In our most recent podcast, Howie and Mark set your Dental Marketing New Year’s dental marketing resolutions, so you don’t have to!




Podcast Highlights:

  1. Balance your marketing budget properly.
  2. Do not allow your practice to be held hostage (we will explain).
  3. Manage your practice’s capacity…Monthly.
  4. Pre-appointing hygiene – End the madness.

Podcast Transcription:

Hello, and welcome once again to the Dental Marketing Mastery series. This podcast is brought to you by and New Patients Incorporated. I’m Howie Horrocks, the Founder of New Patients Incorporated, along with me once again, as my friend and partner and the President of New Patients Incorporated, Mark Dilatush.

Howie: Hello, everybody. Welcome to our podcast. We’re so happy that you’re out there listening to us, aren’t we, Mark?

Mark: Yeah. Yes, Umm absolutely every time you listen, you know, we hope you learn to maybe take it back to your desk, if you’re doing your own marketing, you know, or even if we’re doing your marketing for you, at least you understand that, you know, we put some thought into it. Right?

Howie: We think about it every now and then like every for 30 years.

Mark: And then right 30 years. Yeah. At 30 years,

Howie: Shall we, shall we bring up an interesting subject here? We’re going to call it we’ve got your dental marketing resolutions for 2019 when we’ve got them already.

Mark: Right. Yeah. So, for all the lazy dentists out there. And I’m not calling all dentists lazy. But if I went into a room of 100 dentist, and you would all raise your hand if we were all friends.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: You know, cuz just before January 1, every year, this is incredible pressure some people put on themselves to come up with a new year’s resolution otherwise, the whole earth rotating around the Sun has no meaning.

Howie: Right.

Mark: So 

Howie: We does that anyway, but that’s what we won’t we won’t let the cat out of the bag on that.

Mark: No, no, no.

Howie: It’ll ruin the holiday.

Mark: That’s right. So, um, so many of us will look for Okay, what am I going to do different in 20? or What am I gonna do for next year than I did this year?

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: And, and all of us, you know, we all have things we want to change in our lives or family. And I don’t know, being nicer, being more politically correct. You know, being skinnier being stronger, whatever it is. That’s fine. But the lazy part is, is we’ve got your dental marketing resolutions list for 2019. You don’t have to think about that. That’s what podcast is about. You can

Howie: Not to do anything.

Mark: You don’t have to do anything. Right. Okay.

Howie: We got you covered.

Mark: We got you covered. So,

Howie: All right, what’s first one?

Mark: Your 2019 New Year’s dental marketing resolutions list has four main components. The first one, they’re all important. I think this one’s probably the most important for the people who don’t quite have their marketing tweak the way they want it yet. The first one is I will balance my marketing in 2019. So,

Howie: Yeah, yeah. What does that mean? What balance? What’s that got to do with anything?

Mark: Yeah, so um, I would say about 80% of the people who engage us initially to potentially become clients are out of what we call balance, they’re out of balance. Their marketing investment is either waited too heavily offline or waited too heavily online dental marketing. So, balancing it means is you take you know, somewhere between 60, or to 40%, 50 – 50 is somewhere between that 60 to 40%. And you split it between online and offline expenses for your marketing.

Very few offices can go on forever, with a good result. Because that’s basically what all want to really sit down a dentist in a chair, you know, in an icy cold dungeon and shine a light in their face, right? So, what do you really want? They’ll say, I want my marketing to work forever. Okay, basically what they say, Okay, well, you can’t get that just offline. You can’t get that just online. So, it has to be balanced. It has to be orchestrated and balanced in order for you to get what you want.

Howie: Yeah and the corollary there another comment, is it a lot of dentists will believe in the silver bullet theory, there’s just one thing that I can do, that’s going to solve all my marketing problems, right? Which is not true.

Mark: Well, it takes 20 year career to gain the wisdom that there is no one thing.

Howie: Yeah, there’s no silver bullet.

Mark: Right. Right. So anyway, revs Resolution Number one, is I will balance my marketing. And whatever that means for you, that means different things to everybody listening to this, but you know what you’re spending your money on. So, if you’re way over allocated offline, and you need to do more online, then make the adjustment, invest more online than offline.

Conversely, if you’re got all your money online, and you’re just sitting there waiting for people to have a need and find you, then you’re not allocated properly, you need to balance it in the other direction. the right mix is somewhere between 60-40, 40-60 that’s statistically where we try to drive all of our clients over the years. And you know, I mean, back in the old days, obviously, this is evolved back in the old days, you could probably get away with all, you know, offline dental marketing 80% to online 20%. Well, now it’s more like 40-60 60-40, somewhere in there. Anyway, that’s Resolution Number one, I will balance my marketing. Resolution Number two, I will not allow any company to hold me hostage.

