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Success comes with balanceMarketing is no exception. Building a cohesive online and offline marketing strategy takes experience, research, and technology. Your custom dental marketing plan starts here. 

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Dental practices of all kinds benefit from our data driven approach. Whether you’re a general practice or a specialty service, from opening day to retirement, our purpose is to provide stress-free solutions to reach your business goals.

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…built around your practice goals. We will always be here to respond to your emails and calls. We understand the hardships you face every day. How? – Because we have been a part of the dental industry for over 30 years. We continue investing and innovating, using the most advanced technologies available, to create the absolute best ROI for you. We strive to ensure you are set up for success with minimal stress.
As a dental marketing agency, it is our responsibility to prove your return on investment. We create the right strategy for your practice goals and take care of all the creation and deployment of your marketing plan. Whether it’s education you are looking for, consulting, or just want to retire early, we are here for you. That is our promise to you.

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Award Winning Dental Marketing Services

New Patients Inc has been a pioneer in the dental marketing industry since 1989.

Innovative Online Marketing Solutions

Online marketing is meant to boost your practice visibility and attract new patients. Depending on your ideal patient and practice goals, this can be implemented a few ways.

Dental Website Design


The most essential online asset is your dental practice website (*53% of consumers conduct online research to ensure they are making the best possible choice). Your directory listings, blogs, social media profiles, and even your direct mail campaign, ALL showcase your practice URL and encourage people to visit your website.

Web Presence Optimization

Web Presence Optimization

In some markets, a mobile responsive and modern designed website is not enough. This is where local and organic ranking comes into play. In low competition markets some practices can get away with only local ranking optimization. As the competition increases, consistent, organic ranking efforts become essential. Google is constantly changing, so your practice website needs to adapt for your dental practice to stay relevant and competitive.

Web Presence Optimization
Digital Ads for Dentists

Digital Ads

A more short-term solution could be digital ads. While you’re having your new website built and optimized for ranking, launching a Google Ads campaign can have the phones ringing in less than 2 weeks. Digital ads can be less predictable in terms of quality patients, but they have proven to be quite profitable in dental markets across the US. If you’re considering digital ads, we highly suggest researching local consumer traffic and knowing the budgets of your competition before you start. Or, you can get a marketing plan from New Patients Inc, and we will tell you exactly which services you should target and how much you need to budget in order to compete.

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Robust Offline Marketing Solutions

Offline dental marketing tactics can be effective at building and supporting your practice’s new patient base. Offline marketing has been around since the dawn of dental advertising and would be considered a more aggressive approach to marketing your dental practice.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail – Postcards, Trifolds, & Magazines

The traditional method of direct mail, to this day, has the highest predictability rate of all marketing mediums. Consumers do pay attention to direct mail, especially if they have a need for dental care or expect that they will in the near future. They are 3x more likely to open a trifold than an email.

Practice & Referral Brochures

Practice & Referral Brochures

It costs 5x more to obtain a new patient than it does to keep the ones you already have. Proper application of internal promotion is something that consistently generates small volumes of great patients.

Practice & Referral Brochures
Dental Radio & TV promotional

Radio & TV

There are two scenarios where a dentist would want to use radio or television to promote their dental practice. The first is to gain significant, short-term familiarity. The second is to continue to expand their existing promotional reach beyond their current internal, direct response (mail), and print media exposure. A thorough media and market analysis will tell you if radio or television is viable in your area.

Alternative Media Marketing

Alternative Media

Alternative media is any form of media that falls outside of your typical dental marketing strategy. Alternative media is great for building brand awareness and building goodwill with the community, at a reasonable cost. Examples of alternative media would be a car wrap or branded give-away items such as coffee mugs, pens, toothbrushes, and more.

Have an out-of-the-box idea? Call us first! Chances are – we’ve already done it and have a predictability score for it.

Alternative Media Marketing
Dental Call Management

Call Management

No dentist wants their staff to be pushy or to use “hard sell” tactics. And they definitely don’t want to engage in anything that could ever be construed as “bait and switch.” We will review your call management protocol at no cost or obligation and provide advice on how to get more appointments from the calls you are getting.

Custom Dental Branding

Brand Packages

The right custom branding can help establish trust and gives your dental practice a safe and professional feel. It can also help separate you from the competition.

Custom Dental Branding
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