. And, and that, or to use the, the cell phone metaphor, it was the suitcase version of the cell phone, if you remember back that far. But so yeah, so from First of all, I was used to doing everything myself, and you know, you get comfortable with that. But you know, life changes, things, things come up. So, you know, got neglected, to be honest. And, and things have changed, you know, in terms of making a website, you know, viewable on multiple devices, and just a lot of things have changed.

And so I haven’t kept up with that. So I just kind of let it slide basically and you know, because it’s easy to do, we get us, you know, our comfort, we get comfortable, we don’t like to change, and you know, it’s working, it’s good enough. And but it became a pretty apparent to me that I was sliding down in the, in the search engine results, even though I dominated for so many years. And that my dental practice website wasn’t, you know, keeping up with the times in terms of compatibility with multiple devices. You know, it was, it was created on a very old, you know, front page platform. And that code is, you know, less than less supported by the current system.

So I know, I had to do something. And but it’s, you know, when you’ve been doing it yourself for 17 years to turn it over to somebody is, it’s goes against your grain a little bit. You know, I knew there was only when, when the time came, there was only one arm that I was even considering. And that’s you guys, of course. So, yeah, my trepidation was one turning it over just losing that kind of control, the control freak in me. And then of course, the other concerns, which you mentioned earlier about, well, am I going to, you know, lose what, what ground I have gained, you know, in terms of the search engine results, and all that kind of stuff.

So, yeah, I was very reluctant to turn it over. But I also knew that if I didn’t, he was never going to get done. Yeah. I know, you’re kicking that can down the road.

Howie: Hey Mike?

Michael Barr: Yeah.

Howie: What, Why don’t we just ,uh address that question. You were fearful that you’re going to lose some ranking position here.

Michael Barr: Right

Howie: I know the websites only been up for a little while. Can you comment how that seems to be doing now? Are you holding your own or gaining?

Michael Barr: Yeah. Well, the good news is it didn’t go down. First of all, not at all, from what I can tell, you know, I don’t I don’t I don’t monitor it every minute of the day. But I’ll spend the day, you know, hitting refresh and seeing where I am. But it definitely did not lose ground. And if anything, I’m coming back up in the rankings. And that’s in a very short time. I think it’s been what, two, three months now?

Mark: Yeah. So these I think you’ve been live about 60 days now, Mike.

Michael Barr: Okay. Yeah, I thought it was about two months. And something which is in the internet world is a very short period of time.

Mark: Right.

Michael Barr: So I haven’t lost any ground. And if anything, I’ve already started to gain ground.

Howie: That’s awesome. Okay.

Michael Barr: I think I’m on for my like, we have like, 20 keywords that we’ve chosen to kind of monitor and I think I’m on page one now for all of them.

Howie: Oh, wow.

Michael Barr: I think that’s according to the SEO report that you guys sent me.

Mark: Yeah. And you can always go incognito and check it on your on your end.

Michael Barr: Right. Right.

Howie: That is awesome. Okay,

Mark: okay, that’s so basically losing the control, you know what that is? That’s a lot of times that’s just delegation.

Michael Barr: Right, Yeah.

Mark: A fear of delegation or wanting more, you know, more control. And you know, that if you have additional changes, or whatever, you just submit them to Terry or Sharon, and we’ll get them put up for you. So that’s

Michael Barr: Right, It happens like very, very quickly.

Mark: Right.

Michael Barr: And so yeah, I think I will get used to that in very short order.

Mark: Yeah, yeah. Right. Yeah. It’s kind of nice.

Michael Barr: Yeah. Once you do delegate, you’re like, yeah, I should have done that a long time ago.

Mark: I know. Yeah. Look how many hobbies I have now Wow.

Howie: You meant to procrastinate. But you had to put it off. Right?

Michael Barr: Exactly. Yeah. I put off my procrastination.

Mark: So the not losing position, I think for the listeners, the podcast, is your you shouldn’t really, I mean, unless there’s mitigating circumstances, unless you have, you know, 15, you know, Google business pages, where you have nine different URLs and 47 different redirects, and they’re all pointing to the wrong place. Unless you have some kind of ridiculous mess that you’ve created. When you make this transition, you shouldn’t lose your current positioning, whatever you currently enjoy, you should actually start to improve it.

