We’ve got two podcasts coming at you this week! In the first one, we interview Jason Siruchek of Dental Elevated to discuss technology, teamwork, and direction.

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Podcast Highlights

  • A new way for dental offices and staff to get what they need in an efficient manner!
  • What is dental elevated?
  • Systems, training, implementation of practices
  • Application of information
  • Utilizing technology in your practice
  • The wealth of information about dentistry
  • Where do you start? Where do you go next?
  • The benefits of a coaching company
  • Moving your team in the same direction
  • Facebook groups
  • Navigating the information available today
  • Dental Peer Groups and accountability
  • Staying modern with teaching
  • Cross-training vs. Cross-experience
  • Coupon Code: NPI2018 to receive a discount on dentalelevated.com

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by DentalWebContent.com and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Mark: Hey, everybody, this is Mark Dilatush with New Patients Incorporated and we have another podcast, probably somewhere between 80 and 90 of these podcasts. Our audience have endured over the years, so thank you for listening. Today, we have a very special guest, a gentleman named Jason Siruchek. And Jason and I go back, Jason, hell, 20 I don’t even want to say 20 let’s just say 25 years?

Jason Siruchek: Certainly the early 90s

Mark: Certainly the early. Okay. So, um, Jason & I we connected on the telephone, Hey, how you doing? What’s going on in your life, how’s business, that kind of thing, and, Jason shared with me what he’s doing and I, I I’m really impressed. I do believe that this is gonna, this is going to be a new way for dental offices, dentists and staff to get the information they need and in an efficient manner. Um, it is just it’s, it was very interesting to me, because I’ve been a management consultant myself. And there are inherent challenges to that, and it seems that Jason and his team have solved many of those challenges. So now the, um so everybody listening, this is this is this is Jason Siruchek. Hi, Jason.

Jason Siruchek: Hey, Mark, how are you? It’s good to hear your voice, buddy.

Mark: Same here. You have a company called Dental Elevated.

Jason Siruchek: That’s correct.

Mark: What is Dental Elevated and help the audience understand, like, what was the genesis where did this come from this this idea to build Dental Elevated?

Jason Siruchek: You know, it comes from many years of working with practices and helping practices. And, frankly, having my, my, my heart strings tugged too many times by folks that really were reaching out for help. And frankly, either couldn’t afford the traditional consulting help that I had offered for many, many years and in the industry has offered for me for many years.

I know Mark, you probably had those conversations as well, you know, the practice management background. You talk to someone and they’re saying, gosh, Mark, my practice is not where I’d like it to be. And we all know, it goes back to systems and training and, and implementation of those systems and so forth. And, really, it’s been the only one way for the most part that can be successfully accomplished in the practice, which is, you know, to hire a coach and have that coach to varying levels of engagement, in terms of coming on site and practicing so forth.

But, you know, you and I know, it’s you know, 3, 4, 5, $6,000 a month, you know, whatever it would cost to, to deliver that information. And so, for many years, I know, you and I have gone back as I said back to the early 90s. Then, in 2000, I moved into the pure consulting space and have been working hands on with practices. And my partner, by the way, which I should mention Tatyana who’s an absolute rock star. And she happens to be kind of the face of the things that we’re rolling out here.

You know, you veered after a practice management stand and are still involved in a very heavy marketing um track. And I’ve really remained on this, this one on one traditional consulting track, and I began those conversations. Right? gosh I need help I need help, I need help, and gee I can’t afford it. So actually, interestingly, three or four years ago, we said, there’s got to be something that we can do if for someone who either can’t afford to or is unwilling to, to engage in traditional consulting. We think there’s gotta be something and so we with some hesitancy because we know, you know, that the challenge with practices isn’t that they’re lacking information.

But they lack application, right of that information. But with some hesitancy we said, why don’t we at least give people our information, let’s, let’s sell that as a product. And we were selling a, essentially a binder, Mark, of all of our systems and procedures and policies. And it was it was, it was written in a way that they could actually say, Okay, here’s the beginning. Let’s sit down as a team, and let’s go this through this together. I and my concern was that people would buy it. And we spend a few thousand dollars for this binder. And it would sit on the shelf, and what ended up happening most of the time, 90% of the time, that’s exactly what happened.

