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“I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to know that you are not missing new patient opportunities when you are not physically in the office to answer the phone. How many new patients are you missing by not having this amazing service?”
— Dr. Wayne Sutton, Sonoma Smiles

“My Dr. was hesitant at first to use online scheduling as she didn’t want to lose that personal touch with new patients. New patients love getting a call from our office to thank them for scheduling online and welcoming them to the practice – so a win for everyone involved – patients schedule at convenient time for them, and we fill our schedule!”
— Paige Quillin, Office Manager of Kathleen Mullaney, DDS

“The online scheduler has made it easier for our patients (and new patients) to find themselves a convenient spot in our schedule. The response from patients has been amazingly positive and the team likes that they don't have to answer the phone quite as much.”
— Dr. Jason Luchtefeld, Robinson Smile Center


“2 points related to what you listed. 1) Setup was very easy, Localmed just needed a few minutes on the server. We haven’t had any service glitches, and patients can create actual appointments online without front office intervention. 2) We get a small number of new patients through LocalMed, BUT we have had 0 no shows. I think it’s because the patients make their own appointments directly in the system, they take the appointment seriously. If they need to make changes, they always email or call at least a day ahead of time.”
— Dr. James Park, Park Dental of Colmar

“Most online services only request an appointment time. LocalMed is done in ‘Real Time’, online and set up to only show the appointment times that are available. There is no confusion in the process, no double booking or schedule conflicts. Believe it or not, Most patients are booking online appointments at times that are convenient for THEM, and this is usually not when our offices are typically open. Do yourself a favor, take down the roadblocks to letting people get into your office for the care that they want, use LocalMed.”
— Dr. Robert Henkel, Woburn Dental Associates



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The Advertising Company Exclusively for Dentists

Dental Office Advertising Company

New Patients, Inc. (NPI) is a full-service dental marketing company for dentists. We provide dental marketing services to dentists exclusively and have been since 1989. NPI has become the go-to dental advertising company for hundreds of dentists in the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

As a full-service dental advertising agency, we provide a wide array of products and services for online dental marketing services as well as all offline dental marketing services.

We provide world-class internet dental marketing services, dental website design services, web video marketing, search engine optimization services, Google Adword campaign management (NPI Command), dental patient online scheduling through the LocalMed Connect online scheduling app, dental practice online review generator (NPI Crusader), dental practice online reputation manager, internal dental patient communication automation (NPI Crusader +), and Dental Web Content, which is an online dentist advertising library.

We complement our skills as a premiere online dental web marketing agency with a proven history of stellar offline dental office marketing service results. Our dental practice marketing clients will tell you that “We get higher than average quality new dental patients.”

According to our company president, Mark Dilatush, “Successful long-term dental practice marketing services cannot be limited to just online or just offline. In order for a dentist client to compete long term, they have to deploy the proper mix of both. Online and offline disciplines feed each other. New Patients, Inc. is strategically positioned in the dental advertising services space, as the only dental practice marketing company to do it all and do it all VERY well.”

When asked how we became one of, if not the largest dentist marketing agency, Mark says, “We got to where we are today based largely on our profit model. Our profit model requires a client to be with us for 5, 10, 15 years, in order for the company to grow. This kept us keenly focused on refining the results our clients were getting. By focusing on client results, we grew. We never wanted to be just an internet dental marketing agency. My goodness, there are thousands of those out there. More pop up every day. While dental web marketing is absolutely one of the three pillars to long-term success, it is but one of three pillars. We wanted to be the dental office marketing company a dentist can utilize from year 1 of their practice until retirement.”

Dental office advertising can be handled by an owner dentist without using a dental office marketing agency. But, there are many benefits of having a dental office marketing company, rather than doing it yourself.

With that said, New Patients, Inc. (NPI) does help the do-it yourself dentist. We provide live and recorded marketing seminars for dentists called the Dental Marketing Summit. Our marketing books for dentists are available as a free download on this website. Our dental practice marketing book is called Unlimited New Patients, Volume 3. We also support the do-it-yourself dental advertising dentists by providing á la carte software products and services. We provide dental office call management training, dental practice online scheduling software, NPI Crusader integrated dental review generator and manager, along with our online library, Dental Web Content. Among other things, our Dental Web Content product provides the do-it yourself dentist with a library of dental website video marketing content.

A dentist doesn’t have to hire a dental marketing agency to learn from and gain an advantage from what a dental practice marketing agency like New Patients, Inc. has learned over the last three decades. Dental office marketing is best delegated to a GOOD marketing agency for dentists.