Michael Barr: Well, and especially I think, if you if your dental clinic website is, you know, your, your online presence is a mess, as you just described, actually, it can only get better. Right?

Mark: Right. Right. And, and honestly, Mike, we, you know, yours wasn’t yours was large, but I but it wasn’t a mess.

Michael Barr: right.

Mark: We transition more messes than we do large websites like yours, but I

Michael Barr: that that was one of my other concerns. To me, I knew my website is huge, I think it’s like 55 pages, which is crazy. And I’m not suggesting that that is necessary by any means. But that’s just what it grew to after 17 years. And so, you know, I’m like, you know, I knew the magnitude of the project that I had turned over to you guys. And so, you know, I was a little nervous about that, you know, I was like, oh, man, this is, this is gonna be a big project. But I can say, you know, spoiler alert, the transition went very, very smoothly.

Mark: We and we don’t, we normally wouldn’t build a 55 page website. We don’t even recommend them.

Michael Barr: No, no, it’s just, you know, I got into writing, you know, special pages for you know, like, very, you know, long tail type subjects, you know, very, you know, obscure subjects that maybe one in 10,000 people might search for, but by golly, I got a page for it all

Mark: Yeah, right.

Michael Barr: Yeah, that one in 10,000 patient’s all mine, baby.

Mark: Yeah.

Howie: Full mouth rehab, right there. Yes.

Michael Barr: Right

Howie: Pays for itself.

Mark: So

Howie: Another thing that I’m sorry, what another thing that, that we really enjoyed. You’ve been for years, you’ve been pounding your spoon on your high chair, so to speak about content is king. You did all the content yourself. But we didn’t even have to do anything in that in that area.

Michael Barr: Yeah. You know, yeah, so yeah, I’m a big advocate of that. And but I’m also, you know, somewhat practical person. And I also know, you know, my own kind dentist, you know, you know, not everybody is a writer, and and not everybody, even if they are a writer wants to write. I think you have to kind of strike a balance at you know, to some degree, if you can’t write it all yourself, at least write some of it. And, you know, if even if, if you start off with a bunch of stock content, or you know, just you know, sort generic content with insert dentists name here, you know, one page at a time, start writing your own stuff, they’ll pick the videos page, of course little veneers web page.

And you know, pretend you’re at a cocktail party, and somebody asked you a something about veneers, and then you tell them in a conversational casual way. Write that, and, and that mass your content. So because you know, I think you should communicate through your dental clinic website the same way you communicate any other way. And as you know, so many websites are, are, you know, chock full of what I call, you know, generic encyclopedic content. And, you know, it’s just like a dental encyclopedia, rather, you know, and so it tells everybody how you’re making the sausage, instead of telling them why your sausage is so great.

You know, nobody wants to see the sausage being made, I just want to enjoy the good taste. And so a lot of them focus on features rather than benefits. And I think benefits is is, you know, obviously where you’re going to have people take action.

Mark: Now, that’s exactly why I was laughing while you were saying that because I mean, everybody has seen those websites, they see they see the laundry list of the bulleted point laundry list of pain on every website, almost.

Michael Barr: Yeah.

Mark: And they see the, you know, the picture of the CEREC milling machine, right, which looks like R2D2 from Star Wars.

Michael Barr: Right. The same blonde girl, they got that blonde girl that’s on every dental clinic website.

Mark: No, I know.

Howie: Hey leave my sister out of this.

Mark: So alright so right, so we got through the build, and we got through the first couple months worth of dental SEO standings and things are, um, you know, they’re obviously moving in the right direction. And you know, what, Howie, you know what we should do we should probably let’s take a break here.

Howie: Okay.

Mark: And I’m going to come back and ask Mike about the additional things that um, he’s adding to his website functionality that are new.

Howie: Oh, yeah.

Mark: That are not a replacement of what’s old, not where, you know, now, he’s not worried about the SEO, placement. Now he’s kind of looking forward to these new things and how they’re working out.

Howie: Awesome. Awesome. Okay. Hang on everybody. We will be right back.

