A Message to our Clients & The Entire Dental Community about COVID-19

Here is what NPI is doing for clients, for all dentists, for the country during this crisis.

All Clients: We have heard through various sources; some dental marketing companies have suggested you continue marketing. For the most part, this is self-serving and really bad advice. You really should delay all your higher cost advertising and put everything in “maintenance mode.” If we haven’t already, we will be in touch to let you know what we have done on your behalf. Now is the time to conserve costs and minimize contact as much as possible so we all get through this.

All Dentistry: We were going to release them anyway, but now you are home and have the time to listen to them! We are releasing every book and every guide in AUDIO format! Watch your email inbox for the announcement and link. You can become a dental marketing master in your own living room!

All America: Our team, on their own, without any direction from leadership, came up with an app concept to help emergency patients find dentists who have the right equipment/team to provide emergency services. As virus testing evolves to drive thru or even self-testing – dental offices will be able to provide services safely to emergency patients, keeping them OUT of the emergency room. We want to connect those dots (patients & dentists). As soon as the app is tested, you will hear about that as well.

What can you do in the meantime?
  • Stay safe, healthy, & strong
  • Learn while you are at home
  • Connect with your NPI Advisor to go over the steps as we come out of this situation and return to normal

You can do as I have done. Reflect on how awesome your team is. I am so incredibly proud of their response to this event.
To all of dentistry – NPI has your back! We always will.


Mark Dilatush

CEO – New Patients, Inc

[email protected]