30 Years of Documented
Dental Marketing Wisdom –

Now Available in an Audiobook!

Dental marketing education now available in an audiobook

Marketing Education Audio Library

Access the audio version of
Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3

Narrated by NPI Chairman of the Board –
Howie Horrocks

From the leading experts in dental marketing, comes the audiobook version of Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3! This book is packed with virtually everything we have learned over the last THREE DECADES about attracting HIGH-QUALITY NEW PATIENTS into your dental practice.

What is in our audiobook?

  • What does it really mean to be “marketable?”
  • See through the myths that cause dentists to make bad marketing decisions
  • Understand the hidden mind of the dental consumer and reach them more effectively with your marketing content
  • Know what REALLY differentiates you from other dentists
  • Attract high-quality patients who value dental care ahead of an insurance deductible
  • Predict which marketing mediums will produce the best results for your practice
  • Calculate and allocate an effective (and realistic) marketing budget
  • Create a multi-year marketing plan that produces measurable results
  • Accurately calculate the returns your marketing investment yields
  • Use proven marketing and management strategies to avoid common pitfalls and grow your business year after year
  • Everything you think you know about R-O-I is W-R-O-N-G

This book contains virtually everything you need to start taking control of your business and using the power of marketing to achieve every goal you have set for yourself and your practice.

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