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: So,

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: I know, dentist, get into these unknowingly. I know if it was divulged up front, you would not go there willingly. But we see this all over the place where dentists are being held hostage, well, by there’s, there’s people who do websites that will hold your URL hostage, and there’s no reason for that you should own your URL. Okay. There are people who do SEO work who build, you know, gigantic link farms. And which, you know, can be effective if they don’t get caught and blackballed by Google, many of them don’t get caught. But when you stop paying them, then they release all of that. Yeah, they’re basically holding you hostage. There are companies that will automate your reviews.

Howie: Oh, reviews, yes.

Mark: Right. Send your reviews to their own website. And then if you stop paying your reviews go,

Howie: Yeah,

Mark: they’re all gone. So, all those months that you paid them, you’re like, What idea for? And you don’t really know it until, you know, until you’re there,

Howie: You know, you know, become aware of actually who owns those reviews, you think. But in some cases, you don’t?

Mark: Well, in Mosca, there’s a really big company out there begins their name begins with a Y and ends with a P, they also do advertising. They’re kind of like ad AdWords, sort of, you know, search engine marketing. And they are they too are they were born a review platform. And they sell advertising. So people will use that service to find services near their home. And you can advertise for top positions very similar to the old Yellow Pages when you would pay more money to get up higher in a search, right?

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: And of course, you can get reviews because that this whole this whole begin with Y and with P company was born out of reviews. Well guess what happens when you stop paying for your advertising?

Howie: Hmm, let me guess.

Mark: Right. And if you’re in California, or if you’re in a densely populated urban centers, some practices men practices become reliant on the new patient flow they get from this service. So, it really becomes a gigantic extortion scheme. Okay, and it holds you hostage. So, in 2019, make a promise to yourself, make a promise to you know, your family, your patients, your staff, that you are not going to allow yourselves to be held hostage in any party, your marketing, by any company anywhere. There’s just really there’s no reason for it.

Howie: Yeah. All right. Well, we’ve got two and we got a couple more to get to, we’re going to take a short break here and come back and don’t go away.

NPI Click: Hey Mark, we should tell people about this new product, we have NPI command. Ah, well, new, probably new to the podcast listeners, but not new to the customers who use it. So, let me go through on the final points. NPI command is a system we use. It’s an artificial intelligence system that creates decisions on where dentists, our clients, should put their pay per click money when they do Google Pay Per Click ad campaigns.

If you’re someone who’s already done them, and you’re probably frustrated by the cost of the negative clicks, well, if there’s an artificial intelligence platform monitoring your negative clicks, you can see immediately how doing these on an artificial intelligence platform will allow for a faster build, and the faster allocation of the advertising money to the places that are bringing in good clicks. Because with every PPC campaign, there’s sources of bad clicks and sources of good clicks. And the whole idea is to throw all your money and the good ones and pull your money from the bad ones. So NPI command is our PPC department. And it’s not just a department of humans, it’s an artificial intelligence platform as well.

Howie: Okay, we are back we’ve done two resolutions that you don’t have to make yourself. We made them for you know, we’re forcing them on you

Mark: just gonna stay there.

Howie: But hopefully you’ll think they’re good ideas, cuz they are.

Mark: Bah, humbug. Mark and Howie forces I can see the picture now the jamming resolutions down your throat. So anyway, um, okay, so that was a resolution, let’s review. Because we had that really important advertisement in between

Howie: Yeah.

Mark: I will balance my marketing between online, offline, passive, aggressive, just create a balance that makes more sense and makes my results more consistent. I will not allow a company to hold me hostage, I’m not going to allow a website company, I’m not gonna allow a review company, I’m not gonna allow any company to hold me or my practice hostage. So that was one and two know number three, I will manage capacity monthly, and this is going to take effort on your part. So this is more like the getting in better shape. Your new year’s resolution,

Howie: I’m going to get in shape.

Mark: The first two really didn’t take any effort. But this one’s going to take a little effort on your part, because you’re going to have to measure you have to look and be aware. And, and not really vigilant, but you’re just going to have to keep an eye out on how long it takes patients, new patients to get into your schedule. And you’ve already heard us time and time again, if you’ve listened to what podcast numbers, this is like one something anyway. If you’ve been a loyal listener for 100, or more podcasts that we’ve done, you’ve heard us say at least half a dozen times, eight work days, if a patient can’t get in within a work days, you are at capacity.

