Everyone loves online reviews! So how do you get them to work for your benefit? What should you look for when shopping for dentist review management software?


Podcast Highlights:

  • The muddy waters of being the online review champ in your area
  • Reviews from the consumer point of view
  • Avoiding the “train wreck” company
  • The problems dentist review management software must fix
  • Simplicity for the patient and doctor
  • The dangers of third party sites
  • Becoming the local expert in your area
  • Increasing social currency

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and Welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by DentalWebContent.com and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Hello everybody, and welcome to our podcast once again. We’re so glad you’re with us. How you doing Mark?

Mark: I’m doing fine Howie, how are things in Las Vegas?

Howie: They’re dropping out of the triple digits finally.

Mark: Good. Well, it’s always a good day when your thermometer doesn’t explode.

Howie: I know that mercury gets everywhere and yeah, it’s a mess. Today, I think we talked or we discussed talking about online reviews and why they’re important and all of that stuff. And just as a preamble this, I remember reading something recently, and I don’t remember quite where but there’s an unusually, startlingly high percentage of people who before they buy anything, they check the online reviews. It’s like 70-80%.

Mark: Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is a significant number. Now you and I, especially you. You started this company in 1989. So, you’ve been around, geez, back in the Yellow Page days, right?

Howie: Yeah, I was 13 years old.

Mark: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. So, but no, but I guess my point was that back in the day, you know, you would use a judgment, visual judgment of, I guess, you know, the quality of a dentist, by what? The size of this yellow page ad?

Howie: Yeah, yeah.

Mark: Or whether or not he uses color. Or if he, you know, was nice enough to provide a map, you know, to his location, or what have you. My goodness, now, we fast forward, you know, 26-27 years, and now, you know, how you’re doing is open for the whole world to see. Right?

Howie: Correct.

Mark: Before anyone gets over emotional on this topic, I know it can become an emotional topic, because I’m sure dentists are listening to us. “So yeah, some lady came on and left me a review. She’s not even a patient of mine.” That’s not what this podcast is going to be about. It’s not going to be about the patients who leave you bad reviews and what to do with them and that stuff. Okay? This podcast is going to be about review and online reputation management. And how to exploit it for your benefit. Your benefit, not somebody else’s, there’s an emphasis there. There’s a very purposeful emphasis there. Okay.

So, I guess the precursor preamble to this podcast would be, you know, why would I want to pay attention to this? And Howie, you just told everybody that 80% of consumers look at online reviews before they buy anything? Well, if I’m looking for a dentist, or a podiatrist, or an ophthalmologist, or a plastic surgeon, or almost anything in health care, right? I’m going to go look first.

I mean, the whole reason Angie’s List exists is so that, you know, I don’t I don’t hire the wrong general contractor. Right? Everybody is looking at reviews. So now how did this muddy the waters with marketing? Well it didn’t muddy them. Well, it only muddies the waters, if you’re not committed to being the online review champion in your market area. Because the online review champion in your market area is doing just fine. They don’t have a marketing issue. They don’t have a marketing issue, because largely because they’re leading the way with reviews and online reputation in your market area.

So, the important should be obvious. The details, almost everyone, not everyone, but almost everyone will look at a review or the reviews, or other choices in a given market area when they find you through organic search.

So let’s just take this as the first example. Let’s say I live in Hamilton, New Jersey, which I do. And I don’t have a dentist, and I go to Google, and I type in my browser, “Hamilton NJ dentist,” and I find a group of choices. The choices, I’m going to go, I’m going to go to the map, I’m going to look at the A B, C, D. And then I’ll go down to the organics. Before I do that, though, I’m going to look at the map and the organics. And I’m going to look specifically for the yellow Google stars and the Google score. Because that’s what I do now. And honestly, if everybody listening to this is going to be honest with themselves, that’s basically what you do.

