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Issue: # 6 June/2008
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Dear Barbara Carneiro,

Getting high quality new patients to call your practice is what our company has been all about for the last 18 years. The purpose for these periodic newsletters is to give helpful marketing advice that will assist you in building your practice. And to share news about new ways to market your practice. In this issue we have articles by Mark Dilatush and me.

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Overcoming the Biggest Barrier

By William Howard (Howie) Horrocks

There are many barriers that have to be overcome in order to get a qualified person to pick up the phone and make an appointment in your dental practice.
You need to have the right message. The message has to be correctly and accurately targeted to the people you want to reach. A level of commitment and persistence on your part is required (e.g., you can't expect much of a response in running only one ad or mailing only one time).
Selecting the right marketing medium mix is also important. The timing and deployment sequence of this mix must be right on the money.
And of course, no matter what you do or what mediums you employ and no matter how persistent you are - all of this has to be done correctly. The ad copy must be right, the graphic design has to work and it all should be based on proper testing results.
There are a million ways to do it wrong and only a few ways to do it right.
But the biggest barrier of all comes down to one word: TRUST.
The person you're speaking to about your practice at some point has to reach a certain level of trust even before meeting you. If your marketing unwittingly creates the wrong impression, they won't trust you enough to make the call.
This CAN be accomplished with words and pictures alone. We've been doing this pretty successfully for 18 years. But we can now take this to another level.
With the advance of technology and the explosion of the internet we now have the opportunity to create a level of trust in a complete stranger that will make it FAR easier for them to choose you as their dentist.
As you can read below in Mark's article we have just launched our new product; First Impression HD Video for the Web ™.
What will this do for you?
It will help you overcome the trust barrier. When the prospective new patient can actually see you and hear you, the willingness to trust you goes waaaay up. All of a sudden you are NOT a total stranger. And what's more, when the prospective patient can actually see and hear some of the members of your team they will be interacting with, it will make them far more comfortable.
Having a website is great and actually, in my opinion, is a marketing necessity. But most websites are static brochures. It's somewhat difficult for prospective patients to get a good feeling about you just by reading words or seeing your static photo.
What if you could reach out to them with a powerful audio visual presentation? What if you could actually speak to them and show them that you're a good guy or gal? What if you could actually show them that you really are approachable?
This could make an enormous difference.
Check it out yourself by clicking on the links for First Impression Video. On that page you will also be able to see two of our client's video presentations.

Mr. Horrocks is the author of two dental bestsellers, Unlimited New Patients, Volume One, and Unlimited New Patients, Volume Two; Trade Secrets of America's Dental Marketing Guru. His agency, New Patients, Inc. produces advertising campaigns for private dental practices all over the US and Canada. For more information call (866) 336-8237 or on the web at
The Birth of First Impression HD Video on the Web tm
By Mark Dilatush
Mark Dilatush

If you are busy and don't want to read this article right now, click here:
Maybe for some dentists, the name "First Impression" might not conjure up fond memories. After all, in dental school, what did your "First Impression" look like? I'm sure many of you are either grinning or wincing right now. <grin>
For potential new patients that visit your practice website - their "First Impression" is everything.
Seemingly a decade ago (in reality about 18 months ago), there was a combination of completely unrelated forces about to collide. One of the forces was a colleague that had mentioned video on the web as a potential tool in our client promotion arsenal. Another force was actually Howie, who said - there must be a way to use this medium (video) to elevate the perception of dentistry. The other force was us gathering and analyzing client result data.
For those of you who know me, analyzing client data doesn't come as a surprise. For those of you that do not know me - let me explain. To me, analyzing data is fun. It's sort of like CSI with numbers! It is definitely a rewarding challenge to find the true facts within the numbers that dentists send me. I know - it's odd that I actually like doing this. But, I am not questioning your choice of becoming a dentist, so try not to judge me for having fun finding facts within raw data! <grin>
Back to the data: One of the client data sets that we have access to are the built in web statistic reports "behind" every website. Many of you don't even know they are there. They are.