Howie: A new patient.

Mark: A new patient, right, right. Right. Okay, so in order to fix this problem, most people can’t just go out and expand capacity. Right? I mean, you can’t just go outside and get another dentist, you can’t really go outside and add more treatment rooms, right? without talking to the staff and making arrangements can’t add hours to your schedule, you certainly can’t do that without talking to your spouse or your significant other. So, expanding capacity isn’t something that happens instantly. But there are things that you can do to minimize the negative impact of being at or beyond capacity. Because if you are at or beyond it, it will absolutely negatively impact the results you gain from your dental clinic marketing.

So that’s why this is so credibly important. Just make sure on a monthly basis that your newest patients, not emergencies, your newest patients can choose, let’s say two or three options of good, solid, convenient appointments each week. Let’s say mornings, afternoons, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Make sure you have two or three or four of those openings every week, and certainly within eight work days for newest patients to choose from. Because if they if you do have them available, new patients will flow through your practice, if you don’t have them available, do patients have another choice, they don’t have to come to you. They can go anywhere, they don’t have any relationship with you at all.

Howie: Well.

Mark: Okay. So, one of the reasons why people go other places is because their perception is the distance practices, too busy to see me. And that’s never a good thing. So, you’re going to keep an eye on the eight day rule, make sure you have plenty of openings. If you go back about five or six podcasts, we talked about in pretty good detail, about block scheduling, and making sure that you have 120% of your average new patient number. Pre blocked in your schedule. By the way, here’s a new year’s resolution three be if you want to start now Be my guest.

But start pre block in 2019. Now, if you pre appoint, which is actually number four, if you pre appoint, then that means next June, you’ll begin to see all those openings, and you’ll be able to preview block them now. So, in January your hygienist stops taking them. And then by the time June and July rolls around, man, are you going to see a lot more new patients because there’s going to be more room for them. And they’ll get into your schedule.

Howie: Right? There’s got to be room for them.

Mark: That’s right. Which brings me to 2019 New Year’s resolution whether you ask for them or not number four. For all of you who have listened to us again, for the last hundred and however many podcasts we’ve done, you’ve heard us talk about I think we had one or two podcasts where this was the whole topic or the whole title. I know we talked about the damages and danger caused by pre appointing hygiene so I’d like everyone listening to this to me yourselves a new year’s resolution, and this is you can see this picture in your head to. You know is sort of like a like pre appointing is kind of like an addictive thing to dentists and their staff, especially their staff because it’s so easy, right? So you can you can almost see the revolt coming. It’s like a robin hood movie.

You know, here they come through the woods with their pics and axes to get you if you actually move away from pre appointing everyone. I’m going to ask you to stop pre appointing everyone I’m going to ask you go ahead pre appoint you’re a patient’s the ones who made and kept their last six months hygiene appointment, they deserve the courtesy, I’m going to ask you to stop pre appointing everybody else. And simply send them the postcards, the emails, the texts that you would normally as you would follow up with unscheduled recalls. If you do that, I promise you by next June or July, spending zero additional marketing dollars, you will have more new patients in your schedule by June and July. You won’t have to do a thing to change your marketing, whatever you want.

Howie: Seems magical, doesn’t it?

Mark: It is absolutely predictable. Okay, so I know that’s scary, but so is losing weight. Right? So is um, I don’t know what’s another new

Howie: Trying to get your cat to like it.

Mark: Trying to get your cat to like you can often be well, cats don’t have any feelings, everybody knows that. So anyway, um,

Howie: it’s hard.

Mark: Yeah, it’s, but it’s, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. Just like going to the gym just like losing weight, just like eating better, healthier, lowering your cholesterol and well, when your heart breaks, all that stuff everybody tells you is good for you. And it’s worth it. That’s basically where we’re telling you. Getting off of pre appointment is like getting off of an addictive drug.

Howie: Yeah, or a sugar high.

Mark: You know Howie, we should open rehab centers for dentists. We are in the wrong business. Imagine the good we could do. Right, man, imagine the literally millions and millions of dollars we could save dentists by removing them from this atrocity. Anyway, Hey, everyone U & I its early in the month. We know you have some time before the real holidays kick in. But now 31 of us back here at NPI wish everybody a great holiday season and be safe and be happy.

Howie: Yeah, you bet. And will be coming to you next time. Be sure and tune in. Thank you. Bye bye.

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