Frankly, towards the end of that I would have made people beg me and promise me that they would implement it, because we didn’t want to take anyone’s money. And if unless we knew that we’re going to get some value out of it. And while it’s not wasn’t our responsibility, obviously, we still wanted to make sure that people were spending their money wisely. We’re going to actually get something out of it. So fast forward to where we are now. And for the last year or so I’ve been sitting on this concept.

And the concern, frankly, was that if we could deliver the same information that we’re delivering, in our traditional consulting model, if we can deliver that same information in an entirely new way, in a way that technology allows, because obviously technologies is just it’s unbelievable what we’re able to do now, if we could do that, we should, because we would have a much greater impact and could help a lot more people, but the concern to be just totally candid was saying, well, gosh, we run the risk of really kind of cannibalizing our own company.

Mark: No, absolutely.

Jason Siruchek: The heck am I gonna pay you thousands of dollars if I can get it for a fraction of that right, Mark?

Mark: Yeah, well, yeah. And then yeah, even if you told somebody about this, they would say, well, I’ll just wait. I’ll wait till it goes down.

Jason Siruchek: And in fact, I think there’s another company by the name of New Patients Incorporated, who kind of went down a similar path with some of their information in creating a an online portal, I guess, if you will, right into it, that’s where they oh the amazing things that you guys have created all this testing material over the years, that people are able to now access easily,

Mark: For almost for almost nothing.

Jason Siruchek: For almost nothing, right. But it something that, again, technology has, has evolved to the point where we’re that that’s possible. So we decided that we were just going to kind of go all in on this. I and I, you know, just kind of put what we were doing in terms of terms of traditional consulting. The past launching an entirely new company called Dental Elevated for the purpose of helping. You know, thousands of practices all around the country for a fraction of what they would typically charge for, what would they typically pay for traditional consultant.

Mark: Right. Okay, so. So, when you say technology, like what aspects of technology are you exploiting, because basically, what this comes down to is, if you’re delivering the same information, you’re the technology is what’s creating the economy. And the economy is being passed through back to the customer and back to the client.

Jason Siruchek: Right.

Mark: So, what part of technology is allowing you to do this where you would have may have had been on site previously?

Jason Siruchek: The, the technology really comes down to the platforms that are available. And the platforms that we’ve spent lots of lots of time and money developing and, and fleshing out for the purposes of this. It allows us to create not only a fully online experience, where, again, unlike say, a book that was published, that can is outdated, can be outdated immediately, once it once it’s out there, this technology allows us to deliver information in a way that is implementable, and I’ll put it this way, there’s a lot of information out there, Mark, right? And you can go on YouTube, and of course, you can go to a seminar, you could go read articles, I could,

Mark: I could go to Facebook and get 93 different opinions right now from dentists.

Jason Siruchek: Exactly. In fact, there are even there’s some companies, there are some websites, kind of subscription-based websites that you can pay on a monthly basis and have access to a whole bunch of videos.

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: The challenge with that is its kind of a hodgepodge of stuff.

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: And this misinformation has been out. I mean, not this exactly information, but this situation where there’s a lot of information out there has been out there for many years. The challenge from a learning perspective, and therefore an implementation perspective, is where do we start? Where do we go next? You know, and is it something like, Oh, hey, front desk, person, go and watch that video.

And, and we’re not really all getting on the same page. All moving the same direction and that’s, as a coaching company, that’s really the magic and what we’ve, we’ve always done. Okay, team, as a team, let’s get together. And let’s all get on the same page, all moving the same direction, all towards a common goal. So as opposed to the different opinions, as you said, which can also obviously get very confusing. And this allows for a very methodical, same thing that we would do in person. When we’re working with a practice, it allows us to go through this very methodical rollout of the information. So that the information itself can be implemented, which is again, always the challenge, right? It’s not that it’s a lack of information, its lack of implementation.

And so in addition to the, the actual platform itself, whereby someone’s able to log on, and they have their lesson for that, either for that week, or for the for you know, the two week period that in and then they implement that and they go on to the next lesson and, and each lesson just builds on the other. In addition to that, there is a community, which is very helpful, not you’re a part, you’re a part of different communities, Mark, I’m a part of different communities.

