What is Fusion Marketing from npiCLICK?

Fusion Dental Marketing generates a better client result by combining offline and online marketing into the same campaign. We can literally pinpoint the exact people you want to communicate with, both online and offline – SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Why does it work better?

Because you waste fewer dollars targeting the wrong people. Targeting fewer of the wrong people means you can spend more money impressing more of the RIGHT people.

Impressing more of the RIGHT people in any given marketing area means a faster ramp up the bell curve. Impressing only the right people means the top of the bell curve will last longer.

Minimizing risk

Good, effective, long term dental marketing success is a continual devotion to minimizing or removing risk. Fusion Dental Marketing removes a lot of risk we couldn’t possibly remove before.

Now we can

Let’s say you want to get from 15 to 25 good quality new patients each month, on a relatively consistent basis. Who wouldn’t right?

You could…
Deploy a FB Ad campaign independently
Deploy a direct mail campaign independently

In this scenario nobody really knows if people getting the mail are seeing your FB ads. We don’t know if the FB ads support the information in your direct mailer or if the messages clash.

All we know is: Some people are getting your mail. Some people are getting your FB ads. Right now there are many dentists doing this exact thing. They are probably successful, many of them anyway.

Now let’s compare…

Using nearly the same budget resources, this dentist could…
Hit those direct mail targets and simultaneously hit those exact same people in FaceBook with zero waste.

Over time, people will qualify in and qualify out of the mail list. Same with your FaceBook audience.

That is just ONE example of the power of Fusion Dental Marketing.