The Blending of two strong companies

New Patients Inc has built a solid reputation in traditional offline internal and external marketing. However, we lacked the serious tech to truly become a digital dental marketing leader.

DentalWebNow already had the tech to be the digital dental marketing leader but lacked traditional offline experience. In addition, they needed operations and sales expertise to reach their true potential.

Separately, NPI and DWN are their own version of David, but together they are Goliath

Any dentist can now have one company manage their marketing over an entire career and only have ONE phone number to call. Can you imagine having one marketing firm for your whole career?

Client marketing budgets are managed and tracked in real time

Therefore, we can see when results start their downward path to the back end of the growth curve. The client doesn’t have to do anything. We simply reallocate the budget to an alternate channel. Instantly!

Consider the dollar value of recognizing the arrival of the back of a bell curve over the an entire dental career. Staggering!

It’s about the people and the technology

This technology makes us unique in the dental marketing space. The advantages are enormous for our clients.

Our real time result dashboard allows a client to see results from all their new patient sources. This is how you keep your marketing company honest.

Transparency and accountability are good things. Clients will never have to wonder if things are working or not. It will be right in front of them. Accessible with one mouse CLICK.

Where does AI fit in?

We implemented another BIG advancement in the dental marketing space because of our artificial intelligence platform. This platform is specifically customized for dental marketing.

As a result, we can refine and optimize online search engine and social media advertising campaigns at the speed of light! What is the value of wasting less money over time? Staggering!

Dental marketing just took GIANT evolutionary steps forward

You can count on New Patients, Inc. to always test what works and what doesn’t work. Data will continue to lead us. We will always bring dentistry the most cost effective and efficient delivery of dental marketing messages possible. And, as always, we will provide the highest revenue per patient to our client practices.