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: It’s, that’s another thing that obviously wasn’t available many years ago to be able to be a part of a private Facebook group, where people are able to exchange ideas, and ask each other for, for help, and to get information and a forum in which we’re able to, obviously, hop on and answer questions and contribute, as well. So that’s the beauty of what we have available to us nowadays, is that the technology. It creates this kind of experience that was never available before.

Mark: Right. I know there’s I know, there’s power in peer groups. Among the dental culture, I know there’s power in dentist only peer groups, I know there’s power in staff only peer groups. If there weren’t those, many, many, many organizations wouldn’t exist and wouldn’t flourish. I also know there’s a you know, there’s power in having them all combined into a peer group of clients who may be in the same month, a year, whatever. So, on the same journey, right. So that that’ll, yeah, that’s, that’ll bring it all together. And I’m not going to say make people more accountable. But let’s face it. If you’re in a peer group and you’re not accountable, then you’re the quiet one in the corner.

Jason Siruchek: Right.

Mark: Right? Or you’re fired? Either one.

Jason Siruchek: Right.

Mark: So um, no, that’s, that’s, I wanted you to explain that to our audience. Because I’ve seen pieces actually been part of pieces of all of that, but little pieces. Right? It sounds like, you know, sounds like what Dental Elevated doing is trying to or is using technology to bring all those pieces together. And then passing the economy off to the client, which, which makes sense because. Yeah, I mean, we have the same conversations with our clients and I would say, Oh, hell, I’d say half the people who call into NPI for marketing, really aren’t aware of, you know, what they should be spending on, on marketing. So, you know, any dollar amount above what their own expectation was, is perceived to be too much. Right?

So, I mean consultants go through the same thing. I went through the same thing when I was doing consulting. So, so no, so this is this is now. I want to I have a follow up question, which is, okay, so you have these methodical, step by step, the whole team moving, let’s say, rowing the whole boat in the same direction, which is really what every dentist wants. Okay? when it all comes down to it. Okay. Um, Alright, so now are all the clients like in the same track it to the tracks change by clients? I mean, is it customized, like, how is that?

Jason Siruchek: Itself or the or the course we’ll call it is delivered in the same way, same steps. Now, what an individual practice does? because every practice is unique, perhaps not as unique as everyone thinks they are, because human beings are human beings. But certainly every practice unique and even when we did our traditional consulting work, we weren’t dogmatic in that everyone had to do it in the exact same way. It was, you need to work on your financial policy, let’s use that as an example. You know, we’re going to certainly recommend a proven financial policy in a way to have that conversation with, with practices. But the it’s also designed in a way where there’s we’re presenting different options, the key, Mark, is that the practice is actually working on itself.

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: So, this is a, a, this provides the vehicle through which the practice is actually and this is, you know, this, I mean, they don’t, they don’t normally work on themselves, no,

Mark: no,

Jason Siruchek: They show up, they go through their daily routine, and they punch out and refresh the next day and start over. And, and they very rarely, for the most part again, so some practices are more advanced than others and really work on themselves. But generally speaking, my experience, your experience is that most of the time, they’re too busy working in the practice that they don’t ever really get a chance to work on the practice.

Mark: right.

Jason Siruchek: The course itself is going to take them through every system in the practice, from the initial phone call through to the patient arriving, what does that look like through to the patient comes into hygiene and what is the conversation that hygiene would be having with regard to peridontal disease and treatment? And setting the stage for restorative treatment for when the doc comes in to do his or her exam and go through the treatment plan, and the patient invariably, at that point, always asks the same question, which is okay, well, how much is this?

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: And then that conversation, who has that conversation? Where does that conversation take place? I will tell you that as a in our most recent work, and the thing, the things that we’ve been teaching recently are different, certainly than what we taught 10 years ago, because the world has changed. You know, the insurance landscape has changed. We’ve

Mark: We’ve changed,

Jason Siruchek: man. Yeah, absolutely. Consumers have changed,

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: You know, so the world is we’re certainly not to, to dig as so many other companies are out there, but my experience is that most of the companies that have been, in this industry, doing traditional consulting, have been teaching the same thing for 20 or 30 years, and they’ve really shifted very much in their message.

