#98: Top 10 Ways to Destroy Your Advertising Results Part 2 (#4, 5, & 6)

We continue our discussion of the top 10 ways to destroy your advertising results in part 2! In this episode, we discuss treating your practice like a business, budgeting, allocating marketing responsibilities, and market demographics.

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#4 Not Treating the Practice Like A Business

-Not having a budget
-What percentage of your practice revenue should go into marketing?
-Budgets: spending limitation, NOT a promissory note
-Not being consistent with marketing

#5 Having Multiple Companies Handle Your Marketing

-Which assets belong to who?
-Having 5 companies for your marketing?
-Online scheduling, reputation management
-Driving yourself crazy!
-Not working thematically

#6 Promoting to the Wrong Half of the Market

-Defining the right half of the market
-Short-term patients vs. long term patients
-The difference between a shopper and good quality
-Getting caught in the volume game
-Kissing a lot of frogs to find a prince
-Becoming the “cheap dentist” in town
-Competing with corporate offices

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