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You want your patients to be digital advocates of your practice. You want them to be your online crusaders! Many dental practices struggle with getting patients to leave positive reviews at all, let alone on the right websites. With NPI Crusader, the struggles are over.

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Dental Practice Online Reputation Manager

Dental Practice Online Review Generator

Your Online Reputation

**Full Disclosure** We (NPI) have a product called NPI Crusader, which handles this aspect of our client
marketing plans. What follows is not a sales pitch. We’ve just vetted all of the products on the market.
We are sharing with you the pros and cons.

One of the most interesting and impactful evolutions over the past half dozen years has been the
importance of online reviews. We are sure most of you are already aware of the impact of online
reviews and reputation. We are not sure you are aware of how it can help or hurt all of your other
internal and external promotion.

Online reviews and perceived reputation can make or break your advertising. Online reviews and
perceived reputation can persuade a referral to commit to your practice, or create a sense of doubt in
their friend’s (your patient’s) opinion of your practice. Online reviews and perceived reputation are not
luxuries. They are cornerstone staples of an overall successful marketing plan.

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