So if you’re nowhere on that list, if you have no reviews, or if you have two and the near competitor in your same market area has 83. And you have a Google score of 4.1 and a have a Google score of 4.6 to 4.8, which is the sweet spot. Then you are the train wreck people are looking at prior to choosing someone else. I hate to put it that way but that’s okay. Because let’s be honest people, that’s exactly what you do when you’re looking at restaurants when you’re looking for, maybe it’s even someone to take care of your dog for the weekend if you’re going away, or when you’re looking for a general contractor.

Are you looking for anything? If I’m writing contracts, anything locally, that’s what you do you look at the people who have the most number of reviews, who have been reviewed the most with a good solid review score. And you look at maybe the top two or three, right? And then you almost always look for the train wreck the one with the 2.2 and four reviews and you just look at their comments and you start laughing and then you go back up to the top and you choose one of the three. That’s what you do. That’s what I do. And, that’s what everybody does online. Come on. Okay.

Howie: It’s like It’s like you’re driving on the freeway. And there’s an accident and you slow down your rubberneck the accident. You want to see the worst-case scenario so, so that you have a baseline of where you don’t want to go, you know?

Mark: Yeah, but it also makes you feel good for not choosing them.

Howie: Exactly.

Mark: It does.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: It cements your choice of the other guy or gal, okay. So, if we can all be honest with each other, then we can all agree that bang, man, this has become more and more and more important, right? So now you say, “Okay, alright, so now I understand the importance. And now I really want to I want to be the reputation king or queen in my marketplace. And how do I do that?”

Howie: Well, that would be a good place for us to take a little break here. And when we come back, we’ll tell you how to do that. All rightdon’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back.

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Howie: Okay, everybody, we’re back. We were talking about online reviews and how they’re important. Very important. Right, Mark?

Mark: You got it. Alright, so I think we promised us to go through how to do it. So, there are several ways you can have software, actually you can be the reputation management, and reputation management online king or queen in your marketplace without any software. You’re just going to have to be competing against other dental offices that also don’t have any software. So let’s assume that all of you are in markets, where somebody in the market’s going to have some kind of software to help them generate the review volume and the review quality that they need to become the king or queen of the review and reputation management in their market area.

What does that dentist review software need to do? The software needs to solve three, three problems. There are three inherent consistent problems in every dental practice when it comes to getting volumes of reviews and controlling the quality. First problem, the dentist and the team not being consistent and asking for reviews. That is 100% fact. Okay, you’ll do it for two or three weeks, but then it just kind of goes off to the wayside. And so, it’s not done consistently.

So, dentist review management software solves that problem and the way it does it is it looks at your schedule for today, let’s say. And it then sends a text out to all of the patients who are coming in or have come in about two hours after their visit. And it sends them a text. That eliminates the first problem of the doctor and the staff having to do anything or remember to do anything.

The second part of it is how do we filter out the not so great reviews and drive only the ones who are going to give us great reviews to the online properties like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and so on? And the answer is that within that text or that email, give the patient the ability to answer that question. Before they either make a left or a right turn. A right turn is the area where they can bitch and complain and whine and toss around all kinds of crazy ideas of why you charge an extra $5  worth of copay. And that review circles around and comes right back to you in an email and does not end up on the internet. The people who take the left hand side were very happy with today’s visit.

And they’re presented with a link for Google, Yelp, Facebook, health grades perhaps. And they are encouraged to click one of them and leave a review for the practice. Now, that solves the third problem, which is making it simple for the patient. So there’s three problems, make it simple for the doctor and staff, check.

Second problem, get rid of or try to get rid of as many negative reviews as you can by recirculating them back to the practice rather than having them exposed on the internet. Check number two. And number three is make it ridiculously simple for the patient. Now I’m going to add a fourth and this goes back to why I was so adamant on the word “your.” your benefit, exploit online reputation and dental review software for your benefit. There’s a fourth issue out there. And because there are other review platforms out there, then most of them drive your review traffic to a review platform that they manage.

Howie: Oh, yes.

Mark: In other words, it’s not Google. It’s not Facebook, tt’s not Yelp. It’s Bob’s review platform.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: It’s anything not named Google, Yelp or Facebook, basically. Okay. And so what happens is, is you’re actually spending money to populate a platform to give their website credence.

