Online dental marketing.
Offline dental marketing.
And software services.

Wouldn’t it be great to have one company that can do all of this for you? At NPI, we can. And we do.


Online Dental Marketing

New Patients, Inc. can handle all aspects of marketing your dental practice online. We are a VERY different online dental marketing company. We actually ENCOURAGE complete transparency between your marketing spend and the outcome (new patients) for every online channel. This will be available to you in real time and consolidated into a once per month status meeting. You will have accurate CEO control over your marketing, in less than 15 minutes per month.


Top Quality Dental Website Design

A great website is your
marketing foundation
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Dental SEO services for your website

Help your patients
find you via Google
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Google & FB Ad


Optimized Brilliantly
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Practice Control Center

call management for dentists

Understanding how your staff communicates is the key to growth.
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Offline Dental Marketing

After 30 years of marketing exclusively to dentists, we have developed and deployed proven marketing methods that are highly successful in attracting quality new patients. We understand your methods of attracting new patients is dependent on multiple factors (26 to be precise) and that each practice requires an individual, customized, dental marketing plan. What works in an urban environment may not work as well in a rural environment.

Internal Marketing

Internal dental office marketing

Build patient
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Direct Mail

High-quality dental direct mail services

Proven, reliable,
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Radio, TV, Billboards

Dental ads using mass media

Go big with
mass media
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Alternate Media

Alternate marketing media ideas

Stand out and be found with car wraps, transit station signage, and more
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Print Media

Top quality print media marketing services

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Call Management

Call management training from a quality dental marketing agency

How you answer the
phone is critical
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Software Solutions

All of our software offerings have been fully vetted by thousands of dental practices. NONE of our software solutions require a long-term contract. ALL of our software solutions are best in class in their category. We have done the due diligence for you.


Online scheduling software for dentists

See dentistry’s only real-time,
online-scheduling platform
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Dental reputation management software

Become the Review
Leader in your area
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Dental Patient Communication Software

Automated internal marketing
with NPI Crusader Plus
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Client Result

Marketing Spend Results Dashboard

See & Hear Your Marketing
Results in Real Time
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Practice Control Center

Practice Call Monitoring

Understanding how your staff communicates is the key to growth.
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Digital Forms

digital forms

Digital forms, a streamlined way to reduce entry errors in your practice.
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Why Work with New Patients Inc?

We understand how to get new patients to choose your dental office, WITHOUT a “deal” being the reason they choose you.

  • And, we are REALLY good at what we do.
  • And, we truly understand the dental consumer.
  • And, we truly understand the business of dentistry.
  • And, we’re really fun to work with.
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