A Dental Marketing Agency Making a Positive Difference

Behind every successful dental practice is the right marketing team working hard to find more quality new patients. We have been that marketing team for dentistry since 1989.

Our Culture

The Right People Willing to Do the Right Thing

These words, found front and center inside the entrance of our Las Vegas headquarters, define our culture at New Patients Inc.

The right person is ethical, works hard, embraces all opportunities to learn and grow, and genuinely aims to achieve a positive return on investment for those we serve – our clients. To do the right thing is to be trustworthy, transparent, and driven to elevate results.

As our team and culture grows, more and more clients win.

Win! Win! Win!

We introduce the benefits of today’s dentistry to the right consumers. They choose our client offices. At minimum, the patient’s oral health improves. And occasionally, a patient’s life is saved. This is the definition of win-win-win.

Our Perks

Our office utilizes the latest technologies and is designed to facilitate our collaborative, data driven, hard-working team dynamic.

Our break room is always fully stocked with delicious snacks and beverages. We also host fun holiday parties, creative team building activities, and encourage everyone to participate and embrace other cultures and life experiences.

We provide mental health, fitness, and educational resources for all team members. These support a well-rounded and healthy work/life balance. Your career trajectory will be almost limitless here.

What We Do

Digital Ads for Dentists

Online Dental Marketing

We are here for the dentist and their team. Our focus is providing educational resources and solutions that create transparency between your marketing spend and the results (new patients). We are always looking to the future with education, data driven testing, and online marketing to ensure our website and digital ads are always brining the best results possible.

Offline Dental Marketing

Our company’s foundation was built on mastering offline dental marketing. This includes direct mail, internal marketing solutions, print media, radio, even television. Our digital marketing expertise is an extension of our foundation. Few things are more rewarding than seeing a robust return on investment from an external mail campaign.

Practice & Referral Brochures

Dental Software Solutions

Technology is designed to improve a business not, drive you nuts. Things like call tracking, digital patient forms, online scheduling, or reputation management are meant to help save time and enhance the patient experience. As the dental tech world grows, we continue to research and experiment to confidently say that we offer the most effective and efficient software solutions.