In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we talk about updates to online dental scheduling software and Dental Web Content.

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Podcast Highlights:

-“My patients won’t…” they will!
-The surprising hours patients will make appointments
-Adapting to the age of convenience
-New content updates

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and Welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Hello, everybody. Welcome to our podcast once again. We’re so glad you’re with us.

Mark: Hi, Howie.

Howie: Yeah. Hi, Mark. How’s it going?

Mark: Have you not written 2018 on your checks today?

Howie: Who writes checks anymore? Yeah, no, I’m still working off the holiday fuzz. That mental fuzziness. Anyway, being a new year and all that I thought maybe we might want to update our listeners on a few different things. How’s that sound to you?

Mark: Yeah, that sounds fine. We can do an update on online dental scheduling and our role, New Patients Inc.’s role in that. We can do an update on Dental Marketing Mastery group, Dental Web Content update, and then we can do all kinds of updates. You know, it’s funny for the whole audience, it’s actually, Howie, what is this podcast number? It’s like 80, something right? 85 or something like that? Some unbelievable number. And even if they’re only 20 or 30 minutes long, do 85 of them. I mean, pretty soon, pretty soon, we’re going to start talking about a crown molding or something like this.

Howie: Just full break into comedy routines.

Mark: Exactly. Exactly. John Deere tractors and Mustang, whatever, fast fishing? Alright, so let’s give you some updates, we have a list of updates that we wanted to just make everyone aware of. So, the first one is online dental scheduling, and there’s some structural changes to the way New Patients Inc. and Local Med are working together and 2018 that are really exciting. We want to share with you. But before I do that, I wanted to let everybody know, maybe we can be a little reflective and just how incredibly important this aspect of what we do is going to be in our lives and in our patient’s lives in the future.

But now, today is January 2nd. That’s when we’re recording this podcast. And yesterday and on Christmas Day. You would think, wait a second, two days. That I mean, come on, who the heck is going to make an appointment? At a dental practice.

Howie: Who would be even on a dentist’s website?

Mark: Exactly. Who would even, really seriously who would? That? No way. Not gonna happen? So, on Christmas Day 2017 and New Year’s Day 2018. There were 428 dental appointments made in 295 dental practices representing 345 dentists.

Howie: Wow.

Mark: On Christmas flipping day. Okay. Now, this may sound like a small number, you may say, “Oh, well, geez, Mark, that’s a small number. I mean, there’s, you know, 120 – 130 whatever. thousand dental practices in the country, blah, blah.” Yeah, but only 3000 of them even have this platform.

Howie: Yeah, there’s only 3000 installs. Right?

Mark: Exactly. Okay, so. So, for the dentists out there who are thinking, “nah, my patients.” That always cracked me up, whenever a sentence started with “my patients.” I always knew something, something on something was not going to be right with the rest of the sentence.

Howie: “My patients don’t do that. My patients don’t think that. My patients are different. They won’t respond to that.”

Mark: Right. “So, my patients won’t make appointments on Christmas. My patients won’t make appointments on New Year’s Day.” We actually had appointments made on Super Bowl Sunday last year, right?  And nobody believed. Right? So, look, there’s a really good chance that online dental scheduling is going to be as big and as hot as we believe it’s going to be. We believe it’s going to just take off like wildfire. And we want our listeners, we want our members on the Dental Marketing Mastery Facebook page. We want our people to be on that edge. Right? Now, it’s beyond proof of concept. It’s already tested, it already works.  Don’t go looking for your fear atoms in your brain right now. Okay, there is no, nothing to fear. Right? That’s all been done. And reallywhat’s left is benefit.

It’s benefiting from being on that edge. Having your practice be one of the only ones in your local market to have it. Maybe you’re the only one in your local market to have it on your Facebook page, maybe you’re the only one in your market to have it on your Google business page. Maybe you’re the only one in your market, maybe you participate with United Concordia. And you’re the only one in your local market with the schedule online now widget on the United Concordia page, whatever. Okay, it is obviously working if people are making appointments on days that even you couldn’t fathom as a listener.

Anyone wanting to make a dental appointment on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Okay. So that’s the first thing we wanted to share with you. This is not a fad. Patients, eventually, they’re going to demand it. Eventually, they’re going to say I’m not going to a dentist that doesn’t have it. I don’t know when that’s going to be, I don’t think it’s going to be next week or next month or even maybe next year. Right. But it’s coming, just like if you had to call an airline to make an airline reservation you wouldn’t do it.

Howie: Right. It’s just too convenient now to do all that stuff online, including book your hair appointment or your dog’s grooming session. It can all be done online. And there’s no hard work to it. If you make order by not providing that then you know, they’re going to go elsewhere.

Mark: Right. So now here’s the business change. We were, last year selling Local Med to our customers only. And we’ve now entered into agreement with Local Med. We’ll be selling Local Med Connect exclusively in the country of Canada, the state of New York and the state of Arizona. That does not mean that if you want online dental scheduling, not to call us. Call us, okay, because we have best practices, we can get you in the hands of the right person at Local Med to walk you through a demo. We can still help anyone from anywhere, okay. From a sales standpoint, Canada, New York and Arizona, they’ll be just our team. You know, walking you through the demos, making sure it’s a fit, making sure you’re getting the benefit from it on the back end.