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Howie: Well welcome back. Here we are with our good buddy, Dr. Michael Barr down in Boynton Beach, Florida. And we were diving into his new dental clinic website and his fears and all of the stuff that he went through, and we went through along with him. Mark, you wanted to ask him about something specific I believe on uh,

Mark: Well, yeah, there’s, well now there’s a you know, it’s a responsive site, it’s got all of this content on it. And, you know, his SEO is doing good, and actually kind of doing better in a few areas. But, um, you know, time will just continue to make that difference. But there’s also other things that he’s doing on the internet, and his website that are new, that you couldn’t have possibly done in 1999. So this is new territory for Mike, so um, so I wanted to take a couple minutes anyway. And say, you know, Hey, Mike, you know, you’re the king of search, you’re the king of new content. You’re the king of the long tail. Right? And

Michael Barr: right.

Mark: Okay, so you have been for years, you wrote a book basically, basically wrote a book, right? Yeah, on how to do that, and what to do and how not to do things. And then about, I’m going to say is probably about four or five years ago, the importance of online reviews reared their head.

Michael Barr: right.

Mark: And we know it we know through iris scanning that we know that the consumer behavior on a search screens are unbelievably similar human to human. When you search for anything on the internet, in let’s say, let’s just say Google because it’s a verb now.

Michael Barr: right.

Mark: You search for anything in Google, whether it’s a dental service, or a pizza place, or an Italian restaurant, or doesn’t matter, someone to cut your hair, do your nails, whatever, you search for anything on the internet, um, the reviews pop up. And your eyes are drawn to the reviews. And the reviews have become an internet currency, almost.

Michael Barr: Right.

Mark: Who can who can have the most? Who can have the best? Right?

Michael Barr: Yeah.

Mark: Um, and for the audience, from a learning perspective, I’m going to say that a good Google review is let’s do an Olympic. Let’s correlate it with the Olympics. A Google review is a gold medal. Facebook reviews a silver medal. A Yelp review, if you’re West of the Mississippi

Michael Barr: booby prize?

Mark: Yeah. Well, no, it’s kind of the bronze medal. And everything beyond that is, you know, are the runners that you don’t remember from the last three Olympics.

Howie: They’re the ones that had their medals revoked.

Mark: Yes. Okay.

Michael Barr: The Jamaican bobsled team.

Mark: That’s right. Okay. So here. So here, here are some truths and this is for the audience. There is confusion in the review market. And some of your products are creating the confusion where some of the products are writing reviews to obscure review sites, like rate of biz or health grades, or I don’t know some of them have their own review platform sites that nobody ever searches,

Michael Barr: right

Mark: yet dentists hold them in high value and high esteem. Which is a mistake. Okay. The best review? If you can get yourself 2, 3, 4, good, solid five star Google reviews each month.

Michael Barr: You’re golden.

Mark: Man, are you well, on your way. Right?

Michael Barr: Yeah.

Mark: I mean, that that is there’s a reason the Google reviews show up in a search. There’s a reason there’s a Google review score. Right? So one of the things you added Michael, with this whole dental clinic website transition was um really it’s kind of an electronic or a software solution to solve the problem of making, asking for review automatic, and then making sure that the potential bad review doesn’t make it on the internet, and making sure that the patient has a real easy conduit to the best review site, which is basically Google. Now you put that in about two months ago or so. Right.

Michael Barr: Right.

Mark: So um. And I think when before we put that on, I think you had like, I don’t know, you were you must not ask for reviews too much. Because I know you’re a great dentist, and I know you do great work. And I know you do a lot of full mouth rehabs. And I saw like, I don’t know, 10 Google reviews.

Michael Barr: Right.

Mark: So it wasn’t an emphasis for your overall total internet strategy all the way up to maybe a couple months ago?

Michael Barr: Well, that’s sort of true. Yeah, I you know, of course, you know, going back four or five years ago, I kind of resisted the whole, you know, reviews thing, because, you know, it’s a double edged sword, you know, what about if I get bad reviews? And, and, you know, there are certain review sites that have, let’s say, a reputation for, I won’t mention any names. And, you know, if I did, it wouldn’t help. But I see what I did. There. You see what I did there?

Mark: Yes, yes, yeah.

Michael Barr: But anyway, so I kind of resisted it. But actually, a couple of years ago, I did subscribe to a review generating system, you know, one of these online systems a couple years ago, and I actually did it for about two years. And I’ll be honest, it didn’t work that well. I won’t, I won’t mention the name, because that doesn’t matter, either. But, and, you know, good people. And at the time, it was, you know, I guess state of the art. But the problem that I found, so they had, like their own internal review system. And the idea was, you know, you’d ask the patient for review.

