In our final installment of “Top 10 Ways To Destroy Your Advertising Results,” we go over the issues with dictating your own dental marketing strategies, not recognizing your own marketable attributes, not fully utilizing all marketing channels, and letting personal taste dictate your marketing.

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#7: Dictating Your Own Dental Marketing Strategies

  • Ancillary information vs. statistics
  • Consumer research, testing, and strategy

#8: Not Recognizing Marketable Attributes

  • Prioritizing services
  • Conveniences!
  • Technologies
  • Public relations assets

#9: Believing Offline Promotion is Dead

  • Offline drives online
  • Mail: the dark horse

#10: Personal Taste

  • What works vs. what you like
  • Looks vs. results

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Hello, everybody. Once again, we’ve got our podcast going today. We’re glad to have you here. Mark. How you doing?

Mark: I’m doing fine. Just got back from Toronto.

Howie: That’s right.

Mark: It’s a, Toronto for those who have never been, is basically it’s an endless city. It’s it’s you get out of the airport and you have skyscrapers of apartment buildings and you drive 40, 50 minutes into town and to your right and your left are just gigantic skyscrapers of apartment buildings. It’s amazing how many people live there. Um, but nice city, nice people, pie. It was nice and clean. There was there was a Jays game and a way basketball game playoff game and a home hockey playoff game while we were there all within about a half a block of our hotel.

Howie: Wow.

Mark: Yeah. So, it’s crazy people running around. But anyway, back home and back at it.

Howie: Well, yeah, speaking of hockey, I’ve got my Golden Knights t shirt on. I have not never been much of a hockey player but or a hockey fan. But I am now.

Mark: You are now.

Howie: This town is going crazy over the Golden Knights. So.

Mark: Good, good, good.

Howie: Today, we have the topic that we’ve been talking about, the ways that you can actually really screw up your marketing results. And we’re on the last. What do we have 7, 8, 9 and 10 today.

Mark: 7, 8, 9, and 10. So we’re gonna have to go fast.

Howie: Okay, let’s do it.

Mark: All right. So number seven, is dictating your own dental marketing strategies. And a lot of these we don’t want to come off as we’re picking on people because we’re not we’re just I always have to say that you know, there’s always two people who listen to this who say man you pick on dentists a lot. No, we don’t.

Howie: Man, you really picked on me.

Mark: Yeah, you picked on me. But we’re not picking on you were just I mean; how do we communicate this without picking on. You know what I mean, so I’m sure that some that there’s a dentist out there who could create a podcast of the top 10 ways not to deal with marketing companies. That’s fine. You can put us in there and you can make fun of us if you want.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: But dictating your own story dental marketing strategies is, is definitely a way to destroy your own marketing. Because typically that strategy is not rooted in anything logical. Normally it’s based in either emotional or ancillary information. Ancillary information example would be my friend Bob in Boston had really good luck promoting his practice through x. Okay, okay, that’s, that’s not statistically relevant.

Howie: Means nothing actually.

Mark: Means less.

Howie: I mean, good. Good for Bob .

Mark: Yeah, good for Bob. That’s, that’s what it means. It’s good for Bob. So yeah, it’s actually very dangerous. So and we see this shared on open dental forums, we see it on, you know, Facebook, dental groups, we see it shared, you know, a dentist will post a question is “I need more new patients, what should I do?” And then you have 87, completely different responses, all 100%, aboveboard, and honest and truthful. But they’re from 100 different dentists in 100 different markets, with 100 different marketing histories. So, it’s, even that question is just as irrelevant as Bob having a good, having good luck in, in Boston.

When we say dictating your own dental marketing strategies, we don’t want to, we don’t want to discourage you from learning what your strategy should be. As a matter of fact, we encourage all dentists, our clients, not our clients, associates, people who might want to be a dentist should all learn what your strategy should be and why it should be, what it should be all based on history, statistics, testing, consumer research, everything that’s gone into creating the dental marketing strategies, not just ancillary information you heard on a Facebook forum from somebody you’ve never met, and you know, what have you.

Number seven is dictating your own strategy. Hire, you don’t have to hire, we would like you to hire us, but you don’t have to hire us. You can hire somebody else, whoever you hire, to do your marketing for you rely on their wisdom, rely on their experience, rely on their years, rely on their reputation and rely on everything you can rely on and try to avoid dictating your own dental marketing strategies. Because one thing we’ve learned over the years, is as a dental marketing firm, if you if you simply deploy the clients dental marketing strategies, the blame for it not working will never be the strategy.

Yeah, okay. It will always be the deployment. Okay. So, get together with the people that help you whoever they are. And make sure everyone’s on the same page. And that page is set. The strategy is set for very good reasons, not just because of something that happened a long time ago, somewhere in a land far, far away. That’s a number seven. Number eight, this is a big one. And we see this misapplied constantly. Number eight is not realizing your other marketable attributes besides yourself services.

