NPI Command: The Most Effective PPC Ads Platform for Dentists

PPC Ads for Dentists by New Patients Inc

Why Should New Patients Inc Manage My Dental PPC Ad Campaigns?

AI enhances the dental PPC services we offer dentists

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Platform
  • Constant, Continual Result Monitoring

  • Faster Ad Optimization. Actually Instantaneous.

  • Spend Less On Bad Clicks

  • Allocate Your Money to Good Clicks

  • Greater ROI

Unmatched Transparency. In Real Time.
  • See Exactly How Your Campaign Is Working

  • Hear Every Phone Call

  • Know the Value of the Patients

  • Full Control of Your Ad Campaigns in Real Time

Our dental PPC platform allows for full control over your ad campaigns

An initial analysis is required to properly setup your Facebook or Google Ads Campaigns

Your First Step – The Initial Analysis
  • Initial Analysis ($395) is mandatory. Why drop thousands each month into a campaign only to find out it wasn’t a good idea?

  • Know Who Your Competitors Are

  • Know What Your Competitors Are Spending

  • Know the Good and Bad Marketing Opportunities in Your Specific Market

  • Even if You Plan to Manage Your Own Ad Campaign, Get This Initial Analysis Done!
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