You, you could even, you know, set up a kiosk at your front desk if you wanted to, and they would do a review. And it was, you know, fairly simple five star, four star, whatever, and then a quick blurb of whatever they wanted to say. And what would happen is that would go into the internal review system, and then it would generate an email to that person later, to ask them to effectively cut and paste that review into Google, or wherever, you know, health grades or, or Bing or whatever.

So it ended up being a two step process and the reality I found was that people are really just not that enthusiastic about, you know, taking time out of their day to give your review, even if they like you, does, and they certainly don’t want to do it twice. And so that, you know, I had like 80, internal, you know, reviews, and literally a handful of them made it out to Google or Yelp, or whatever.

And so it really, you know, you know, it wasn’t cheap. Uh, you know, it wasn’t super expensive, but I know you’re paying money for it. And I’ve literally got a handful of Google reviews out of it. And in two years time, I can say that with the new system, which is a one step system. So people are much it’s also automated, as you mentioned, it, you know, through my practice manager software automatically generates a text message or an email to that patient asking for the review. They click on it, they only have to do it one time. And I in the two months that I’ve had it, I have generated more reviews than I did in two years with the other system.

Mark: So that’s awesome.

Michael Barr: You know, I you know, I you know, it’s not an instant overnight thing, and it’s not like I’ve got you know, you know, multiple reviews coming in every week, but here, but they’re coming and already, I can honestly say yeah, more in two months than I got in two years.

Howie: Well Mike, let me ask you something, how much personal involvement did you or your staff have in obtaining those reviews?

Michael Barr: 00. Whereas the other system, the other system, we had to kind of pursue it, we had to send it out. It wasn’t automated through my you know, practice management software. So we actually had to kind of initiate it. And so yeah, that’s a good that’s a good point. This system is completely on autopilot. Completely.

Mark: Well, you deserve those were you actually deserve hundreds of them because I’ve seen you Mike,

Michael Barr: Oh, yeah, in due time in due time.

Mark: Yeah, we have to work so

Michael Barr: yeah.

Mark: All right. Another unbelievably scary, almost Halloween-like service that you added to your internet strategy was the spooky as hell idea of doing online appointment integration with your practice management software.

Michael Barr: Right. Yeah, that’s, that’s like, you know, going on that glass balcony in the in the Grand Canyon.

Mark: That’s insane.

Howie: Queue the Psycho music Right, right.

Mark: And for a control freak, Oh, my God.

Michael Barr: Yeah. You call it control freak. Yeah. Where did that come from? So

Mark: So for someone, you know, someone who desperate, especially you, Oh, my God, cuz I know you. So yeah, I know. I know that that had to be one hell of a leap of faith. I don’t know your office manager. Her name is Joanne. Right.

Michael Barr: Yes. Joanne. Yeah.

Mark: Now, how did she How would How did she when you came to her and said, Hey, Joanne, we’re going to try online scheduling. What was her face like?

Michael Barr: Well, I think her face was one of shock that I was considering it. Oh, it wasn’t that she was shocked of the idea, it was the fact that I would even consider it.

Mark: Okay.

Michael Barr: But I’ll say, you know, if anybody else has tried to pitch the idea to me, I mean, you know, as you mentioned, we’ve known each other for, you know, 20 something years. If anybody if anybody else had pitched to me, to be honest, I probably would have said, No way. Yeah, forget it.

Mark: Yeah.

Michael Barr: But you know, so part of it, you know, I will give some credit, where credit is due, when you guys pitched it to me, I’m like, you know, there’s an element of trust there. So that did that did help a lot. But yeah, sure, turning that over and giving people access to your schedule, you know, and sometimes I have to explain it to other dentists that this isn’t an appointment request.  This is an actual appointment. And they’re like, oh, and so I know, it’s definitely a leap of faith. But you know, I’m like, hey, if I’m going to do it, I’m doing it with these guys. And you know, we’re all going to go down together. If that’s what happens.

Mark: We’re gonna go down and we’re going to destroy my schedule together. Right?

Michael Barr: Yeah. Right. Yeah, we’re good. We’re good. We’re taking then we’re riding the ship to the bottom of the ocean together.