Howie: Oh, yes,

Mark: This is, if you go to and you go to education, there’s a free download there called marketable attributes scorecard. On that, it’s just a spreadsheet, on that scorecard are all the main categories and subcategories and numerically scored based on what the consumer has told us on multiple occasions. Okay. So that will tell you right away that services are not nearly as important as you, the dentist, make them out to be and we will tell you, maybe we’re patting ourselves on the back a little bit. But we will tell you that 99% of the dental marketing companies out there think services is all dental consumers care about as well. Because when you look at the advertising that they create on behalf of their clients, it’s almost all about the services.

Well, services are actually the fourth most important piece of the puzzle. Price, technologies, convenience, and then services, okay. So, when you’re building your advertising, when your advertising department or marketing firm, or maybe someone in your office is doing your marketing for you, when they come to you and say, “okay, what do we want to promote?” Sure, you should prioritize your services absolutely, but you also need to prioritize all your conveniences, you need to mention some kind of price in there somewhere, you need to have conveniences technologies, your technologies needs to be in there somewhere. All of this has to mix together with your public relations assets, to tell the whole story.

Howie: Right. And public relations assets are often overlooked, because, and they shouldn’t be because this is where you as a practice, and a dentist can connect with your public on a trust level, okay, nobody’s going to come to you, they don’t trust you, or like you, or, you know, at least have the possibility of that happening when they arrive. So public relations assets might be the, you know, all the charity work you’ve done and a lot of you go out on mission trips and do work that way. And or you help you have a various free dentistry days or, you know, all this kind of stuff that we call public relations assets are things that needed to need to be included in the mix of what you’re going to promote. Because that will do more to get you trusted by strangers than anything else really.

Mark: Yeah. I mean, a public relations asset could be that you and your family, your two children attend the same local school as where patients come from.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: That’s a public relations asset.

Howie: You bet.

Mark: Okay, not only are you the dentist that serves the community, your part of the community. Right?

Howie: Right.

Mark: It’s huge. You don’t over do not if you have advertising that says we do crowns or root canals fillings, you know, if you if it’s just a laundry list of pain with little bullet points, you know, and maybe you made the bullet points, seagulls right or something. That’s not what that’s not what they want to see. That’s not what, that’s not the only thing they want to see. Right?

Howie: Right.

Mark: You can’t have that be the only primary marketable attribute, that’s the point.

Howie: Good. Okay, we’ve got 9 and 10. Left. Let’s take a short break, and then we’ll come back and wrap up with the next two items on the list, okay. So, don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

Hey Mark, we should tell people about this new product, we have NPI Command. Ah, well, new, probably new to the podcast listeners, but not new to the customers who use it. So let me go through on the finer points. NPI Command is the system we use. It’s an artificial intelligence system that creates decisions on where dentists, our clients, should put their Pay Per Click money when they do Google Pay Per Click ad campaigns. If you’re someone who’s already done them, you’re probably frustrated by the cost of the negative clicks.

Well, if there’s an artificial intelligence platform, monitoring your negative clicks, you can see immediately how doing these on an artificial intelligence platform will allow for a faster build, and the faster allocation of the advertising money to the places that are bringing in good clicks. Because with every PPC campaign, there’s sources of bad clicks and sources of good clicks and the whole idea is to throw all your money in the good ones and pull your money from the bad ones. So NPI Command is our PPC department and it’s not just in the department of humans. It’s an artificial intelligence platform as well.

Howie: Alright, we are back.

Mark: Alright, we are back.

Howie: What is the 9th way that practice can mess up their marketing results?

Mark: You know, if we were smart, we would have done this the old fashioned way.

Howie: Oh, 10, 9, 8, 7?

Mark: Yeah, we would have gone 10, 9, 8, 7 sort of like what’s his name on, on Late Night, like David Letterman. Yeah, those top 10s. Alright, so 9 and 10 are near and dear to our heart. Please take them to heart yourself. Number 9 is believing that offline promotion is dead.

Howie: Right. It’s all on the internet. Right? Get all of our patients from the internet.

Mark: Yeah, I think right now, nothing is costing more dentist more money than that single belief alone.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: 10s of millions of dollars are being wasted out there. That’s not to say that online dental marketing strategies don’t work because we have an actually, as far as I know, we have the only AI controlled Google AdWords department in dentistry. So, it’s not that we certainly don’t ignore it, we’re at the forefront of online dental marketing. But out of the hundreds of offices that we have that we manage their marketing, exactly zero are allocated 100% online, zero. Now, if we don’t do a good job, we lose a client. Right? If you don’t do a good job doing your own marketing, you just lose some money. Right?

We lose a whole client. Right? So, a company, why would a company like us, why would they always, not almost always, always have a combined mix of online and offline? And the answer if you if you if you’ll take the time to look, the answer is in front of you, 24/7, 365. You, you witness offline driving online traffic constantly in your day to day, if you have a radio station on in your office, you witness ads driving people to an online property if you watch television, you see almost every ad on television now is built around attracting and driving targeted television traffic to a website property. I can’t I can’t remember the last add that didn’t do that. Yeah, I can’t remember the last TV that ended in a phone number. Remember the old ads?