If you want to see yours, just ask your web developer for the URL to your statistics page. Anyway, part of what I look at is the correlation between our external marketing and website activity.  Believe me when I tell you that you can visually see quantified evidence of increased dental website activity in conjunction with deployment timing of direct mail, print ads, and mass media exposure. You can visibly see it day to day, week to week, and month to month.
Another thing you can see (quantify) are "visitors". Many of you have 50 to 300 visits per month to your website. Some have much more. But when I look at your production by referral reports, I only see a handful of new patients who said "website" when they were asked how they found out about you.


So, we had to ask ourselves; why?


If we are increasing local web traffic (the most important traffic by the way), why aren't more of those patients stopping at the website, picking up the phone, and calling the office to make their first appointment? I mean, I can SEE absolute PROOF that visitor traffic has tripled or quadrupled. Why aren't those visitors converting to appointments?
So, here we go. Let's look at ALL of our client data to determine who IS getting a good conversion rate. Let's see what is different about those clients and their respective websites. You would think we would have stumbled upon the answer in some magical design formula for websites - we didn't.


No Stand Out Differences


What we did find was that almost all dental websites look, act, feel, and appear very similar to one another. The only differentiating factor between the dentists with poor conversion rates and good conversion rates was the accuracy of the data entry at the front desk position and the total number of unique visitors each month. Client offices with exceptional data entry skills at the front desk and a robust marketing campaign driving web traffic, were the offices with the best conversion rate. No mystery solved there. That was pretty much a "duh" moment for us.
Here is where it all started to come together.
We must have looked at 500 dental websites to determine what was wrong. Why aren't these visitors converting? The answer is basic human nature. Specifically, it is a genetically engrained female trait to "protect" (the family). In order to protect the family, a female must have a level of trust in the healthcare provider(s) she chooses to take care of her family. 


The reason the visitors are not converting at a higher level is lack of trust.


So then we went BACK and looked at all the websites again.  There was really nothing compelling in any of them (initially anyway) that would increase the trust factor. Understanding that females are the busiest gender on the planet, we also looked at the average time spent viewing the dental website by each visitor. It was a very short amount of time. That is another challenge. How do we improve trust in a short amount of time?
BINGO! First Impression HD Video was born. It took hours and hours of research and thinking but the connection in all of our minds (Howie, Eddie, and I) was almost instantaneous.
Fast forward 18 months later to today and it's been one heck of a journey. We hope to see some of you in our studio soon.
If you want to learn more about First Impression, just click this link:

Mr. Dilatush has a unique combined background in dental technology, dental practice management, practice marketing, and dental business analytics, which was built over the past 23 years in dentistry. He and his team are responsible for building client marketing plans that pose the least risk to client marketing budgets with the highest potential return. Howard Farran said of Mark, "multitudes of dentists have benefited from the wisdom and integrity that Mark brings to every project. His thoughtfulness and sincere approach has aided scores of dentists in finding their path to greater dental success."
First Impression Logo
New Product from NPI
First Impression Video (tm) from New Patients, Inc.

We are very excited about our new product offering - customized video for your website!


First Impression Video by New Patients, Inc. is a way for potential new patients to actually meet you when they visit your website for the first time. This GREATLY reduces the barrier of distrust and begins the process of "trust."  Trust is the first thing you have to accomplish when you want to attract new patients. You can convey this with words but that can only take you so far.


Think about it. Let's say you need some kind of medical care. Your physician refers you to three specialists and gives you their websites so you can go home and look for yourself. Two of those sites are all text and maybe a poorly done educational (too long) video.


But on one of the sites, the doctor him/her self immediately introduces themselves to you and directs you to other points of interest on their website. When you click on those other points of interest, they (or someone else from their office) pop up again and help you with timely information.


Which one of the three specialists are you most likely going to call first for a consult?


Now let's say you weren't referred but you're just searching for a new dentist, which dentist would you most likely call for the first consult?


Now you understand the main benefit of First Impression Video. You are going to convert more of your website visitors into more new patients! After all, what's the use in having lots of web traffic, if you don't convert that traffic into new patients? 

To learn more about First Impression Video, email Mark at, or, call us at 866.336.8237. You can also visit our website and download a First Impression brochure. Go to and click on the First Impression link at the top right.

We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter. Please let us know if there's a particular subject you'd like to hear about. And we always appreciate your feedback.
Warm regards,
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Overcoming the Biggest Barrier
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