Mark: Right. So now,

Howie: the good thing, the good thing is, is that, you know, if it hadn’t worked out, you could turn it off. But you know,

Mark: you’re right.

Michael Barr: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So you know, so that’s been going on for, you know, a couple of months as well. And, you know, and both of these things, these things that we’re talking about these additional features are also part of what a, you know, got me going on a new dental practice website, because none of these were possible with my old my old website, the old website was sold, that we couldn’t have implemented these things, even if we wanted to.

Mark: That’s true.

Michael Barr: So, so a new website was, you know, at this point, if I want to do some of these new things, I had to get a new website. So all this kind of, you know, happened at one time, which, you know, you know, it was a pretty big shock to me, but, you know, but once I made the decision, then, of course, I became very excited about it, and couldn’t wait for it to be done. And tough.

Mark: So let me ask, let me ask you some questions about these patients.

Michael Barr: Yeah,

Mark: who actually schedule,

Michael Barr: right. They love it. I’ve asked them, okay. Yeah, because I remember asking the very first one that did it. I said, let me ask you. I said, you know, how did that go? And they said, it was the best thing in the world. It was one o’clock in the morning, this person had a raging toothache, she had a she was, I mean, this was like one of those I’ve seen, I’ve seen a lot of emergencies in my, in my career. 29 years.

This is one of the more dramatic facial swellings I have seen in my career. I mean, she was in deep trouble. And she was going on a trip, you know, two days later. So anyways, at one o’clock in the morning, she’s you know, the side of her face is like a balloon, and she is not feeling good. And so she’s online, looking up dentists, and she comes to my website and sees that she can make an appointment. You’re in an appointment for nine o’clock the next morning. And, you know, so yeah, she was very happy about that.

Mark: Is he was not the lady that also gave you the Google review? Because I was I’m one of them said, You know, I was I may might

Michael Barr: be? Yeah, I think you’re right.

Mark: Her first name begins with an M, I think anyway.

Michael Barr: Yeah.

Mark: Let me let me clarify a couple things. You don’t have to change your dental practice know, find their phone number and call and make a, make a reservation. And I pulled up their, you know, their dental practice website to get online scheduling.

Michael Barr: No. Well, I had to change my old website. I did, but not everybody else has. So

Mark: no, no. Okay. Yeah. I didn’t want you to think you had to change it.

Michael Barr: Okay.

Mark: Right. So these patients, do they? Do they cancel at an alarming rate? Mike?

Michael Barr: No, I would say it’s about the same as anything. You know, I think you mentioned her, they’re just like every other patient. They just didn’t have to call. So I have I have some Yeah, that either cancelled or reschedule or no show? Yeah, I’ve had some of but no more than I would have. It, you know, and maybe early to tell. But if I was going to maybe kind of guesstimate I would say to a lesser degree, if anything.

Mark: Okay. So Joanne, your office manager, who’s been on this now for two months, who was kind of shocked that you even agreed to it.

Michael Barr: Yeah.

Mark: So basically, you blindside her. So she was totally blindsided. And she adapted. How was she adapting?

Michael Barr: There’s nothing to it. There’s, there’s nothing to adapt to the only thing that she does what she does for any patient, if she contacts them, you know, we you know, even though they’ve made an automatic appointment, we don’t want that to be the only contact before they walk in the door. Of course, you know, we follow up on it. And she’s, you know, you know, directs them to where they can download our registration forms and health history and all that. So yeah, and plus, you know, she, it’s good just to make a personalized contact with them and kind of introduce yourself even over the phone. uh. So yeah, there’s really no adapting at all. It’s, it’s, it’s it’s seamless, it’s completely seamless.

Howie: That’s great. I got a question. Tell our audience why this online Real Time scheduling is not quote, “turning your schedule over to strangers?”

Michael Barr: Yeah, no, it’s, well, first of all, you know, the way it’s done, it’s a, you know, they’re not logging into your, you know, your, your computer, you know, they’re not, they’re not connecting directly to your, your practice management software, you know, so it’s not like they have access to your computer, it’s through an intermediary, you know, LocalMed, that, you know, has access to your schedule, but they’re, you know, the consumer side of it is not, you know, I guess I’m not really sure how, how to explain it, but they do not have direct access to your computer, they’re not going to have you know, because they’re not tying into your computer, they’re not logging on to your, you know, OpenDental or Dentrix or, or SoftDent they’re not, they don’t have access to that.

