Woburn Dental – Dental Marketing Case Study

Woburn Dental Associates


A dental marketing case study on a successful fee-for-service dental office near Boston, MA

Initial Exam/Diagnosis/Findings

Back in 2012 when Dr. Henkel started with New Patients, Inc., he already had years of experience either directing his own marketing, or, using the services of several different dental marketing companies.

  • Get your message out at the lowest cost.
  • Your offer is what will get you calls.
  • The more attractive your discount offer is, the more calls you will get.

They all advised the same things:

The result:

  • New patients called.
  • Treatment plan acceptance went down.
  • Compliance to recare six months down the road went down.
  • Revenues remained flat.
  • More patients, more work, but no financial reward.
  • More admin headaches.

Dr. Henkel struggled with having multiple relationships with multiple providers, who were each responsible for different pieces of his overall marketing strategy. He had a website person, an SEO person, the direct mail representative, and it was starting to get confusing managing all these different people while trying to create a coordinated and more effective effort.

So, Dr. Henkel reached out to NPI. At this point, he was a solo practitioner trying to grow his mostly fee for service dental practice in a competitive Boston suburb.

All marketing services to be provided by New Patients Inc

The Treatment Plan

This was going to be a particularly tough challenge for the following reasons.

  • Fairly competitive Boston suburb market
  • The practice had just spent tens of thousands of dollars branding themselves as the “deals dentist” in town. It will take some time to change that perception.

Step 1

Prioritize the budget properly.

Step 2

The practice had just spent tens of thousands of dollars branding themselves as the “deals dentist” in town. It will take some time to change that perception.

Step 3

Right messaging: Keep the design benefit centric. Bury the offer in the back. Don’t even mention it on the front. Get people to choose the practice based on the services, amenities, conveniences, technologies, and public relations assets the practice already possessed.

Step 4

Build a new website: Only this time, no blatant offers/deals anywhere on the home page. Create individual pages for every item covered in the direct mail piece, so recipients had a place to go when they went from the mail, to the website to do more research. In addition, shoot professionally scripted and produced video of Dr. Henkel himself, and put him in front of the visitor when they visit his website.

Step 5

New/Better search engine optimization. Again, coordinated toward the type of dental treatment Dr. Henkel wanted to focus on.

Step 6

Online review & rep management software to automate the process of making Dr. Henkel the area’s review king.

Step 7

Online scheduling to minimize missed new patient calls and improve not only the new patient experience but also the existing patient convenience.

The Treatment Outcome

We had challenges along the way but because we have a deep understanding of the business of dentistry and what it is like to own a dental practice, we could help in those areas as well. We had a hygiene department which was artificially too full. We needed to change some systems. We recommended a very good management consultant for the practice. She went in and rebuilt the systems around Dr. Henkel’s objectives and to handle the influx of demand. There is a correlation between promoting for higher quality new patients and demand for the doctor’s time. Those patients require a LOT of productive doctor time!

Working with one dental marketing company meant Dr Henkel had more time to focus on his patients

NPI analyzed the current dental marketing for Woburn Dental

Collected & analyzed data from dentist

We created a personalized dental marketing plan for our dentist

Created a treatment plan

NPI supported the dental office as changes were made to dental practice routines

Changed systems and brought in a management consultant.

Our dental marketing company helped Dr Henkel create a successful FFS dental practice

A FFS practice that grew in a competitive Boston suburb!

Where is Dr. Henkel’s office today, 7 years later?

  • It is still growing! Even after a fire, a rebuild, an associate, a lost associate, a new associate, it is still growing!
  • Has he maintained and grown a mostly FFS dental practice in the suburbs of Boston? Yes. Did it grow into a practice requiring two doctors? Yes!
  • Does he have almost zero headaches involved with his marketing? Yes! NPI handles it all for him, so he can focus on patient care.

Hear what Dr. Henkel has to say in his own words!

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