Howie: And you have no control over it.

Mark: And you have no control over it. Now, most of these dentist review management software programs are based on subscriptions. And here’s where this is all leading. You want to choose a piece of dentist review management software that cannot take away your reviews if you decide you don’t want to subscribe anymore. Okay, I’m just gonna leave that there on the table for everyone to think about for a second because there’s a lot of people listening to this right now who have platforms that are going to Uncle Bob’s review platform. Okay? And the only reason you don’t know what happens to your reviews if you unsubscribe, is because you haven’t unsubscribed yet. Okay?

So, if you’re really, really honestly looking to exploit online dentist review management software. And if you really truly believe that’s an integral part of your overall marketing strategy, which Howie and I are telling you it is. Then you will not pay money to have your reviews show up on an obscure review site that nobody on Earth has ever looked up to find the review anyway. Okay. That could be held, that you could be held hostage. Over, okay. Don’t do that. That’s what we’re telling you. Okay.

Now, we’re not telling you that NPI Crusader is the only you know, like we’re it. Don’t buy anything else. That’s not what we’re saying. Okay, we would like to say that right Howie? But we can’t, we can’t honestly say that. There are others but don’t have your reviews end up on some. For instance, I’ll give you a great example. We have clients right now, getting reviews right now. Every one of those reviews are on Google, Facebook or Yelp. They’re not on MarkandHowiesreview.com.

Howie: They’re not on NPI’s site.

Mark: Exactly. They’re not on NPI’s site. We’re not getting any SEO juice, just because you got a review. Right? Okay. We’re not, you know, Google’s not indexing our review platform because we have another hundred dental review software customers. See where this is going? Okay, it’s right in front of all of you. You may be missing it. Okay, so before, you know, I’m not gonna say they’re all bad. I’m just saying, there’s no reason. There’s no reason for your reviews to show up on a website that nobody ever finds. What good is it? And you’re paying money to do it. That’s money that hell it’s money we could use for better purposes right Howie?

Howie: Right, absolutely. golf, green fees, you know?

Mark: Well golf and green fees. I was thinking, I was thinking, you know, more organic positioning, more PPC money, more whatever, mail, whatever, whatever else that you’re doing with your marketing budget, there’s, you know, there’s money there that you’re not spending wisely, that you could spend a lot, you know, a lot better. Anyway, so review and reputation management takeaways. It is extremely important. Takeaway number two, ridiculously affordable to fix.

Takeaway number three, no matter what you do, what platform you use currently, or in the future, do not only your reviews to go onto platforms, not named Google, Yelp or Facebook. Okay. It doesn’t do you any good to put your reviews on a platform that could be taken away from you. Should you decide at some point in the future to stop subscribing to their service. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized. That’s basically what we’re saying. Right?

Howie: Right.

Mark: And now here’s what will happen. As you do this over time, and you grow and grow and grow and you become the review champ in your area. The end result is, is that all of your other advertising dollars, whatever else you’re putting on the street, offline, online, internally, externally, doesn’t matter. They’ll all magically start to work better. And the reason they’re working better is because people are getting your stuff, whatever it is.

Whether it’s online or offline, they’re seeing your name. They’re checking you out in your reviews, your reviews are good, you’re in that top two or three, your volume is good, your overall review score is good. They are no longer looking at you as the train wreck. They’re looking at you as the local expert. Right. And one of the first two things you have to do with a dental consumer is elevate, at some level, increase the level of trust and respect that they feel for you even before they meet you.

Howie: And that benefits the profession as a whole as well.

Mark: Exactly.

Howie: Not just your practice.

Mark: Right. So anyway, that’s online reputation and dentist review management. It’s definitely a topic we could probably spend another half hour on. But that’s sort of a consumer report.

Howie: Great. Well, that about wraps it up for us today. We’re so glad that you tuned in and we’re going to see you or you’re going to listen to to us we hope again real soon. Bye now.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our podcast today. You can find more podcasts on our YouTube channel, on Stitcher and iTunes. Also on our websites, dentalwebcontent.com and newpatientsinc.com