#118: Blasting Through Plateaus

In this episode, Howie and Mark discuss hitting dental practice plateaus. Is your practice growth stalled? Learn more about how to handle and anticipate future patient plateaus.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Discussion of the various career plateau points for a dental practice
  • When to add a hygienist to a starter solo practice
  • Stalling at $800–850,000 gross revenue—and how to break through
  • Referrals and insurance participation plateaus
  • Aging patient base plateaus
  • Relying less on insurance plans and more on marketing
  • Transitioning into promoting your practice
  • The always-increasing costs of business, combined with reimbursements going down—leading to plateaus
  • Pre-appointment plateaus
  • Recognizing when your team is too busy and overwhelmed, leading to practice stagnation, poor customer service, and less time for collections and booking future appointments


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