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Why Should New Patients Inc. Manage My AdWords?

Online Dental Marketing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Platform

  • Constant, Continual Result Monitoring
  • Faster Ad Optimization. Actually Instantaneous.
  • Spend Less On Bad Clicks
  • Allocate Your Money to Good Clicks
  • Greater ROI
  • Greater Campaign Longevity

Track Your Digital Internet Marketing

Unmatched Transparency. In Real Time.

  • See Exactly How Your Campaign Is Working
  • Hear Every Phone Call
  • Know the Value of the Patients
  • Full Control of Your AdWord Campaigns in Real Time

Dental Marketing Analysis

Your First Step – The Initial Analysis

  • Initial Analysis ($395) is mandatory. Why drop thousands each month into a campaign only to find out it wasn’t a good idea?
  • Know Who Your Competitors Are
  • Know What Your Competitors Are Spending
  • Know the Good and Bad Marketing Opportunities in Your Specific Market
  • Even if You Plan to Manage Your Own Adwords Campaign, Get This Initial Analysis Done!

Three Convenient Ways to More and Better New Patients

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