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Why start at the dentist, then build the website, with search optimization last?


Our WPO website design service turns that archaic thinking upside down!

Our process focuses on discovering local dental consumer search patterns and habits FIRST. THEN we build your custom website (pages & optimization) to match what the local consumers in your market are looking for. It’s like owning a fruit and vegetable stand, where the most popular fruits and vegetables are always the first thing customers see when they visit your practice.

More About the Components of a WPO Website

Our designs are modern, up to date and have been tested to ensure they work. You participate by providing information, professional photography, videography. Designs evolve as technology improves, so you will never be left behind. You will never have to start over. This will be your last dental website.

  • Your market is automatically re-analyzed twice per year.
  • Your website is updated based on new consumer data (navs, pages, on and off page content).

We Saved the Best for Last – Transparency  

Your WPO internet strategy comes with call tracking mechanisms. These will provide you with the following:

  • Real time live dashboard of all calls and recordings of all calls
  • Sources of all calls (direct, organic search, social, paid, etc)
  • Direct evidence that your investment is paying off

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Hear from some of our clients who started out just like you.

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“I initially chose New Patients Inc. to handle my marketing because I wanted true professionals dealing with this so I could focus on managing my business. It’s now 2021 and I’m still with the NPI team!”

Jared Anderson, DDS, Select Care Dental 

“We are very pleased with the success of our NPI campaign and have renewed for another year. We started in 2009 and it’s now 2021.”

-Bridget BurrisDDS, Bridget Burris DDS