We definitely have, you know, over time, and, you know, one of the I’ll call it radical, it’s not really radical in a good way, perhaps. One of the radical things that we that we have been teaching, and it’s not required and some practices absolutely love it and do it and some don’t, is we teach a model in which really, the entire practice is fully cross trained. And a lot of Doc’s will say, oh, we’re cross train, we’re cross trained, or team will say that, but they’re not maybe cross trained, but they not actually cross done,

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: We’ve never actually done it, say, Well, people, you’re probably not that proficient at it then.

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: And so as a business owner, someone who has a company of four or five or six employees or seven employees, certainly one of the riskiest situations is that you have only one person that can do a particular thing that’s really, really critical to the success of a practice such as financial arrangements,

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: Treatment planning, right? So how I’ve had this conversation lots of time. So, who does your treatment planning or your financial arrangement, your case closing? who handles your money with patients and talks about care credit or wherever the case may be? And usually, there’s a quote unquote, treatment coordinator or front desk person, but there’s someone on the administrative, administrative side of the practice that has that conversation. And I, you know, so my follow up question is what happens when she’s not there? She’s on vacation, out sick. She’s not available at that particular point in time. You know, and the answer is usually kind of a

Mark: it’s a difference between cross training and cross experienced.

Jason Siruchek: Yes, yeah. So one of the things that we that we have taught our clients for a long time, again, not required, and even through the course is not required, although it will be presented as an option is that it’s not really hard thing to do, right? Mark? Nothing is hard. You know, in a dental practice, but you have to learn it. So for a patient, you know, to say, Well, how much is it and for the doctor to say, Okay, if you have no more questions about teeth, un, you know, Mary here, famous barrier sound, um, will, you know, who the hygienist or the assistant can easily have that conversation with you.

And perhaps we can now move into some same day dentistry, or at least, you know, get this wrapped up so that we can get them scheduled to come back as quickly as possible for that work? is, in order for that to happen, again, the entire team has to be trained and

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: So that’s the advantage of instead of saying, Okay, well, I’m just going to train my, these people who do this, and these people do this. There, even if a practice doesn’t do that, even if a practice doesn’t want, like what we’ve been teaching kind of an apple store approach where find someone in blue, blue shirt, the Apple Store, I know, Mark and I, but for me, I find someone in a blue shirt, and you know, they take care of you there’s cash registers, there’s no nothing. So, we’ve been kind of teaching that that approach is extraordinarily efficient and effective, but even if a practice doesn’t want to do that, it’s certainly helpful.

Mark: Oh, yeah. Well, it’s certainly helpful for everybody to know what everybody else is doing.

Jason Siruchek: Yeah, absolutely. So that we are, you know, because there’s that back and front thing. It’s, she just put her emergency in the schedule, and, you don’t understand what’s going on back here?

Mark: Tuna fish sandwich is going to go bad

Jason Siruchek: Right, and there, you know, and she’s sitting back there and, you know, reading People Magazine, she’s not do they, there’s no real understanding, and therefore no empathy around what everyone’s doing in the practice of responsibility. So, what do you want an entire team all on the same page, all in the same direction, to what extent they’re cross doing, that’s up to the individual practice.

But that’s the purpose of this, so instead of saying, hey, front desk person, go and watch a video on x. Now, let me also say that when a practice goes through this experience together, and they are on this journey together, and obviously, you know, nothing is permanent in the practice, and new team members will be coming on as either as replacements or an additional team member, you know, so for that new team member, to be able to get up and running, how cool, Mark, right? For them to just to kind of immerse themselves in how this practice operates.

Mark: Yeah.

Jason Siruchek: And in there may be certainly in those cases, it might be appropriate for say, Okay, here are these videos, this is what we need you to focus on for right now in your particular position in the practice. So that yes, absolutely, and that’s something that’s super cool that they’ll each, they’ll have access to, you know, as long as they are their members. And that’s very, very helpful, you know, to be able to bring new team members on and get them trained.