Howie: So you get to choose, you get to choose the hours that you write.

Michael Barr: Right, yeah, so yeah, you have control over what hours you want to, you know, have, you know, available, you also have control over, you know, what, what types of appointments, you know, chances are, you know, you don’t want people scheduling a molar root canal if you’ve never seen them before. So, you know, generally speaking, these appointments are for recall visits by existing patients, or new patient exams by obviously new patients or emergency exams,

Mark: right.

Michael Barr: But the majority of them I would say, at least so far in the in the mere two months that I’ve been doing it have been new patient exams and emergency exams.

Mark: Yeah, and for the folks um many of whom listen to this are, clients. Um, consults for what you’re promoting. So if you’re out there doing niche promotions, or let’s say you’re doing a senior mailer, and you do sleep apnea treatment, implants and Implant Supported dentures or even cosmetic dentures. You know, those can be appointment types, that new patient and

Michael Barr: yeah, sure, console’s cosmetic console.

Mark: Exactly.

Michael Barr: Yeah. All of that. So yeah, like I said, they’re not scheduling a crown prep, or a molar root canal, you know, that these are going to be, you know, more general type of things that may lead to the root canal and crown.

Mark: Exactly.

Michael Barr: So, yeah, it’s, it’s really been seamless. And here’s the funny thing, as reluctant as I might have been to do this, just last week, I wanted to take the family out to a nice restaurant Capital Grill, which is a national chain, my son was leaving for his hockey team up in Iowa, and I wanted to take everybody out. And, you know, down here, things can get pretty busy. So I knew I, you know, needed to make a reservation. And so I went online and looked up Capital Grille, you know, in Palm Beach Gardens. So I could, you know, find their phone number and call and make a, make a reservation. And I pulled up their, you know, their website. And sure enough, there’s a button there to book a table online.

Mark: Imagine that,

Michael Barr: and I clicked it. And I made, I made a reservation, and I didn’t have to call anybody.

Mark: Right.

Michael Barr: And so I was laughing to myself, because I didn’t expect it. I didn’t know they had that feature. I think the you know. And it’s again, it’s through a third party. I think it’s called Open or something like that.

Mark: Yep.

Michael Barr: Yeah and it was effortless. And we showed up, and I said, my name is Michael Barr. And they said, Here you go, here’s your table. Right in was it was, it was so easy. And and to be honest, you know, I, I, you know, it’s more work to talk to a person. And so and also to call and make the reservation got called during their hours. I think I did it at 11 in the morning. I’m not even sure if they’re open yet. I don’t know if they open for lunch, or if it’s just dinner only. But in any case, it didn’t matter. Just like it didn’t matter at one o’clock in the morning for my emergency patient.

Mark: Right. So the online, the online scheduling um, we understand it’s new to dentistry. But we also remember the days when electronic insurance claims were new.

Michael Barr: Right.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: We remember when you know, a laser printed ADA form was new. Right?

Michael Barr: Yeah,

Mark: We remember all those days when they were new. And now. You know, now it’s just second nature.

Michael Barr: Right? Yeah. Okay. I remember when you know, to make an airline reservation, you got to call the airline

Mark: Right.

Michael Barr: Who would do that now? Nobody? Right. 00.

Mark: Right. So that

Michael Barr: so I think No, I you know, this is, you know, I hate to use the, you know, the kind of clichéd term, but it’s really, it’s really a no brainer. Well, it is kind of the old when you think about it. Without knowing the facts, it can be kind of scary, but once you know how it works, it’s a no brainer. And when you see how seamless it is with your practice management software. It’s just, it’s just cool as hell, man. So I, you know, there’s no question. There’s no going back. There’s definitely there’s no going back once you’ve done it, there’s no going back.

Mark: Right, good. Well, we’re glad all this stuff, you know, worked out for you, Mike, we’re on obviously, we’re not going to make you the guest on the podcast if we messed any of this stuff up.

