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The knowledge and processes found in our dental marketing guides are based upon over 30 years of marketing and practice management experience. We have repeatedly seen the positive results that are produced by following the advice given in these guides. Some of the advice you will love and some of it you will hate but trust us and trust the process. Use our marketing experience to help attract new, higher quality patients to your dental practice.

If you are still uncertain, check out our case studies page. This page showcases some of our clients who we have helped to overcome major obstacles and achieve marketing success.

8 Steps to a Fee For Service Dental Practice

An All Inclusive Implementation Plan

In this guide, we discuss how to effectively transition your practice to operating as a Fee For Service practice. We outline how using insurance is actually a form of marketing, how to properly transition away from insurance and how to expand your FFS practice.

Fee For Service Guide from the dental marketing experts

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Preappointing All Hygiene – Just Say No

In this guide, we discuss how to increase your new patient volume and grow your practice in 4 steps. These steps can be completed without re-allocating any of your marketing budget. Many practices fail to keep growing due to an all too common bottleneck. Our guide will help you to determine where your bottleneck is occurring, the corrective actions you need to take to clear out the bottleneck and how to prevent further bottlenecks from occurring.

6 Steps to Dental Marketing Quality, Consistency, and Longevity

An All inclusive Implementation Plan

In this guide, we discuss a tried and tested method to consistently gain new, high quality patients. In the 6 steps, we outline why you need to include this traditional method of marketing to attract new patients, the benefits of following a winning design layout (hint: you might not agree with it – but trust us!) and how to send the right message!

Traditional Method - Dental Marketing Guide

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Dental Marketing Guide Google Ad Campaigns

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5 Steps to Make Google Ad Campaigns Consistently Effective for A Dental Practice

A Top Down All Inclusive Step by Step Implementation Plan

Our Google Ad campaign guide provides basic information on a Google Ad campaign and what is required for the setup & initial management. We also discuss when to use technology to help monitor your ad campaign, how to measure if the campaign is effective and understanding of what are reasonable expectations from your campaign.

7 Steps to Attracting More Implant Patients

An All Inclusive Implementation Plan

Our implant guide outlines how to reach your targeted audience through tested and proven online/offline marketing techniques. We include advice on internal promotions, mailers, Google Ads, and more!

Dental Implant Marketing Guide

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Sleep Apnea Dental Marketing Guide

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7 Steps to Attracting More Sleep Apnea Patients

An All Inclusive Implementation Plan

Our sleep apnea guide provides advice on marketing to internal patients, attracting new external patients and who should be your targeted audience. As well, we offer tips on Google Ad Campaigns, social media promotions and more.

Dental Consumer Research: Unraveling the Mysteries

In this guide, we dive head on into our dental consumer research findings. We combine those with over 30 years of real world marketing result data. What we have found will most definitely surprise you! The first question you may often hear from a prospective patient is ‘How much will it cost?’. This is because they don’t know how to ask the question they really want answered. This guide outlines how to answer the right questions, before they even ask! Know the questions. Answer the questions. More high quality new patients!

Dental Marketing Guide Consumer Research

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