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What’s New with Websites?

Wow, talk to one of our designers or coders and the answer would be, everything! Everything is different! Hey, that’s what keeps everyone on their toes. Website building tools have come a LONG way in the past few years.

All website development is now responsive. Responsive is when the site morphs in size based on the viewing device you are using (laptop, tablet, phone). Responsive design tools have become far less resource-dependent. This allows even mature dental websites with years of photography to load in a reasonable time on almost any device. The need for separate mobile websites is gone. This saves some money in the budget, which can be used elsewhere. That’s a good thing.

Your website receives traffic (humans) from organic search, paid search, social media, and properly targeted offline promotion. You pay for all of this traffic. Now the traffic is on your website home page, which is the electronic equivalent of a windowed storefront. The traffic is still outside looking in, looking at the windows of your storefront (your home page). Now what?

What convinces traffic to “come on in and browse around”?
The ability to see and potentially meet the dentist is numero uno. If you can put the owner/dentist(s) on that home page, you have visibly created a warm invitation. This can be in the form of a picture and bio (words). At best, a video intro would be added.

A quick, easy-to-read, main list of offerings. These are normally the navigation headings or links to the inside pages. Some of these might have main headings with subheadings that pop out when the mouse hovers over them.

You might also show your map location on the home page (this leverages convenience). Perhaps a review or two, or maybe direct links to the practice’s Google business page (assuming you are proud of the number of Google reviews and your review scores).

How often should I update/rebuild my website?
Our rule of thumb is every 4 to 5 years. Please don’t be upset or shocked by this. Your website is your window to the world. Your website is where all of your offline and online traffic will go (ok, not all but 90% of them). Not updating your website every 4 to 5 years is like leaving shag carpet in the reception room. Not a good first impression.

We produce high-quality video productions for our clients. Typically they are the dentist discussing the benefits of a service the practice offers. We used to render these in transparent Flash (Flash is a software program). Well, at some point, a couple/few dueling nerds at browser companies (Microsoft and Google mainly) decided not to support Flash any more. So, we had to stop producing the transparent aspect of the video. We “thought” moving the videos back to a more traditional framed visual would have a negative impact. It didn’t. It had no impact at all, positive or negative.

Since Unlimited New Patients, Volume 3, we developed Dental Web Content. Within DWC are 300 to 400 animated videos. These animated videos cover single topics (services, amenities, price, conveniences, technologies, etc.). Dentists or their team members periodically select a video of choice from the library, we brand the front and back of the video for their office, then they post it to their practice website, their Facebook page, their YouTube channel, basically wherever the content of the video makes sense. This keeps the website and all of the practice’s social media properties updated with fresh content at all times.

Whether filmed live in our studio with the dentist as the spokesperson, or through the animated video library, video is very effective at communicating the main benefits of being a patient in your office.

Why Are NPI-Built Dental Websites so Effective?

Because we know it takes more than just pretty artwork. Everything has to work in concert with everything else. Like this:

Custom Dental Website Design Company

Wouldn’t it be great to have ONE company that can do ALL of this for you?

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