Michael Barr: Yeah, I got a few complaints. Yeah. Now, it’s really up and seamless. And the transition to the dental practice website, I was more scared about that, probably than anything. And that, you know, really transition, you know, transitioning the domain, everything was really pretty smooth. The process of, you know, sending me the kind of the proofs as it were of the web pages, you know, I got to see the images of what the web pages would look like, before they were, you know, coded, and, you know, approve of them. And it was really a very easy experience first, you know, especially for somebody like me, who, who knows a little too much as they say, I can I can tell my fellow colleagues that, that there is there’s no question that you guys got your stuff together.

Mark: Well, thank Thank you, Mike. And I think I think, really, for everybody listening to this podcast, I think the value the value of the podcast is understanding where your fears are understanding their legitimate, but hearing practical application of blowing through those fears for the benefit of not only the practice and the dentists, but also the patients, because you’re getting more new patients now.

Michael Barr: Right. Yeah. So it’s easier, it’s automated,

Mark: right. It’s, it’s really about them, you know, ultimately, in the long run, when we as a marketing firm come to work. Ultimately, that’s what we’re about. We’re trying to get more patients to understand the benefits of today’s dentistry,

Michael Barr: right.

Mark: And through these tools, it allows those people to learn that and allows them to book and keep their appointment for the kind of care that you and your colleagues create. So I want to thank Well, you and your whole team, of course, for going through this, please tell Joanne we said,

Michael Barr: Yeah,

Mark: I don’t think I’ve ever met Joanne, but I think I’ll buy her a drink next time. I know you enough to know she needs one. So

Michael Barr: yeah, that is the probably the biggest understatement of the year.

Mark: Yeah, yeah. Um

Howie: working for Mike is uh, Yeah.

Michael Barr: Yeah, it’s really lovely.

Mark: Yeah. So thank you. Thank you so much, Mike, for taking the time.

Michael Barr: Yeah,

Mark: We really, really appreciate it. I think there’s going to be countless dentists who listen to this. And they go, Oh, cool. I don’t have all these things to worry about.

Michael Barr: Yeah. And also, I’d like to invite them I don’t think we met you mentioned that I did actually write up a kind of a review story on my blog about my transition in the website. You know, moving from one to the new one with you guys and how that went what the process was. So if they visit my website, it’s one of the most recent articles that I wrote.

Mark: It’s Dental Warrior.

Michael Barr: Yeah, dental warrior,,

Mark: I Great. Awesome. Now, before we leave, I know we have one commercial in the middle. I’m going to give a commercial at the end. Um Mike knows this, um, but I’m going to announce it because this is after September 1st. Um, Mike the products that you installed, the online review and reputation management texting and emailing functionality with your recalls and your confirmations, the online scheduling and the dental web content that you grab your social media content from, the ADA special that we’re having in October, we are offering those at zero dollars until January 1 2018.

For all of dentistry, so if um, if anyone listening to this has been thinking about doing this, or listened to Mike and got the confidence to make a change, and start adding stuff to your internet strategy that actually will make a difference. Okay, lots of people out there throwing money at the Internet, that’s not making a difference, okay, this is an opportunity to throw money at it that will make a difference on you can actually try these things out for free. Between October 20 21st and October, excuse me, October 21 2017 and January 1 2018. So it’s about a 60 to 70 day free trial for all four products.

Michael Barr: That’s like a no brainer. No brainer.

Mark: Yeah, yeah, well, its $199 to get them installed and get them trained. But that’s just to pay the people to do that the rest of the subscriptions are free.

Michael Barr: Right

Mark: So, Um, if you want any more information about that, folks, just go to our new patients Inc. com website and click, there’s a there’s a page devoted specifically to the ADA special. Um, and anyway, that was a short little blurb for us. And Mike, thank you very, very much. Enjoy your weekend.

Michael Barr: Thank you.

Howie: Thank you Mike

Mark: There’s a hurricane is going to hit Texas and all my Texas, Texas friends. I hope you guys are fine. I know you’re not going to hear this until

Michael Barr: after

Mark: until you probably squeegee out your garage. But um, I am also thankful that it’s one of the ones that’s not hitting Florida, which is where Mike is from.

Howie: Hey, Mike, we’d love to have you on again. We could talk to you for hours. But unfortunately for today, we’re out of time. Really great having you and we hope to see you soon.

Michael Barr: I hope so too. Thanks a lot.

Mark: All right. Thanks, Mike.

Howie: All right.

Michael Barr: All right, take care!

Howie: Tune in again next time. Until then, goodbye.

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