It’s really cool as a marketing firm, to watch the front end, watch the other web designers, because we put online dental scheduling on client offices that don’t have our websites. Right. So, you know, having that done correctly, why it’s correct. Watching the appointments flow through, watching them flow through in concert with the practice’s online and offline promotions, right. Watching the clicks come off of their landing pages on the NPI Command PPC, you know, Google AdWords campaigns that we manage. So it’s really it’s closing a loop, right for us. So, if you’re in Canada, New York or Arizona, then we can you know, we can handle everything for you. If not, just let us know and we’ll get you in touch with the right people Local Med.

Howie: Yeah. And keep in mind, it’s under a new name. Now. It’s called Local Med Connect. Right, Mark?

Mark: Yeah, that was always its name. We just had the NPI concierge name, and we decided to get rid of it and just leave it the Local Med Connect name. Yeah, right. Just to avoid that exact confusion, it’s the same name, Local Med Connect. So that’s the online dental scheduling update. Another update is, for those of you who listen to this and are not already part of our Dental Marketing Mastery group on Facebook. We have 7 or 800 people, dentists on there now. Our education materials are under files.

This year in 2018, we have two new things that we’re going to be doing for the Dental Marketing Mastery group members. Periodically, Julie from Dental Web Content, our Julie, is going to go into Dental Web Content, and share with the Facebook group members social media posts that they can use for their own social media, you know, something might be you know, holidays, it might be, you know, day of the month or the month of the year, or whatever.

It may be completely dental related, it could be anything, right, she’s going to share those pieces from Dental Web Content with the Dental Marketing Mastery group members and the Dental Marketing Mastery group members don’t have to be Dental Web Content members to use it, you can just grab it and go. Actually you can copy it and then just paste it right to your own social media. For your, for your office, you don’t even have to leave Facebook. So that’ll be useful to everyone. Later on, in the year, we have planned, because now we have you know, 7 or 800 members in the group. We’d like to take that viral.

So, to promote dentists taking that viral we’re going to have the current members invite colleagues, and the colleagues are going to ask the question, or we’re going to ask the question of the new person coming in, how did you hear about us. And, you know, if the current member’s name is mentioned, they’re going to get six months of free DWC membership to call their very own. So, we’re going to be promoting the Dental Marketing Mastery Facebook group, pretty heavily in 2018. It’s worked out really well in concert with these podcasts. If anybody’s wondering why. Here’s why. The more we educate dentistry on the pros and cons, the more we educate dentistry on “Hey, before you do that, here’s what you should expect.” Right?

The more we educate dentistry, actually does a couple of things. One, if they’re not already our clients, it allows those people not to make mistakes, too, if they are already our clients, then again, I mean, you know, we’re driving people in the right direction, whether it’s us, or it’s not us, we want dentist to make the right choices. So, we already know what works and what doesn’t work. We already know how to do things. We already know, if you do this, this will likely happen. And it’s really, whenever you promote or advertise anything, you always get the same sentence. Well, if I know what’s going to happen, I’ll invest the money. Well, yeah, we know what’s going to happen. Because we’ve invested the money, right?

Howie: It’s 28 years. Yeah. Marketing can be very predictable. I mean, it’s not 100%. But very predictable if you’ve been tracking it all these years.

Mark: Yeah, yeah.

Howie: Very few outliers there.

Mark: Yeah. And normally, what stops a dentist from doing something is they don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re going to tell you what’s going to happen, we can tell you pretty much what’s going to happen before you do it. If we know enough about your market, we know enough about your competition, we know enough about your practice, we get pretty darn close to 95% of our clients on what exactly what’s going to happen. So that’s what kind of stuff that we share in the Dental Marketing Mastery Facebook page, right? So then, you know, if you see value in that, then you would share that with a colleague or a friend, and that’ll help the whole group grow. And the conversations, actually, we’ve had some pretty meaty conversations on the Facebook group.

There’s some pretty advanced dental dentist, dental marketers in the Facebook group. So, if you’re ever wanting to speak to somebody who has a let’s say, a full fee for service practice, they’re there. If you want to talk to somebody who has a growing like a weed practice, they’re there. Rural practice, they’re there, city practice, they’re there, female, you know, dentist they’re obviously there, you know. Basically, it’s like a cross section of dentistry who are all either promoting their own practices with our advice or using us as our client to help promote their practice. So,I would encourage everybody to go to the Dental Marketing Mastery Facebook group, and just say you want to join and we’ll let you in and start to share the wealth.

Howie: Yeah, it sounds good. Anything else we need to update him on right at this moment Mark?

Mark: Um, no, I think, well, you know, we probably end up having like quarterly updates. Yeah, but I think those are the two. Well, NPI command, but we just did an NPI command. You know what, let’s save the NPI Command update for a different update.

Howie: Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Mark: It’s gonna because it’s going to be longer than we have right now.

Howie: Yeah. Okay, my friend. Thank you very much for tuning in. We’ll see you again next time.

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