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: Call 1-800 blah, blah, blah, they actually make jingles out of it. Right. What was that? And away you go trouble, down the drain. Roto Rooter, right? Okay, well, none of that you don’t see that anymore because they’re all driving it to the website where anyone can go instantly to take advantage of the deal they’re offering or learn more or set up an appointment or in other words, the consumer can take action, right, they have to use the offline promotion to drive the proper online traffic.

Now most dentists don’t they don’t have a robust enough ad budget for television. Some have enough of a ad budget for radio or are in a market conducive to radio. And some do, but for the most part, this means mail any number of the three ways to do mail, but it normally means mail. So, number 9 is do not believe offline is dead offline is actually half of the equation.

Howie: Right, It’s your it’s your driver. Like Mark said.

Mark: Yeah, well, there you go. You use a golf analogy now? Seriously.

Howie: Yeah and that was completely unconscious. But yeah, right.

Mark: Right. Right. Okay, so what’s 10, 10? This is this is.

Howie: Oh, yes.

Mark: This is the one we do live events. This is the one. This is the exercise that gets everybody to really think about their own feelings, right?

Howie: Yeah. Yeah.

Mark: Number 10. Please, again, take this the right way. Number 10 is your personal taste. What you like does not matter.

Howie: That’s, that’s really the takeaway.

Mark: That’s the takeaway don’t.

Howie: And it’s not because, you know, you’re dumb. And we’re smart. No, because we were dumb to once until we figured out.

Mark: Yeah, till we spent millions we were dumb too.

Howie: We do what works. And it is completely not dependent at all on what you like, or how you feel about it or how your staff feels about it. It’s just, that’s irrelevant. When you get right down to it, it’s, you know, what, what does the public respond to? What will they respond to? How will you gain their trust? And, you know, 9 times out of 10, we get a new client coming in and, you know, we have them look at the designs that we’ve done and then I won’t say 9 times out of 10, 5 out of 10 go, “no, I that’s not gonna work.” Well, how do you know that?

Mark: Right, I don’t like it. Right?

Howie: I don’t like it doesn’t matter what you like, it really doesn’t.

Mark: Right.

Howie: That’s a hard one to get across.

Mark: It is it’s extremely difficult. Actually just 20 minutes ago, got off a conference call with a new office manager in an office that has been using our stuff for two or three years. And the office manager said, “Can we change this up? Because I don’t like it.” And then that of course that’s set me off for a 15 minute conversation. You know, my answer was, “well, how do you like the 177 patients that responded to it?” You know.

Howie: Yeah, how do you like that?

Mark: How do you like that? And kind of changes the conversation a little bit, you know? But until you actually do it, you don’t actually get to know that or feel that. Okay, so, so see with existing customers or clients, we can, we can say, “Okay, look, these, these people got this. They became new patients in your office over the last 12 months.” And then then it’s kind of like, “Oh, okay, well, all right. I still don’t like it, but I kind of like it better.” And that’s fine. That’s, that’s fine. You don’t have to love it. Howie and I don’t even like it.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: Right. We don’t like half the stuff we put on the street.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: But the dental consumers like it. And that’s honestly what, it kind of goes also back to number 7, which is not dictating your own dental marketing strategies, don’t dictate your own design. That’s

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: I hear stories of you know, from people, they call us, and they say, “Yeah, I worked with so and so. And one of the first things they did was asked me what I wanted to promote.” What do you mean, they asked you what you wanted to promote? Why didn’t they tell you what your priority promotion should be? And the doctor sits back and thinks about that and says, “Huh, yeah, really.” And how do you want this to look? No. That’s not why you hire a marketing firm. Okay. You hire a marketing firm.

Howie: You’d save a lot of money, just doing it all yourself if you want.

Mark: What was that favorite phrase of yours is, how to pee away your money in three basics.

Howie: How to, yeah, how to pee away your money, but look really cool while you’re doing it.

Mark: That’s my favorite Howie quotes from our seminars. Anyway, um.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: We don’t want to leave you with a negative we want to leave you with a positive. So the positive would be just be just understand that the dental consumer, their knowledge of dentistry is 1000 feet below yours and in order for them to take interest, they have to have like, let’s say, a subhead or a headline. And in order to explain the subhead or headline, you need a little bit of text right to or a little bit of time to explain it to them. And you need to explain this in a seventh or eighth grade level. Actually, no dentist should like, what we do. They’re just so far ahead of it. Right, they should look at it and go. Wow, that seems really basic. And if you look at it and say that, there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to work.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: So anyway, that’s our top 10 ways to destroy your own advertising. We packed them all into three podcasts and I’m sure we’ll come back and review this probably a year from now when we do podcast or two years from now when we do podcast number 200.

Howie: Yeah. Anyway, it’s been great being with you once again. And we’re going to sign off now and hope you tune in again next week. And in the meantime, go Golden Knights.

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