#97: Top 10 Ways to Destroy Your Advertising Results (#1, 2, & 3)

A top 10? From us? Yep! In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we answer the question, “what tanks your marketing?” We then discuss understanding data can help you set realistic expectations with your marketing and produce great results.

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Podcast Highlights:

#1: Expecting everything… TODAY (time)

  • Market penetration
  • “A 27 year overnight success!”
  • Understanding the marketing bell curve
  • How many impressions do you need to make?

#2: Transparency with what works and what doesn’t

  • Feelings vs. statistics
  • The start and stop mentality
  • Result tracking, call tracking

#3: Having unrealistic expectations

  • How to set realistic expectations with data
  • Understanding market penetration
  • Quality of patients vs. quantity of patients

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