Because as you and I both know, generally what happens is, people are trained, and then they’re just kind of thrown in, and good luck. Because there are no systems or procedures, or policies or manuals or anything, people are just kind of doing the best they can with what they’ve kind of figured out. And generally that is nowhere near as effective as or as efficient as they could be if they actually had real training, which is what we’re providing now, in a much different way.

Mark: Right. Um, wow. That’s a lot of you guys put together. I’m glad that people are going to be able now if you’re if they’re a member of this site, and basically anybody that’s existing on their team is what do you have like a subscription by location? Like by office?

Jason Siruchek: Yeah, it’s just it’s for the office. Exactly.

Mark: Okay, Okay. So, it’s by dental office, not, I have three members. I have my team, I have six, I have 12, whatever. Okay, so it’s, yeah, it’s per office.

Jason Siruchek: Yeah, we again, our goal is, we just want to have, we just want to help as many people as possible. So, we don’t want to put up roadblocks where Gee, if you’re larger office, it costs more. On a side note, I mean, if there’s anyone listening, that is at, say, the mid market level, perhaps multiple locations, and so forth, and for us to be able to work and create something perhaps, custom for them.

Mark: Right.

Jason Siruchek: So that with a very large organization that definitely had more moving parts in terms of people in and out and so forth. That is just on a side note, something that this technology certainly will allow us to do as well.

Mark: Okay. All right. Well, Jason, don’t wait so long before you call me and tell me what’s going on in your life. That’s the first thing that I’ll say.

Jason Siruchek: I promise Mark, I know we we’re both get pretty busy.

Mark: I know, I know, I know.

Jason Siruchek: Never are far away from each other.

Mark: I know, I know. It’s a

Jason Siruchek: We’re huge fans of NPI. And, and you’ve you guys have always done amazing things for our clients over the years. We appreciate all the work and the innovation you and Howie have put into your company.

Mark: Well, I’m hoping someday maybe we can bring these two things together, not as owners, but you know, as offerings, right to clients. Um, so Okay, so we gotta wrap this up. I could sit here and talk to you for the next hour. But um, it’s time for our listeners to get off the treadmill, because they’re probably sweating.

Jason Siruchek: Sweating.

Mark: So um thank you, how can, how can folks learn more about what you’re doing?

Jason Siruchek: It, it, right, right, if you hop on DentalElevated.com. Right now it’s a landing page out there, everything is behind the scenes about ready to be unveiled. But if they hop on DentalElevated.com and just put in their name and email address we’ll reach out to them we are offering a pretty significant discount that they’ll learn about just for NPI, and listeners to the podcast.

So they’ll learn to you’ll there there’ll be a coupon code, which will be NPI. And that’s what they’ll use to get a pretty significant discount on offering as, as an appreciation to you. Mark, I, and, also, to get this launch, the only the only ask that we will have for this offer that we’re making is that people engage, you know, not become members, but as members that they engage. They’re engaged in the Facebook community, and they’re providing us feedback. So, unbelievable opportunity, you know, for our first for our first group of members. And so, hop on DentalElevated.com, putting your name and email address, and we’ll be shooting you over some information.

Mark: Yeah, we did the same thing with Dental Web Content. When we started it, we got a group of 15 or 20 dentists that got in on the ground floor and just let us have it. You know, told us what was good, what was bad. And, you know, and that’s, it grew from there. Well, Jason, awesome. I hope this is I hope you have 20,000 clients in a month.

Jason Siruchek: And we appreciate it, man. The goal

Mark: I know the information’s right, I know you’re delivering it correctly.

Jason Siruchek: Thank you.

Mark: And I know that more and more people want to learn in little bits and pieces.

Jason Siruchek: Right.

Mark: Like little

Jason Siruchek: manageable bite size.

Mark: Right. Right. Right little chunks. And at their own speed at their own schedule at their own. You know, life. You know, life gets in the way of learning. Right. So awesome. I love you, man.

Jason Siruchek: Love ya too, buddy. Appreciate it.

Mark: I will talk to you soon, sir.

Jason Siruchek: I thank you, Mark.

Mark: All right. Bye bye.

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