Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Social Media

Using Social Media to Gain Search Engine Ranking and Position

Say you already have a great website with great optimization. Your website link comes up on the first page of almost any Google search for almost any keyword or phrase related to dentistry in your area.

Now imagine your blog, your Facebook account, your Twitter account, and your YouTube channel are all active and populated (say once a month) with new content.

This is the very first, quickest benefit to a dental office.


Now, instead of having just your website link show up once in a Google search, your practice may have three or four of the top ten positions!

Is This Hard to Do?

No. To put it into perspective, NPI charges our SEO clients a very small monthly premium to set up and manage their social media. Exploiting social media for this benefit does not require a class, a course, a book, or a seminar.

As a dentist, you just want the benefit without the overhead of learning everything yourself. That’s why the vast majority of our SEO clients have us build and manage their social media presence.

Dental Web Content™ (DWC)

You will have a constant need for content to populate your Facebook page and any other social media properties you might have.

Dental Web Content is a vast library of tested ad content. It’s already been created. There are literally thousands of ads and articles in DWC. Don’t re-invent the wheel! Save yourself a lot of time and frustration by using DWC.

You do not need a marketing firm or computer expert to set up a Facebook ad.

Social Media as a Practice Management Tool

Imagine it is noon on a workday and your 2:30 patient cancels their one-hour appointment. If you have Facebook & Twitter followers, you can give them a quick note to call if they would like to take that 2:30 opening! That would be a very efficient way to reach out, not only to those who are connected directly to your social media account – but you would be reaching out to everyone connected to them as well!

Ask your patients to “friend you” or “follow” your tweets as they exit your practice.

client testimonial
“We advertise and inform our patients of EVERYTHING we can do at our practice. We need a lot of good content. DWC has it all in one place, easy to find, and customized for the practice.”
— Matt Vandermeuse, Marketing Director for Levine Dental Associates

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