Meet The Team.

Howie – our dental marketing expert since 1989

William Howard Horrocks


Howie started NPI in 1989, and we grew out of referral demand from dentist/clients. After publishing his first two best-selling dental marketing books, the company took off. Day to day, Howie creates and/or reviews every word of everything we do for our clients. He is The Dental Marketing Whisperer.

Mark – our CEO who specializes in the analytical side of marketing

Mark Dilatush


Mark came to NPI about 15 years ago. With him came dental business analytics, technology, and practice management background. If Howie is the creative right brain of the company, Mark is the analytical left brain. The two make a powerful combination.


Lisa Bankston

Marketing Director

From an MBA from George Washington University to marketing for Amazon, Men’s Wearhouse, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and other successful brands, Lisa brings all of that experience and wisdom to NPI.

Adel – The marketing expert who manages the marketing of our own firm

Adel Gergab, PhD

VP – Data & Technology

Adel earned his PhD in electrical engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. The best result data & technology are crucial to delivering consistent long-term client results – especially in the digital marketing age.


Sal Khan

Director – Company Growth

At NPI, new clients are educated and prepared, not sold. Sal and his team of advisors make sure every potential new client has a list of realistic and statistically justified expectations.


Wendy Martinez

Director – Client Success

Wendy leads our team of client success managers. Think of your client success manager as the hub of a wheel. They organize, orchestrate, and manage all of the finite details and timing involved within our client marketing plans. Wendy also works with our R&D department, testing, tracking, and reporting. If we are all an atom, Wendy is our mild-mannered nucleus.


Marci Voigt

Director – Client Marketing Ops

Marci’s main responsibility is to monitor and continually improve client results. She has been instrumental in helping us scale our operations while improving outcomes.

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